Last updated: July 31, 2019
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coins have long been a viable choice for investors due to the many benefits
they offer. With the volatility of the financial market in recent times,
investors look for safe, alternative ways to invest their money.  The consistent growth has convinced experts
that gold is a solid investment.  The
gloom of the world also has investors looking for tangible ways to invest their

            With gold coins steadily increasing
in value since 2013, the demand for gold coins, such as the American Eagle
bullion gold coin, have been stronger than ever.  Coins are often bought at the beginning of
new year, as collectors want the new year’s coin.  As gold prices have increased, the demand has
increased throughout the year as well. 
Coins are now bought throughout a year as more of an investment than a
collector’s item

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            Another reason that gold coins have
increased in popularity is the state of the world around us.   As people fear a worse-case scenario, they
prefer something they can hold in their hand. 
Something that in the case of war or downturn, will be their insurance
policy. Many people want an investment that is physically in their hand rather
than one that is held in a trust or at a bank. 

            Investment in gold coins still poses
risk.  Investors must purchase the coins
from reputable mints, such as the U.S. Mint, the Royal Canadian Mint, or the
Perth Mint.  Coins from these mints are
known and respected throughout the world.  
The coins are thus more reputable to sell.  The demand for coins is highest at the
beginning of the year and often that demand outnumbers the supply.  When the demand exceeds the supply, the mint
will allocate a certain number of coins to wholesalers until they can
manufacture more coins. Premiums placed on these coins make it not the best
time to invest in gold coins. 

            The upside to gold coins far
outweighs the risks involved.  Gold coins
are solid investments with a history of steady growth.  Gold coins make tangible purchases for
investors that they can physically hold. 
As the state of the world has many investors on edge, gold coins are a
solid alternative for investment.