I am completely against this statement as good manners are essential for maintaining peace and good-will of our community, however modern. They are also essential for living happily and harmoniously with other people. Without good manners we are only slightly better than animals. The modern world houses more people than it did in the past.

The types of people vary as they belong to different cultural, social, racial and professional backgrounds.It is therefore important to be social and agreeable towards people to mix with them. If one has good manners, that person is respected by the people associated with him/her. Many people believe that in the hard paced modern society of today, all we need to socialise is money or influential power. But to live well in a society, money alone is not enough. It is human nature to seek friendship and love which cannot be bought with money.

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Friends and family make life pleasant in an otherwise lonely life and their support and love is earned through our attitude towards them. If we’re kind to others they’ll also be kind towards us and it is well known that kindness is the essence of good manners. Bad manners don’t just drive away friends, but also our family members as no relationship can be expected to sustain merely on blood ties. However, good manners are not only about being polite, understanding and sympathetic to others externally for gain or shows of etiquette.The good manners we display to others should mirror our genuine emotions towards the people they are directed at. Hence, to live a happy and comfortable life in this world and be accepted by one and all we need to have good manners instead of the alternate.

We should treat others the way we want to be treated. Times may change and the world may become more modern, but in the end ‘manners make a man’.