Governor McGreevy’s Resign.

Oftentimes, politicians can become sadly famous because of some events in their lives, and they become remembered for that long after they resign. Even though they could have done million things to be remembered by in their career, personal life of politicians has always been equally important. Therefore, there are many politicians whose brilliant career had to stop due to the affairs which happened in their personal life. Gov. James E. McGreevey is not an exception from this rule. He became a center of attention since claiming he was gay and having an affair with his aide Cipel. Cipel left his New York home for his native land Israel very soon after he decided not to sue the governor. As it was mentioned in the press, “Cipel was a former public-relations official who had little security experience when McGreevey appointed him as a security adviser in early 2002. Cipel was reassigned in March 2002 after news reports that he was unable to get a security clearance because he lacked U.S. citizenship“. (Home News Tribune 9/22/04) According to mass media, “…Cipel denied he is gay and insisted that he had been sexually harassed and pressured by the governor.” (News Tribune 9/08/04)

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McGreevy’s decision to resign was met by the voters with pleasure, and as far as polls have shown, very few of them would like the governor to remain on his position after the declaration he made and the scandal which occurred. As far as the data of Quinnipiac University poll shows, “voters have become increasingly comfortable with Gov. James E. McGreevey’s decision to resign Nov. 15 in the wake of disclosures that he’s gay and had an affair with another man aides identified as a high-paid aide Golan Cipel.” As far as many voters say, McGreevey is working on many successful projects in his office at the moment, and they believe that he has been very useful for the state during his work. However, the majority of people believe that his decision to resign is the most correct one, and they say that “it’s OK to wait until Nov. 15 to resign, but please close the door firmly behind you.” (Home News Tribune 9/23/04) Among the people participating in the poll, only 30% were for the governor’s continuing to occupy his position while everybody else considers his desire to resign the only reasonable one in this case.

There are many things which the governor is planning to do before resigning on November 15th, and he has been focusing on many important goals since declaring his decision to leave the office in August. The major objectives which McGreevey has are connected with building a cell research center and devoting lots of attention to issues connected with environmental protection. As McGreevey himself has mentioned, “my focus in these remaining days is to focus on providing a legacy. I had a personal crisis which I attempted to respond to in the most honest way I could,” McGreevey said, describing it as “a process of transformation and prayer and understanding.” (Home News Tribune 9/07/04) As far as it was mentioned in the press, after declaring the decision to resign on November 15th, McGreevey got back to work at the Statehouse. As spokeswoman Ellen Mellody marked, he was going to “spend the next three months finishing the job the McGreevey administration started.” (The Associated Press August 16, 2004 6:35 PM)

There are many opinions about McGreevey’s role in the development of New Jersey. For example, as the governor’s good friend Lesniak mentions, he has been an outstanding politician because he showed his sovereignty from party bosses by refusing to resign faster. According to Lesniak, McGreevey couldn’t effectively govern while he had this extortion threat hanging over his head. The salaciousness of the false allegations . . . would consume the press and effectively not enable him to communicate and get his job done.” (Home News Tribune 9/15/04) One of the consequences of McGreevey’s resign, according to the press, is going to be his divorce with his wife. “One source said the governor was moving to Weehawken and his wife was buying a house in Cranford, but did not say if that meant a divorce or separation. The governor’s main source of income is his salary, which he will lose after he resigns. But he also plans to write a book and could receive hefty fees from speeches or interviews.” (Home News Tribune 9/17/04)

Developments on Monday stemming from the resignation of New Jersey Gov. James E. McGreevey:

There are many projects on which McGreevey is working before his final resign. The main groups of projects on which he has been working during the last months include: increasing the quality of cultural life in the state (realization of Xanadu project); developing educational programs in the state in order to increase the quality of education on all levels; devoting considerable attention to activities dealing with environmental protection in the state; taking measures on security protection of the state; eliminating effects of catastrophes in the territory of the state.

One of the most important projects McGreevey has been working on is a $1.3 billion Xanadu project which is going to create outstanding family entertainment in the Meadowlands. McGreevy considers this development one of the crucial developments in the cultural life of New Jersey. As far as he says, “…people have dreamed about the Meadowlands for years, as a place that could bring great economic opportunities to this region and all of New Jersey. Today, finally, those dreams are becoming action.” The social effect of the Xanadu project is enormous. For example, it’s going to create 21,155 construction jobs during the next 6 years. It is also going to create approximately 20,000 full-time jobs by 2012. In order to achieve maximum efficiency of the project, it was decided to make sure the implementation of Xanadu project is well-balanced with the environmental protection. The project of the park includes building a Xanadu hotel and office buildings. McGreevy considers the cultural benefit of Xanadu project outstanding, therefore he has put many efforts into it.

The main features of Xanadu project include the following:

v  Sports District designed to be the “ultimate skybox” for fans.

v  Entertainment District, with a “digital playground” that will let visitors experience the newest high-tech entertainment products, from digital music devices to games – before anyone else.

v  Fashion District, in which hosts such as Elle Magazine will present live runway shows, bringing the glamour of Europe and New York to the Meadowlands.

v  Children’s Education District, featuring the first “indoor role-playing theme park”.

v  Food & Home District, in which visitors will attend cooking lessons.

v  America’s first snow dome for indoor skiing. (Home News Tribune: October 05, 2004)

There are many other projects which McGreevey is planning to finish before his resign. For example, he is devoting very much attention to protecting the state from catastrophes. As far as McGreevy has announced, “the State will provide the 25% non-federal share to the FEMA Public Assistance grants used for disaster assistance following the Delaware River flooding as a result of Hurricane Ivan. …The state is doing all that it can to help thousands of victims return to life as they knew it before the floods wreaked havoc on their communities.” (Home News Tribune October 07, 2004)

Other kinds of projects which Governor James E. McGreevey is currently dealing with include educational programs development. Owing to the governor’s efforts, “the State is filing a motion with the New Jersey Supreme Court to modify one of the Court’s previous orders regarding Abbott v. Burke.  The modification would enable the Department of Education (DOE) to focus its work on school districts as a whole, rather than on individual low-performing schools.” The main feature of the programs promoted by McGreevey deal with providing literacy at early age and preschool education of the highest standards. The governor is sure that the efforts taken by him in the educational program realization provide success for students at higher levels of education. In his opinion, it’s necessary to apply all of the measures which have worked in certain districts on all of the districts in order to improve the quality of education in the whole state. “Each of the districts saw scores improve well above the state average, with increases of between 14% and 20% for all students, and 18% and 20% for general education students. (TRENTON, NJ 08625 RELEASE: October 14, 2004)

In order to increase the quality of after school for little children, a program NJ After 3 was originated by governor James E. McGreevey. This step is very important for the educational development in the state. According to McGreevey, “last January, we laid out a vision to keep our schools open from three to six so children can have more time for learning and less time for trouble… Today that vision has become a reality through NJ After 3, the first statewide non-profit partnership dedicated to expanding quality after school.  As we open up programs all across the state, I am proud that in this first phase alone, we have given out $5 million in grants, for 21 programs to serve 4,200 children across New Jersey.”  (TRENTON, NJ 08625 RELEASE: October 18, 2004)

There are other projects in education on which McGreevey has been working during the last couple of months. For example, owing to his efforts, the innovation zones in North Brunswick, Newark and Camden have been created. All of the companies in the marked zones are going to have very favorable terms of functioning. McGreevey main goal of this project is making universities, private sector, and government to work together, as a good team. According to the new paradigm which was introduced in the state, “…we will literally create technology neighborhoods. In those neighborhoods, research can more easily move from the lab to the marketplace.” (Home News Tribune 9/09/04)

In order to promote science and research in the state, McGreevey appointed businessman Donald L. Drakeman (an expert on biotechnologies) as Chairman of the New Jersey Commission on Science and Technology, and researcher Greg Olsen (optoelectronic devices producer) a member of the Commission. As far as the governor has mentioned, “Dr. Drakeman brings a unique blend of science and business experience to the Commission. …Dr. Olsen’s experience in the lab and the business world will ensure that the Commission continues its success. I have charged the Commission on Science and Technology with an important goal: To help build research partnerships between universities and the high-tech industries – all to spur innovation, bring products to the market, and create new economic opportunities for New Jersey,” (TRENTON, NJ 08625 RELEASE: October 19, 2004)

Another scope of problems which Governor James E. McGreevey has been dealing with since making a decision about resigning, is connected with the state’s security measures. After President George W. Bush wanted to decrease New Jersey’s level of Federal funding for New Jersey’s security measures, McGreevey devoted all of his efforts not to let that happen. In his letter to George W. Bush he mentioned that “…this bill would cut grant funds across the board for all States. It would be particularly harmful to New Jersey. By our estimates it would reduce the Garden State’s total funding by 11.6 percent, to $77.3 million. New Jersey is in the front line in the war on terror. We are one of the 10 most populous states. The risks to New Jersey are clear and very real.”  (TRENTON, NJ 08625 RELEASE: October 15, 2004) According to McGreevey, at present the threat for New Jersey is very large, and therefore it’s very important to finance all the security measures at the fullest. By cutting the federal support of security measures, the federal government could increase the terrorist threat in the state. Only by taking all of the necessary measures the population of the state can be well-protected against all of the possible attacks. Therefore, the governor stands for federal financial resources being channeled to security measures at the sufficient level.

Despite the fact that Governor James E. McGreevey is planning to resign on November 15th of the current year, all the work which he has been doing during the recent months proves that he is putting many efforts into the increase of well-being of the population in the state. Current projects on which the governor is working include projects in science, culture, education, homeland security, environmental protection. Their influence on the quality of life in the state is very beneficial.



















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