Last updated: June 12, 2019
Topic: BusinessAgriculture
Sample donated:

job opportunities are high in india because many MNC opened their branches in INDIA in the form of BPO’s and call centres,they are investing very less amount and earning more profit. Foreign companies are opening their branches in india because they knew that indians are hardworking and zeal to accept challenges,So indians are ready to work for less pay. Job opportunities are also high in countries like china,US etc. because they work harder and smarter than us. ven high opportunities in china they are not allowing any foreigners. As India is a developing country here every body wants to expose his knowledge and here cost is less, people are ready to work in less price also. So many companies are ready to open their branch in India. And as compare to other country Indians are more fluent English speaking. One more thing is if we see other than software, India is full of natural resourses so foreign industrialists want use there new technology here. So no of mncs are increasing.

Job opportunities are increasing in INDIA compare to China, Philippines and other foreign countries. Indians are technically sound. So if you really have the talent and ready to work hard, there are many opportunities in INDIA compare to other countries. Job opportunities in every country depends upon many factors such asTourism, technology, business, agriculture. And it also depends upon fast growing and economically favorable field. And the one and only fast growing field and economically favorable field is software in India.

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