I think Google is being a little diplomatic and exaggerated at the point as they talked about the issues of their company as well as others at the same time.

They are willing to work with China but on their own demands and rules, which is not accepted by the government of the china. They are well aware of that fact and due to that they are making an optimistic and a diplomatic statement, which can lead to a healthy relations of China with U. S. in future. What do you think of Google’s way of announcement, considering all stakeholders?Google’s way of announcement is very open and beneficial for the stakeholders as they get to know about the company’s future plans in advance and they get enough time to manipulate and manage their plans and decisions. According to me, it is a very bold and right strategy for getting stakeholders trust and loyalty for the company.

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What do you think of whether Google should exit from China? I think Google should exit China as they are having lots of problems to make a reasonable profit from there.They also have a strong competitor named Baidu that has been working in China since 2000 and also has a wide range of network and a government friendly search engine. Google has also faced a decrease in shares due to its rival Baidu. They are well known about the demand of Baidu in China and they also got to know about the China’s government working that is very strict and particular about their nation. It would be better for the Google to exit China, as they will be facing numerous problems in settling down in China that might not be good for the company. There is also a possibility that they might lose everything in searching for some more.