Purpose: The intent of this paper is to reexamine on how casino gambling at Marina Bay Sands in Singapore can be used to maximise the benefits for touristry finishs, the state ‘s economic growing and what the impacts on the society are.Findingss: If decently structured, casino gambling can supply benefits for touristry finishs therefore bettering on the economic growing. Impact on the society could be lessen if preventative steps are taken beforehand.

Practical deductions: By holding a casino in a state, there are many stakeholders involved in the procedure of making so. Example of such stakeholders are the regulators, conditions of alcoholic drinks and providers, licensees, sellers, and other bureaus will necessitate to work closely together in order to do a success out of it.Overview: Modest and small it might be, but Singapore took an even more surprising dip into yet another tourer attractive forces ; casino. Looming the universe ‘s most expensive standalone casino and resort, the most glamourous and incorporate Marina Bay Sands cost a humongous ?4 billion and was due to finish in twelvemonth 2009.

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However owing to some fiscal reverses and lifting building cost, it has but no pick to open it phase by stage and the expansive gap was scheduled on the 27th April 2010. Marina Bay Sands is marked with three 55-storeys hotel towers which are connected by a one hectare sky patio on the roof which is called the Sands Skypark. This integrated resort is being developed by none other than the Las Vegas Sands.


Right from the beginning, each and every casino gambling in the universe has different market segments- some might be aiming the immature participants but largely is the middle-aged and aged participants. The same construct applied here at Marina Bay Sands every bit good with the enforcement of the levy entry regulations for the Singapore citizens and the lasting occupants of Singapore. An entry fee of SGD $ 100 is charged for a 24 hr entry levy whereas for the one-year entry levy cost SGD $ 2000. Through this jurisprudence, the Singapore Government aims to deter locals from chancing excessively much but to pull foreign tourers alternatively. Harmonizing to Ki-Joon Back and John Bowen ( 2009, pp.

392-395 ) , they stated that, “ Casinos designed to pull tourers or heighten tourist finishs provide a socially responsible signifier of gambling, if they are decently conceived and implemented. ” This means that casino must make positive value for their mark market if they intend on sectioning their market people. In general, it appears that the entry levy implemented by the Singapore Government is the first effort in curtailing locals from come ining the casinos. This clearly shows that the nucleus intent of edifice this casino resorts is to supply benefits for touristry finish, where in this instance is to advance on Singapore itself to the foreign visitants.Indirectly casino chancing besides increases occupation employment and the criterion of life in that really state. Harmonizing to Walker, Douglas M. ( 2007, p. 7 ) , “ When a community is sing legalising casino gaming, one of the major benefits expected is an addition in local employment and the mean pay rate.

” Having this said, it means that the locals could profit through the occupations offered to them by large corporate from established hotelkeepers, eating house owner, and many others. All this could be explain utilizing the “ Multiplier Effect ” theory as this touristry non merely make occupations in third sector but promote on the growing of primary and secondary sectors every bit good. A really good illustration could be seen in the direction of a hotel industry. In general, when a hotel is develop in a state, it creates occupation chance straight from the hotel. Consequently the hotel needs to purchase nutrient from the local agriculture industry, basic necessities and all kind of minor things excessively.

Circuitously this increases the demand for local merchandises such as hand-crafted keepsakes from the autochthonal folks or any other Singapore-made goods, which in some manner increases the secondary employment in the state.Another consequence of legalising casino chancing in Singapore is the possible in flow of capital into the state. Building of the casino itself in Singapore is the first effort of the capital influx by the Sands Developer. Once the casino is established, many other large houses will seek to come in the market every bit good.

As forecasted by Singapore, following the completion of this casino, they intend on holding six famous person chef eating houses to be brought into the Marina Bay Sands. At present, The Marina Bay Sands Celebrity Chefs ‘ Press Conference had already showed a glance of the soon-to-be-open eating houses over at that place. One of it would be the celebrated Waku Ghin which was foremost established in Australia.Increased in revenue enhancement grosss besides plays an of import portion in the economic growing of Singapore.

Generally, casino revenue enhancement is computed based on the Gross Gaming Revenue ( GGR ) from the games conducted in the casino. There are two types of revenue enhancement executed in the casinos in Singapore which is divided into the premium participants and the other participants. The scope of the casino revenue enhancement rate varies from 5 % to 15 % . All these contributes to the economic sciences of Singapore immensely and it is forecasted that about 15 % of rise in the first one-fourth of the Gross Domestic Profit ( GDP ) in twelvemonth 2010 as a consequence of the development of Marina Bay Sands. Not burying is the entry levy charges impose on all Singaporeans.

An article on AsiaOnE, reports that as of May 2010, $ 70 million worth of entry levy has been collected. This was merely three months after Singapore ‘s first casino at Resorts World Sentosa opened in February 2010. Therefore, Marina Bay Sands is besides predicted to hold the about, possibly similar consequences in the approaching months. This wholly proves that casino gambling does so assist improves on the economic growing of Singapore on the whole.It is a no denying that many states that have legalized casino for the benefit of the province ‘s economic can convey societal cost to the said state.

Some people even perceive the casino industry as an evil industry that brings offense, dependence to gaming and other societal costs or negative outwardnesss. Just like the instance seen in Macao gambling industry, it is merely a affair of clip that Singapore will stop up with the same destiny and such if preventative steps are non taken earnestly. Harmonizing to the researched done by Rich Harrill, Muzaffer Uysal, Peter W. Cardon, Fanny Vong and Leonardo ( Don ) Dioko ( 2010, pp.

1-3 ) , they mentioned that “ aˆ¦residents can be divided into two groups – bet oning protagonists and bet oning oppositions. ” Using this as a benchmark for Singapore ‘s touristry, the Government should ever be cognizant of the occupant ‘s feedback on the casino gambling industry. Recent surveies over at that place besides concluded that the occupants at Macao largely show assorted emotion towards the gambling industry. Most of the occupants perceived this industry in both positive benefits and negative impacts. The positive benefits would be because of the occupation employment whereas the negative impact would be the rise of the offense rate.

Discrepancy of the consequences showed besides largely depended on the finish and the market placement that the Government is seeking to portray. Singapore which is advancing on the MICE ( meeting, inducements, convention and exhibition ) touristry is so seeking to portray its state as a specialised country with its ain trade shows ( IMEX ) and patterns.However it is of import to observe that oppositions of casino gambling, on the other manus, claim that increased societal costs, including offense and job gaming, outweigh the economic benefits.

Casino bet oning which is frequently associated with job gambler could ensue in a immense impact on the rate of divorce and kid maltreatment in the state. Based on the work done by Goodman ( 1994, pp. 63-64 ) , he mentioned that:Impaired opinion and efficiency on the occupation, lost productiveness of partners, unrecovered loans to pathological gamblers, divorces caused by chancing behavior, added administrative class in plans like unemployment compensation, the cost of depression and physical unwellnesss related to emphasize, lower quality of household life, and increase self-destruction efforts by gamblers.This clearly indicates that casino gaming does impact vastly on the society. Actions should be taken beforehand by the Singapore Government to forestall such things from go oning in the hereafter.