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The flag of Mali consists of three equal sized perpendicular chevrons. the left band is green ; the center is xanthous ; and the right band is ruddy. The green band signifies hope. xanthous symbolizes pureness and wealth and ruddy symbolizes the force and the battles of the heroes of independency. The Mali flag was created on March 1. 1961. Mali gained independency from France on September 22. 1960. The first flag of Mali was adopted on April 4. 1959. when Gallic Sudan and Senegal formed the Mali Federation. Senegal left in August. 1960 and the flag was changed in 1961. The flag of Senegal is similar to Mali’s except it has a star in the center of it. The flags were based on the Gallic flag. except Pan African colourss were used. The colourss were besides those of the African Democratic Rally which was the political party who led the battle for independency.

The black kanaga has been the crowning characteristic of the flag of Mali together with the tricolours until the kanaga was taken out on March 1. 1961. The Muslim pressured the goverment to take out the images in the flag. they did non O.K. of doing images of the human form. ”Flag of Mali. ” a?? Malian Flags History. Meaning. Image & A ; Symbol. N. p. . n. d. Web. 16 Oct. 2012. . Mali’s flag colourss are vivacious green. yellow. and green. How make these colourss represent patriotism? Well the viridity in the flag symbolizes hope. Hope means to hold a desire or wish and to wait in eager expectancy for it to be fulfilled. In dependence. hope is holding assurance. outlook and belief in others and things.

SInce the Goverment have hope in assurance in everyone. the people besides have hope in the goverment and themselves which makes their state tighter. The xanthous significes pureness and wealth. If Mali’s state have pureness ( cleanliness ) and florishes in wealth. I think everyone in Mali wouldnt want to go forth. Mali became affluent by trade. regulations. and the ground forces. The ruddy on the flag represent the force and the battles of the heroes of independency. In the Gallic constitutional of 1958. Gallic Sudan voted to fall in the Gallic Community as the Sudanese Republic. In 1959 the democracy joined Senegal to organize the Mali Federation. but political differences interupted the brotherhood in 1960.

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That same twelvemonth. the Sudanese Republic. renamed the Republic of Mali. obtained full independency from France and severed ties with the Gallic Community. ”Independence and Beyond. ” Infoplease. Infoplease. n. d. Web. 16Oct. 2012. hypertext transfer protocol: //www. infoplease. com/ce6/world/A0859453. hypertext markup language. The state of Mali means alot to their people. their hope. pureness. wealth. and bloodshed to acquire indepence from France is what makes the people have patriotism and beleive in their state.