Game development is the software development process by which a video game is developed. It is used to create games in any platform like personal computer and video game consoles even in mobile. Several game development tools are used to facilitate the game to be develop like Unity 3D, 3ds Max, and Maya. Developing a game has a lot of things to consider first the kind of game to be develop, the flow of the story, algorithm to be used, the design of the game includes (models, UI, and animation) lastly the script or the language to be used in the game.

Video games are electronic games which involve interaction with a user interface to generate visual feedback on a video platform used. Game development is the software development process by which a video game is produced. [1] Games are developed as a creative outlet[2] and to generate profit[3]. Development is normally funded by a publisher. [4] Well-made games bring profit more readily. [5] However, it is important to estimate game’s financial requirements,[6] such as development costs of individual features. [7] Often game projects developed with “heart and soul” turn no profit. 8] Failing to provide clear implications of game’s expectations may result in exceeding allocated budget. [6] In fact, the majority of commercial games do not produce profit. [9][r 1] Developers, such as BioWare, Blizzard Entertainment, Valve Corporation[citation needed] and id Software are famous for releasing quality games on completion, rather than being constrained by financial limitations. [10] However, most developers cannot afford changing development schedule and require estimating their capabilities with available resources before production

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