Garden Grove California is a unique city due to its interesting history dating all the way back to the year 1769. The city has many different historical sights to visit. These include the Tower on the Green and Main Street. Adding on to the other history of the city, there is also a huge cultural background in this small city. There are many different historical features to our city but, the main historical background comes down to the creation of our city, The Main Street, and The Tower on The Green.     Our city was first found in 1769.

The Spanish camped on a green, open field east of the Garden Grove we have today. They called the area Santa Ana valley. After the Mexican American War Abel Stearns,who was a businessman, bought big chunks of land and sold it to other people. A man named Alonzo Cook purchased 160 acres of land. He was known as “Garden Groves Founding Father” because he donated the land to nearby villages and schools. He also planted trees and fields and that’s how it got the name Garden Grove.     There are also many historical sights in Garden Grove. One in particular is the Tower on the Green.

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It is located at the entrance of Garden Groves oldest parks known as the Village Green. The tower was created to represent the spirit of Garden Groves community. It was officially dedicated on April 18, 2002. The tower is made with metal but has a black granite base. It is a huge part of our community.     Another important historical site located inside our small city is Main Street.

It is in Downtown Garden Grove. This walk down memory lane includes a variety of different historical sights. They include old, and great, restaurants and a car show showing off old cars  that are remodeled to look new. There are also many wonderful and old shops where you can buy antiques and old items. In my opinion this is my favorite historical sight out of the two.

     This city is great even without the historical background but, with that on top of the city itself, it makes the city spectacular! The variety of cultural backgrounds and historical background is astonishing! In my opinion, I think our city has one of the best historical backgrounds i’ve ever seen or read about.The details and depth of how this city came to be are intriguing! I recommend anyone who has an interest in history to visit Garden Grove California.