As we have known that free sex is do a sex before married, this manner can never be tolerant in a life norm, both of in a religious norm or social norm. In other hand it gives many negative effects even there is almost no positive effects of it. It is obviously will increase the population of human if the teenagers can not use condom well and perfectly, or she (the girl) doesn’t want to do an abortion after got a pregnant. Nowaday, not only an adult man and woman who did a free sex but either did teenagers, in the other words a young man and young woman.

Even, most of teens in Europe have ever done it, especially in America because free sex is being such their hobby, a hobit to be exact. So what about you? Have you ever done free sex? Once or twice or more may be? If yes, so you’ve made a serious mistake in your life and you will get how dangerous it is soon after you’ve got the consequence of it. Free sex is very dangerous especially for a teens like us. Teens is the period where children develop to be adult. In this period, teens search their identity. They search what lifestyle that suitable for them. Nowadays, many teenagers try to do something that they regard it suitable with them.

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Free-sex is one of wrong life style that chosen by teenagers but they do not know the effects of it. The effects of free-sex can damage the teenagers’ life and future.There are several effects of free-sex for teenagers. First, pregnant before marry is the common effects of free-sex.

Teenagers are student age so that they do not ready to get baby in their age and their status. This problem will address them to do abortion. Abortion will threat their life. Second, sex diseases will threat the teenagers healthy. It can be gotten by male and female. Female will get sex disease such as herpes and female will get disease such as uterus cancer. Third, lost of the future will shade the teenagers life every time because their life had done to wrong activity.

In environment, they will get different view. They are regarded as the unsuccessful human. Free-sex is the wrong choice for teenagers. Teenagers should keep their self from the free-sex lifestyle.

There is needed role of family to help teenagers avoid that lifestyle. The effects of free-sex can damage the teenagers’ life and future. 2.

2 The Cause Of Free Sex?There are several reasons that can justify the outbreak of “terrible plague” was, among which are : 1) Negative Influence of Mass Media Masssa media such as television, movies, newspapers, magazines and more recently put forth and show the pictures adegen Nudity and sex as well as a glamorous life away from religion values. This is reinforced by the development of internet technology through national boundaries and time which enables young people to access the things that can increase sexual appetite. Information about sex is wrong also disturb the atmosphere. As a result, adolescents tend to want to try and end up falling prey to free sex. 2) Weak FaithAlmost all, if not to say all, free sex, will know the burden of sin they receive. But somehow, for them it was ‘dibelakangkan’ and make lust as the leader.

This shows the weakness of a sense of their faith. 3) The absence of proper sex education, appropriate and based on religious values. 4) Lack of parental supervision.5) Wrong in choosing friends2.3 The Result Of Free SexAdolescent knowledge on the effects of free sex is still very low. The most prominent of these free sexual activity is the increasing number of unwanted pregnancies. Every year there are approximately 2.

3 million abortion cases in Indonesia where 20 percent do adolescents. In America, 1 in 2 marriages result in divorce, 1 in 2 children the results of adultery, 75% contain girl out of wedlock, every day there 1.5 million sex with prostitutes. In the UK 3 of 4 children the results of adultery, 1 in 3 pregnancies end in abortion, and since 1996 sepilis disease increased by 486%. In France, increased by 170% gonorhoe disease within one year. In liberal countries, prostitution, gay / lesbian, and incest is common even become a profitable industry hundreds of millions of U.S.

dollars and authorized by law. Sex outside of marriage brings considerable negative impact on self-actors as well as the surrounding environment. Starting from the possibility of contracting the disease, up to pregnancy outside marriage.

This also causes / impact the high rates of abortion. Where as acts of abortion, also has a very high risk to the safety of the woman themselves. Here are the risks and dangers that occur when a teen abortion in particular : 1) Death due to too muchbleeding2) Sudden death due to anesthesia who failed3) Death by slow due to a serious infection around the womb.

4) Uterine Perforation5) Damage to the cervix (Cervical Lacerations) that would cause defects in the subsequent child. 6) Breast cancer (because of hormonal imbalance of estrogen in women) 7) Ovarian Cancer (Ovarian Cancer)8) Cervical cancer (Cervical Cancer)9) Liver cancer (Liver Cancer)10) Abnormalities in the placenta / placenta (Placenta Previa) which will cause defects in the next child and severe bleeding during subsequent pregnancies. 11) Pelvic infection (Pelvic Inflammatory Disease)12) Being infertile / unable to have children again (ectopic Pregnancy) 13) Infection of the lining of the uterus (endometriosis) 14) Infection of reproductive organs due to perform curettage (medically), which is conducted not sterile. This makes adolescents experiencing infertility in the future after marriage.

15) Bleeding so that teens can experience the shock due to bleeding and neurological disorders. In addition, bleeding also can result in death of mother or child or both. 16) The risk of rupture uterus or womb reptur larger and depletion due to curettage of the uterine lining. Infertility due to uterine rupture, the risk of infection, the risk of shock to the risk of maternal mortality and child she is carrying. 17) The occurrence of genital traumatic fistula is a channel or a relationship between genital and urinary or digestive tract that normally does not exist. In other imfact, free sex can to affect physical, psychological, and other. 1) Physical ImpactTeens who had sex of course have the possibility to get pregnant despite using contraception.

Each method must have a percentage of failure. Even teenagers who regularly consume. Though he will not get pregnant, if she could not guarantee anything will happen in the future. Venereal diseasessuch as syphilis and AIDS and gonorhoe rampant now probably going to infect them. 2) Psychological ImpactMany young people think if they had sex while dating, this will bring them to one another. However, reality says another! This is very disappointing, there is no sense of joy or warmth of the love that originally suspected. They will look at one another with a different feeling than before. The girl might have looked less attractive and the man’s feelings towards the girl will not be burning.

While the girl may feel exploited or even denigrated. A pair of teenagers who have sex before marriage has indeed crossed the line beyond which they could not come back. Usually a pair of lovers who have had premarital sexual relations dive percentage large enough to split. This is caused by suspicion, distrust and jealousy develop in the liver. 3) Other Impactsa. Creating a bad memory. If someone proved to have premarital sex or sex are morally free then haunted by guilt actors protracted.

Perpetrator was a large family to share the shame that it becomes a heavy mental burden. b. Result in pregnancy. Having sex just once can result in pregnancy when performed in the fertile period.

pregnancies that occur due to free sex into extraordinary mental burden. Pregnancy is considered “accidents” has resulted in hardship and havoc for the players and even their offspring. c.

Content abort (abortion) and infanticide. Abortion is a medical act that is illegal and unlawful. Abortion Rahim cause infertility and even cancer. Abort content with the way abortion is not safe, because it can lead to death. d. Spread of Disease. Venereal disease will be transmitted through the pair and even their offspring.

Spread through casual sex with partners bergonta. Having sex just once can transmit the disease if it is done with people who are infected with one of the venereal disease. One virus can be transmitted through unprotected sexual intercourse is the HIV virus. e. Will there arise a sense of addiction to continue having sex.

f. Pregnancy occurs if there is meeting the woman’s egg and the male sperm. And it is usually preceded by sexual intercourse.

Pregnancy in adolescents is often caused by ignorance and not conscious of the process of adolescent pregnancy. Dangers of pregnancy in adolescents: a) Thedestruction of the future of these teens.b) Adolescent women who already are pregnant will have difficulties during pregnancy because of mental. 2.

4 How To Prevent Free Sex?Based on research in various major cities in Indonesia, about 20 to 30 percent of teens admitted to having sex. Based on the results of a survey the National Commission for Child Protection in collaboration with Child Protective Services in 12 provinces in 2007 gained recognition teenagers that: 1) 93.7% junior high and high school children had done kissing, petting, and oral sex. 2) 62, 7% of children admitted junior high school was not a virgin. 3) 21.2% high school teens claimed to have an abortion. 4) Of the 2 million Indonesian women who had an abortion, 1 million are adolescent girls. 5) 97% of middle and high school students claimed to love watching porno movies.

Free sex continues to step on the ladder of marriage. The threat of free sex teen lifestyle in general both in the shelter or boarding-lodging seems to grow more serious. From year to year data adolescents who engage in illicit sex is increasing. Of the approximately five percent in the 1980s, a twenty per cent in 2000. Based on the survey of Women’s Studies Center for Islamic University of Indonesia in Yogyakarta, the number of teenagers who are having problems sex life, especially in Yogyakarta continues to grow, due to lifestyle factors influence bebas.Banyak sex free sex style they receive far more robust than in control they receive as well as religious guidance.

The range of these figures, compiled from various studies in several major cities in Indonesia such as Jakarta, Surabaya, Palu and Banjarmasin. Even Palu on the island, Southeast Sulawesi, in 2000 and listed teens who had sex before marriage reached 29.9 percent. Group of adolescents who get into the study the average age of 17-21 years, and generally still in school at the level of Senior Secondary School (high school) or students.

But in some cases also occur in children who sit at the Junior High School (SMP). The high rates of premarital sex among teenagers is closely related with the increasing number of abortions at this time, as well as a lack of reproductive health knowledge of adolescents will. The number of abortions currently carrying about 2.3 million, and 15-20 percent of them do teenagers.

This also makes the high rate of maternal mortality in Indonesia, making Indonesia thecountry is the highest mother mortality rates across Southeast Asia. In terms of health, free sex can lead to various disorders. Among them, a pregnancy that does not want. Besides of course the tendency to abortion, also became one of the causes of children who are not in want. This situation can also be used as material questions about the quality of the child, if the mother had not wanted. Premarital sex, more Boyke can also increase the risk of cervical cancer. If the sex is done before the age of 17 years, the risk of the disease could reach four to five times.

In addition, premarital sex will increase the cases of sexually transmitted diseases, like syphilis, GO (ghonorhoe), to HIV / AIDS. This free sex marriages can continue to tread. Recorded most of the experienced people who have premarital intercourse (pre marital). The issue of sex with their partner actually made legistimasi for free sex.

In fact, today, casual sex has become part of business culture. Factor behind this, partly due to lack of understanding of religious values. In addition, also due to the absence of formal sex education in schools. In addition, the rampant spread of images and pornographic VCDs. Reproductive Health Education It will create new problems not just for adolescent women themselves, but also in children who will be born. Moreover, a child born is a boy that you want, so there is a tendency to neglect the elderly.

The emergence of free sex among teenagers is also greatly influenced by the era of globalization of information and communication, as well as closely related to the influence of drugs (narcotics, psychotropic and other addictive substances). The results of 2008 National Commission on Children? 62.7% junior high school adolescents was not a virgin anymore. The most appalling is the fact that there are junior high school teens who admitted having sex in her own home in the television room. Various factors influence the anataranya less parental attention, schools are less able to control this, or indeed because of the demands of the progress of time that forces teenagers to do this. Teenagers are a time of transition from children to adults. Its main task is the formation of identity or self-concept, and shaping it properly is not easy.

Teen problems like this, often arise because of self-concept is also a problematic teenager. Allowing him to do this, self-destructive because she judged him incorrectly. Teen pregnancywould pose risk of disability due to abortions that fail to do the master. Because usually the elderly who become pregnant outside of marriage will tend to seek short cuts to cover the disgrace of suffering. In fact, this way other than inhuman, it will also cause a double burden in children who failed in abortion. Various efforts were made instead of just giving a chance to teenagers for sex, but merely to help the lives of thousands of young people from the actions devoid of humanity. Abortion is illegal not only harmful to the fetus, but also the lives of young mothers themselves.

Because each fetus based on the International Children’s Rights controversy need to be maintained survival. This time to emphasize the number of perpetrators of sex-especially among teenagers-not only fortify themselves with a strong religious element, is also fortified with the assistance of parents and selectivity in choosing friends. Because there is a tendency adolescents are more open to his close friends than with parents themselves. With a variety of problems among adolescents need to be given a provision of reproductive health education in schools, sex education but not vulgar.

Reproductive Health Education among adolescents not only provides knowledge about the reproductive organs, but the hazards of promiscuity, such as sexually transmitted diseases and so on. Thus, these adolescents can avoid having sex free trial. Various mythos of sexuality in adolescents:1) Having sex with a boyfriend is a proof of love. In fact, having sex is not the way to show affection while still dating, but because due to the uncontrolled sexual drive and desire to experiment. Our affection with girlfriends could be demonstrated in other ways. 2) Having sex the first time is always characterized by bleeding from the vagina. In fact, sex is not always the first time it keliahatan bleeding.

If well maintained sexual communication and sexual relations conducted in a state ready and with enough foreplay can not bring up the bleeding. 3) Skip-jump after sex will not cause pregnancy. In fact, when the spermatozoa have entered the vagina, the sperm will be looking for a mature egg to be fertilized.

Jumping will not release spermatozoa. Thus, there remains a possibility for conception or pregnancy. 4) A torn hymen means it never had sexual intercourse or not a virgin anymore. The fact is not always the case. The hymen is a thin membrane of skin that can stretch andtear due to several things. Apart from having sex, the hymen can tear for doing certain sports such as cycling and horse riding. Therefore, the tearing of the hymen is not necessarily because of sex, instead there are also women who are married and have sex many times but her hymen was still intact and not torn because her hymen is elastic. 5) Virginity can be guessed from how to walk and form the hip.

In fact, virginity can not be seen from the hip or the way the road. Virginity is sometimes viewed from two sides, for a view of the physical side of it (this relates to the hymen), but it can be known only through a doctor’s examination results. So just from the khususlah that allows knew hymen torn or not, and possible causes. It’s just come back again virginity is not just physical. Secondly, in terms of psychosocial refers to whether one woman had ever had sex or not. It should be referenced, but virginity does not mean everything in this day.

6) Sexual urge of men greater than women. In fact, the sex drive is natural appear on each individual is generally started when he stepped on the onset of puberty (due to start functioning of sex hormones). And this is very fair and balanced both in men and women. Factors affecting sex drive, among others, personality, socialization patterns, and sexual experience. Female sex drive is often mentioned is smaller than the male environment because they consider women to express women’s sex drive is a “naughty or less good”, while men are never questioned. 7) Women with large breasts huge sex drive.

The fact is not like that. Medically, there is no direct relationship between breast size by one’s sexual drive. Sex drive is determined by personality, socialization patterns, and sexual experience (see, hear, or feel an sexual stimulation). 8) Masturbation can cause knee hollow. In fact, masturbation does not cause the knee to be hollow.

Spermatozoa are not produced and not stored in the knee, but in the testes. Maybe after masturbation, usually arises fatigue, because masturbation is spending a lot of energy. That’s what makes a limp, so it was not because of his knee so empty. 9) Frequent masturbation can make barren. In fact, medically masturbation does not interfere with physical health as long as is done safely (not to cause cuts or abrasions).

Physical risk is usually in the form of fatigue. Effect of masturbation usually is psychological, such as feelings of guilt, sin and the levels are different for each person. Infertility is usually just a result of STI(sexually transmitted infections) or other diseases such as cancer or because of other physical causes such as poor sperm quality. 10) Soft drinks will be able to accelerate the completion of menstruation. In fact, menstrual bleeding is the process of the uterine wall caused entirely due to the absence of fertilization. Current illness or absence or absence of menstruation is influenced by someone other than the hormone also affected the psychological factor, not because of drinking soft drinks.

11) Ifection Sexual Disease can be prevented by washing the genitals. In fact there is no soap or disinfectant anything that can prevent ISDs. It is precisely on the women, if washing the inside of the vagina too often will increase the risk of vaginal discharge because soap can reduce the surface acidity of the vagina that actually serves to kill the germs that normally exist. These mythos do indeed thrive in the community already. Influence of these myths are still very strong, even among the more enterprising teenagers who just jealous seeking information about sexual and reproductive health. Many believe that not infrequently we encounter cases related to reproductive health stems from the belief of these myths. It happened because of incomplete information about reproductive health that can be accessed by young people, both through formal institutions such as schools, families or society at large. Now depending on their respective teenage self, because they are going through it later.

Whether to swallow these myths will examine them further or to ensure the truth. If we are still influenced by the myths above, the loss so ourselves. And for those who already know the actual facts, I pray you remain confident in the truth, do not waver. Even try to participate to inform these facts to his fellow teenagers others as more and more teenagers are increasingly responsible for understanding and with all the behavior and choices. And one of the most powerful ways to prevent the free sex that ends with MBA (Married by Accident) is a sexual education. According Sarlito in his book Psychology of Youth (1994), in general sexual education is a matter of information about human sexuality are clear and correct, which includes the process of conception, pregnancy to birth, sexual behavior, sexual relations, and aspects of health, mental and community.

The issue of sexual education should be given related to the prevailing norms in society, what is forbidden, what dilazimkan and how to do it without violating the rules thatapply in the community. Of the several methods that do also have to prove that sexual education is a way of teaching or education that could help the youth to face the problems of life are rooted in sexual drive. Thus sexual education is intended to explain all things related to sex and sexuality in a reasonable form.

According Singgih, D. Gunarsa, delivery of material should be given sex education from an early age when children have started asking about the gender differences between himself and others, continuous and gradual, tailored to the needs and ages of children and the grasp of a child (in practical psychology, children, adolescents and families, 1991). In this case the sexual education should ideally be given the first time by parents at home, given that most know the situation of children is the parents themselves.

But unfortunately in Indonesia, not all parents would be open to children in discussing sexual issues. Besides socio-economic level and education level are heterogeneous in Indonesia led to some parents who are willing and able to provide information about sex but many more who can not afford and do not understand the problem. In this case, the actual role of education is enormous. Given the family is the immediate environment of children and families provide the most sincere affection than anyone else, the family is the vanguard of the fight against free sex among teenagers. Families should provide the greatest contribution in controlling the teens. Many cases the cause of free sex among teenagers came from a broken home family environment. Both parents are busy working so neglected children, or parents who are concerned with pleasures herself regardless of the situation of children.

To avoid the wrong neighborhood, parents should control they’re child’s environment. Get to know child association to be able to control her social. Be friendly towards his friends so that you know who is good for him and who is not good. Notice something to watch and read. Easy access to information led to oversee the child’s parents are overwhelmed. Be smart to figure out what any information that has been absorbed and make sure your child is looked at in terms of positive and negative in filtering information.

Give our view of that information without being cornered. The important thing to do is to give families a moral and religious education to children from an early age. Opposition to free sex clearly emphasized by every religion. For that child must be equipped with knowledge of early religion. Create religious atmosphere at home so the children get older(teenagers) have had sufficient stock of religious knowledge. Teens who obey will always be afraid of God, feel always in control so have a good self-control.

Armed with a strong self-control, will not easily influenced by his friends that one association that is awake and not fall. While moral education must be instilled from an early age so they know what is right and wrong, where immoral behavior and where immoral behavior. Tell how it should mingle with the opposite sex, how to behave in public, how to respect others. Religious and moral education is not only just done verbally, but the family (parents) must apply within yourself first as a reflection of the child.

Encourage children to worship together and explain the purpose of worship so that children understand in depth in his heart. Tell greatness-the greatness of God’s love and devotion to foster children. Be role models who display positive morals in everyday life.

If the child is wrong, tell if he’s wrong and show how it should be. Thus the expected formation of adolescents who have good character and attitude. Moral and religious education can not be separated from parental supervision so that children are not misconceptions of religion and morals is taught. Thus the child is expected to avoid promiscuity as a teenager. Armed with a love and piety towards God, love of parents and families and armed with moral values early on, is expected to avoid negative influences that could lead them.

Teenager is the period where children develop to be adult. In this period, teenagers search their identity. They search what lifestyle that suitable for them. Nowadays, many teenagers try to do something that they regard it suitable with them. Free-sex is one of wrong life style that chosen by teenagers but they do not know the effects of it. The effects of free-sex can damage the teenagers’ life and future. There are several effects of free-sex for teenagers.

First, pregnant before marry is the common effects of free-sex. Teenagers are student age so that they do not ready to get baby in their age and their status. This problem will address them to do abortion. Abortion will threat their life. Second, sex diseases will threat the teenagers healthy; it can be gotten by male and female. Female will get sex disease such as herpes and female will get disease such as uterus cancer.

Third, lost of the future will shade the teenagers life every time because their life had done to wrong activity. In environment, they will get different view. They are regarded as the unsuccessful human. Free-sex is thewrong choice for teenagers. Teenagers should keep their self from the free-sex lifestyle.

There is needed role of family to help teenagers avoid that lifestyle. The effects of free-sex can damage the teenagers’ life and future