Table of Contentss1.EXECUTIVE Summary1.1.


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1. Executive Summary

Global United Consultants was incorporated on 20 Jan 2014 by Mr Muhammad Hamza Saleem. The company was allocated company figure 08852385 by Companies House UK.Global United Consultants was incorporated after Mr Saleem gained the grade of Master of Business Administration in Innovative Management from Coventry University. As he is a qualified Management Consultant, Mr Saleem wanted to supply concern direction consultancy services to immature and experient concerns in the UK as every twelvemonth 100s of new concerns start up in the UK, and they all need to be managed good to thrive and assist hike the economic system.

Most of these concerns have been set up by enterprisers who have seen an chance to develop a new merchandise or service, and pursued that vision in hunt of independency and fiscal wages. While these business communities start with significant thoughts to back up their new ventures, most do non hold the accomplishments, aid or advice in order to assist them transform their thoughts into world. Additionally, the technological and legislative force per unit area along with the demand of clients for quality and professional service, deluge even the most educated of business communities. Global United Consultants ( GUC ) is here to assist these visionaries to gain their concern dream and turn it into solid, reliable world.GUC will enable enterprisers to pull off their concern operations successfully from organizational behavior and structural direction to human and fiscal resource direction, and from client direction to alter and acquisition direction.


Target Market

GUC will aim concerns in the local geographical part ab initio and so aim concerns further off with an purpose of aiming concerns countrywide by the 5Thursdaytwelvemonth operations. The other cleavage of the concern market that GUC will aim will be based on company firmographics. Initially the company will aim concerns that deal in service proviso and have a high demand for selling and direction consultancy services. These concerns, as they will be covering in services chiefly, will necessitate service suppliers or in other words ; human resources.

GUC can help and authorise these concerns through aid with pull offing human resources efficaciously so as to outdo profit their several concerns. The other cleavage that will be used by GUC while aiming clients ; is the size of the concern. As GUC is a start-up concern itself, the company will aim start-up concerns and immature concerns within the first 5-10 old ages of concern operations.

The ground for this determination is besides because these concerns may happen it the hardest to pull off alteration and acquisitions. A recent intelligence article in the ‘The Telegraph’ read, “British concerns excessively focused on selling up instead than scaling up.” This shows that concerns in the UK are selling faster than they are turning and GUC wants to alter this tendency by helping concern proprietors to scale up by giving them the advice and counsel along with the encouragement to spread out.The company wishes to construct long enduring reciprocally good concern relationships with immature concerns so as to derive and retain life-long clients.



GUC success will be determined by a few factors of which some of the major factors are:

  • Customer satisfaction and keeping
  • Supplying a quality service
  • Bing engineering understanding
  • Investing in instruction and preparation of employees.
  • Employee keeping
  • Sustainable growing



GUC aims to carry through the undermentioned aims within the first three old ages of concern operations:

  • Supplying quality direction consultancy services.
  • Refraining from the usage of a loan
  • Runing concern fundss off its ain hard currency flow and deriving a net income by twelvemonth 2 operations.
  • Get down enlisting by 6Thursdaymonth of operations.
  • Deriving good concern contracts and accomplishing gross revenues marks through effectual selling
  • Increase services provided through employment of assorted skilled employees
  • Addition market portion through addition of mark country.



Global United Consultants is focused specifically on assisting little and average sized emerging concerns to maximise their possible for success. The company combines Blue Chip developing with little concern experience and local presence to supply top quality services. The company differentiates itself in the undermentioned mode:

  • Extensive market research
  • Cost-efficient personal interaction with client
  • Undertaking based audience ( trim services )



Global United Consultants is a London based company that provides concern direction and selling solutions to new and bing concern.

Research shows that most concerns and enterprisers suffer major jobs with respects to concern individuality, the rudimentss of stigmatization, effectual selling solutions and operational schemes required for their success. These lead to a bead in outlooks and deficiency of concern growing.GUC believes that it can step in and better this state of affairs for clients, to help them in deriving a good market portion and efficaciously net incomes. It is the company’s doctrine to organize a acquisition environment that will convey employees with diverse involvements and backgrounds together on a platform to get the better of these challenges professionally thereby doing all of our client concerns a success, guaranting the success of GUC.



GUC is headed by Mr Muhammad Hamza Saleem who is its lone Director and premier Management Consultant.Mr Saleem has been chosen for the place of premier Management Consultant as he has late gained his degree signifier Coventry University and has since gained direction experience from both energetic little houses and experienced industry leaders. Mr Saleem has worked in selling, concern development, and corporate scheme for a figure of little and big administrations, and has experience of supplying selling consultancy services to little and average sized concerns.



GUC specialises in supplying the advice and counsel with respects to the followers:

  • Organisation Management
  • Change and Acquisition Management
  • Customer Management
  • Resource Management
  • Selling Management

Some of the services that the company will supply will be as follows:

  • Measuring client demands through audience
  • Reviewing client concern maps, ends and demands and placing obstructions in policies, processs, selling, direction and administration of concern.
  • Oversing all facets of research into the betterment of the relevant maps and procedures.
  • Decoding research consequences into difficult facts and showing solutions and professional positions to direction based on this research.

  • Reding on cost of execution and guaranting cost effectivity and efficiency of execution process.
  • Helping with the execution of improved concern procedures and processs
  • Oversing relevant staff and their preparation in line with execution.



GUC is based at 24 Westham Lane, London, E15 4SA. This location has been chosen so as to supply a physical presence and attract clients through physical selling and window publicity.

The company will run between the hours of 9am to 5pm GMT unless the concern requires different working hours from its employees. Initially, it may be the service section that may necessitate to change hours to accommodate client demands.

3. Selling


A recent address by Her Majesty The Queen announced that the authorities is plighting to do the UK, the best topographic point to get down a concern. This pledge along with the recent recovery from the fiscal crisis of 2008 that has affected freelance rewards drastically and the international investor attending turned towards the UK, means that this is a good clip for concerns to organize and thrive ; and concerns have taken this chance to organize in the 1000s.

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills published the undermentioned figures that show little concern statistics at the beginning of 2013.

  • The concern population in the UK totalled 4.39 million concerns countrywide that employed a sum of 24.3 million people.
  • All concerns in the UK had a combined turnover of 3300 billion GBP
  • Small and Medium Enterprises accounted for 99.9 % of all private sector concern in the UK.
  • SME besides accounted for 59.3 % of private sector employment ( 14.

    4 million people ) and 48.1 % ( 1600 billion GBP ) of private sector turnover.

  • Small concerns entirely accounted for 47 % of private sector employment and 33.1 % of turnover.
  • 62.6 % of all concerns were exclusive proprietaries – 3.7 million in entire
  • 28.

    5 % of all concerns were companies – a sum of 1.4 million companies

  • 8.9 % of all concerns were partnerships – a sum of 434,000
  • About a fifth of concerns were runing in the building sector
  • SMEs accounted for merely 27.

    5 % of employment in the fiscal and insurance sector whereas they accounted for 95.4 % of all employment in the agribusiness, forestry and fishing sector.

  • Humanistic disciplines, amusement and diversion accounted for merely 22.5 % of private sector turnover whereas agribusiness, forestry and fishing accounted for the bulk of it.
  • London had more houses than any other part in the UK, with 841000 private sector concerns in the country ; and the south E had the 2nd largest figure of houses with 791000 in this country. Together, they account for about a 3rd of all houses in the UK.


The above statistics published by the Department for Business Innovation and Skills mean that GUC needs to concentrate on a few major factors:

  • Targeting the London and South East parts for bulk of market portion.
  • Targeting the agribusiness, forestry and fishing sector for human resource services.
  • Supplying service to specifically aim exclusive proprietaries as they make the bulk of SMEs
  • Supplying a wider scope and more specialized services within Human Resources and recruitment to supply a supply for the immense employment demand in the industry within SME’s.


3. Competition shows about 150 concerns that provide concern and direction consultancy services within 5 stat mis of GUC. As seen above, there are over 841000 private sector concerns in London entirely and all these concerns need confer withing services. Although the supply may look high, the demand if higher and the service suppliers have different niches that do non provide to all types of concerns. Similarly, GUC has a niche and provides specific services for a specific mark market and so, non all of the companies listed below are in direct competition with GUC.

Some of the other concern and direction advisers supplying services ( non needfully the same services as GUC ) in the E15 country are shown below.Alma Business Management & A ; Consultancy Ltd54, Alma St, London, E15 1QATel: 020 8257 0342Splinters of Time LtdUnit of measurement 3, Essex House, 375-377, High St, London, E15 4QZTel: 020 8586 5677East London E-Learning LtdBoardman House, 64, Broadway, London, E15 1NTTel: 0870 2012000Challenge Life Ltd49, Broadway, London, E15 4BQTel: 020 8911 8773Infra Solutions Group275-285, High St, London, E15 2TFTel: 0844 4148748Fethiye Consultant124, Chobham Rd, London, E15 1LZTel: 07771 150452Sibam Ltd45, Fairland Road, London, E15 4AFTel: 020 8150 6158Judith39, Maryland Square, London, E15 1HFTel: 020 8983 6498Hcentra Ltd48 Stopford Road, London, E13 0LZTel: 020 7870 1205Marionet Consulting55, Printers Mews, London, E3 5NZTel: 020 8981 5282Global Gate Consult Ltd210a, High Road Leytonstone, London, E11 3HUTel: 07979 182300CLR Management & A ; Training Consultancy Ltd89, Fairfield Rd, London, E3 2QATel: 020 8983 9300Concept Business Advisors Ltd246-250, Romford Road, London, E7 9HZTel: 020 3730 3838Composition Advisory LtdFlat 306, Lexington Building, Fairfield Rd, London, E3 2UHTel: 07939 201855Progress Business Tips Ltd14a, Crescent Rd, London, E13 0LTTel: 07401 538180


GUC will advance its concern and services through a assortment of promotional tactics which efficaciously cater to the demands of the concern. Some of the selling tools that will be used are mentioned below:

  • Personal Selling – selling to friends, household and professional contacts through word of oral cavity.
  • Digital Marketing – selling through the usage of devices such as text messages on nomadic phones.
  • Internet Marketing – Marketing through the usage of the company web site, hunt engine optimization and societal media such as Facebook and Twitter.
  • Print Selling – The usage of print media such as circulars, postings, newspapers adverts and adverts on concern magazines and directories.

  • Promotional Merchandise – This can be used at concern events to advance the concern as portion of a Guerrilla Marketing run
  • Referral selling – Promoting employee and client referrals through the usage of wagess or fringe benefits for referrals.

4. Fundss



The company manager and premier Management Consultant Mr Muhammad Hamza Saleem will supply a capital of ?50,000 for concern start-up disbursals. This capital will fund the concern start-up and will be replenished from company net incomes to be invested sagely into company assets. This director’s loan will be repaid to the manager from 2nd twelvemonth onwards from 20 % of net incomes per annum until the full amount is paid back.

No involvement has been charged on this manager loan.

4.2. Get down UP EXPENSES

The following tabular array shows a sum-up of set up disbursals that are likely to be incurred by the concern within 3 months of start-up.

Cost Incurred Monetary value
Company Set up ?20
Business Insurance ?350
Legal Servicess ?300
Financial Services ?500
Office Furniture ?600
Office Equipment ?1200
Cost of Marketing Material ( circulars, concern card etc ) ?275
Stationery ( missive caputs, compliment faux pass and others ) ?125
Cost of Office Space ?2400
Business Ratess ?450
Company Website ?600
Utility Bills ?400
Contingency ( Buffer ) ?7220
Entire Start-up costs incurred ?8664