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“ Good hair ” , a documental comedy by Chris Rock focuses on all issues environing African American Hair, their styling industry and the effects it has on African American civilization at big. It touches on critical and sensitive issues of how the society looks at the African American adult females ‘s hair and their positions sing hair at by and large. In this documental movie, Chris Rock visits barbershop, conducts interviews, attends hair titling conventions, beauty salons and even scientific research labs to bring out the narrative behind the African American hair weaves. His work on the beginning of African American hair leads him to the sub continent of India where the hair weaves originates from. He under covers one of the most moneymaking industry the hair concern can of all time make estimated to be 9 billion dollars. He clearly surveies the position of African American adult females ‘s hair and their sentiment on good hair.

It is difficult to believe that Chris Rock in this docudrama intended to express joy at or mock the African American adult females. I strongly believe that he had no purposes of doing black adult females look bad, but to show them in what they are, and what they truly love and stand for. He interprets all the myths and clarifies the positions of black adult females sing their hair as he gives inside informations of the truths environing this 9 billion dollar industry. Rock enlightened the universe on the love of African American adult females for straighter, lighter and brighter hair. No 1 can clearly claim that Rock was doing merriment of the black adult females, because even at the terminal of the movie, he has non even given his sentiment on good hair.

Rock merely takes an honest and sculpt expression at the hair industry and reveals some of the absorbing fiscal facts, anthropological and spiritual engagement and the social position into the hair industry ( Saint Louis, 2009 ; 7 ) . This provides grounds that, he in fact laughs with African American adult females when it comes to the issues environing hair and the deepnesss they are willing to travel in order to achieve the hair of their pick. He in fact agrees that he was utilizing a hair relaxer at one clip during the production of one of his comedies ( Saturday Night Live ) . One of his concerns about the hair concern is the beginning of the hair ; India and the consequence the chemical relaxers might hold on the human tegument. As the docudrama begins, he is concerned about his girl ‘s sufferings of non holding beautiful hair. It ‘s like he respects the fact that black adult females are into soft, relaxed hair ; and that ‘s why he goes to the extent of holding scientific presentations on the effects of chemical relaxers.

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He shows in this movie that, some African Americans straighten their hair merely for the interest of preparing. It makes them more acceptable in the society they live in ; the white constitution. Merely as Paul Mooney puts it in the documental “ Good Hair ” , “ if you relax your hair, white people tend to be relaxed ” ( Saint Louis, 2009 ; 3 ) . The chief point is that, the nature of the African American hair ; kinky or harsh, makes it difficult to pull off and blow therefore it do it easier to merely loosen up it.

In some incidences though, Chris Rock is clearly express joying at African American adult females because of their acceptance of the white civilization and hair manners. The out dated prepossessions about the white hair are brought out in this movie as stone attempts to Rock attempts to analyze why some African American adult females believe in the demand to hold straight, silky and long hair in order to suit in the society. It ‘s like he tries to state them that they are merely seeking out blessing by the society they live in, which drives them to seek hair manners that are slightly intimidating so as to go on traveling frontward. He even utters some untrue statements like “ When you see a black adult female with satiny long hair, merely cognize that she has a weave or she has relaxed it ” . ( Kaminsky 2006 ; 4 ) . This statement is untrue as there are adult females with Ethiopian or Somalia origin whose hair textures are about indistinguishable to adult females from Middle Eastern. This is an premise that all black adult females have the same kinky hair and is wrong therefore aimed at express joying at black adult females.

This film was non meant to express joy at African American adult females. But it was meant to research the effects of globalisation and the truth about the hair industry. Globalization is apparent in that, the African American civilization is being integrated into white civilization through communicating, media and Earth crossing web of trade. Globalization in this context is being driven by both technological factors, biological factors, political, economic and most of all sociocultural factors ( Kaminsky 2006 ; 6 ) . The thought of hair manners and texture is non in born, but carefully spread by its advocates through mass media, which has taken the advantage of the fact that, with the technological progresss in engineering and communicating, mass media can be depended on to maneuver us into the right way. The cognition, experience and premises we apply in our work are non normally applied in our day-to-day lives. For illustration, one clearly evaluates the hazards involved in following a new concern venture ; to the extend of constructing paradigms to have feedback from them, nevertheless before utilizing or turning to relaxers many people are merely guided by the terminal consequence ; a straighter, lighter, brighter hair.

I unfeignedly do n’t believe that Indian adult females are exploited for giving their hair because their chief purpose of giving out this hair is non for commercial intents, but spiritual intents. If their faith demands that they shave their hair, and they have undivided religion for their temple, which existed before even the coming human hair concern, there is nil incorrect for their hair being sold for a net income as it would hold been anyhow thrown. So long as their religion is non compromised by their hair being sold, there is no manner these adult females are being exploited. In any manner, Christians tithe 10 % of their net incomes and they ne’er complain this Is development by the church.

If anyone was to fault, it would be their spiritual leaders who sell their hair, and the business communities who exploit this window of chance. Globalization, through communicating and trade has spread stereotypes about how hair should be straighter and lighter, which put the wellness of the African American adult female at hazard ( Kaminsky 2006 ; 7 ) . The mass media provides strong and positive function theoretical accounts on how to dress and how adult females should make their hair. It is besides the work of mass media to distribute the intelligence of the latest weaves and make the impression that, weaves are better that natural hair. This ends up making a high demand for this trade good particularly among adolescents who are easy influenced and therefore increased monetary values of these weaves. A batch is hence desired from the media in the quality and measure which it represents the African American adult female as it leads non merely to the hyperbolic monetary value of weaves, but besides to dependence towards the same ; the compulsion which Chris Rock compares to that of cocaine.

The fact that no penny is awarded to these adult females is flooring sing the problem they under go similar sores on their scalps and besides the fact that they are non told. The temple leaders should take the incrimination of promoting Indian adult females to give contributions to the church given their economic province and their hair is their lone ownership ( Kaminsky 2006 ; 4 ) . The procedure of shaving in itself is painful as no shave picks are used ; no scissors is used but dry razor blade. It is instead a paradox, in that the hair which the Indian adult females give so distressingly being left bald and ashamed is the same hair which the African American adult females see a province famous person. It comes with a particular entreaty to the American adult females where it is ideally called “ temple hair ” .