From the Economics lectures conducted so far, I have learned a lot of things.  Some of them include -How to read graphs and analyse them.How to use computers in analysing economic data, which is usually complex in nature.How to use appropriate mathematical and statistical tools in solving economic problems.

Learned about the history of the various laws of economics and also about the inventors of the laws.Learned about the presence of various international economic institutions like the IMF etc.Learned problem solving skills, i.e. how to extract information, draw conclusions and also make recommendations about the problem.How to predict reactions to changes in policies implemented by government.

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How to understand market conditions and the effects of these conditions on our daily life. Understood how government comes up with different welfare schemes for different sections of the economy.Understood how government policies affect the externalities of a firm. Understood how liberalisation privatisation and globalization affects our country’s economy, for example how it has changed the factor intensity preferences.

 Learned how beneficial or harmful international trade is for our country’s domestic firms. 13. Learned about various types of market systems and their assumptions and characteristics.14. Learned about the presence of economies and diseconomies of scales and how it affects the firms and the economy in general.14. Understood the price giving and price taking mechanism. 15.

Learned about the presence of various types of goods like normal, inferior, giffen, complementary etc.16. Understood various concepts like welfarism, neo-liberalism etc and their impacts on the economy. Suggestions to further improve the quality of the class The economic lectures are very interesting but I feel the below mentioned points might add more essence to the learning experience.1.

Using more audio visuals or power point presentations will be appreciated as it makes the lecture more interesting. 2. Even documentaries on the theoretical concepts or the historical examples will result in better understanding. 3. Reduction in the speed of teaching can help in grasping concepts in a better way. 4. Explaining the mathematical and statistical concepts in more simplified manner will be very useful as there are many students from non-maths background.