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I read Girl foremost and I felt that the female parent as a shrewish psyche who was hard on her girl.

I thought that the advice that she gave her was utile in her civilization. yet she merely gave her so much information at one time. I believed that the female parent was forcing her girl toward going a bad individual because she kept reiterating that she knew her girl would go a slut. Peoples will populate up to the criterions that are expected of them. and I worried that the character would eventually go a slut since her female parent felt she would go one.

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However. when I listened to the soliloquy. I was shocked. I realized that it was humourous and lingua in cheek. It was a much better piece when I heard it read aloud. B. The female parent is desiring to do certain that her girl is good prepared for life. and she is convinced that the girl will non calculate out what to make in life if she does non state her clip and clip once more.

This allows the female parent the sense of being of import to her girl. The girl is typical of immature people in that she is merely half hearing. She is believing “Here we go once more. ” I feel that she sees her female parent as a pecking individual even though she loves her.

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