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My grandma was a brave women. she never said die. My favourite place to go is the mountains. I like it there because it’s so peaceful and quiet. I just go to get away from everyone and all my stress. Although this makes it a great place to go, my main reason for loving the mountains is because it’s where my Grandma’s house is. My Grandma is the greatest person I’ve ever known. She has had an amazing life and put up with so much, but all of it has helped her to grow up and become so strong and intelligent..

As soon as we got there my grandparents would be waiting on us and greet us like they haven’t seen us in years. My grandma would teach me how to cook and let me help her cook dinner every night we were there. After dinner, we would sit outside or in the TV room and she would tell me stories about her life. As I have stated, my grandma is the strongest person I know. Growing up, she had to put up with a drunken father. Her parents were very strict and she had a hard life.

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She always promised herself she would get out of that town and make something of herself, and one day, she did. My grandma saved every penny and left one day. She got a job as a lawyer’s assistant and then she met my grandfather. They have been together ever since then. Now that I am older, when I go to visit her I get to hear all the real stories about her life, some good and some not so good, and they have influenced me so much and made me who I am today.

I’ve heard stories from her first love, who ended up being a bum, to stories about her always standing up for what she believes in. Today, my grandmother suffers from short term memory loss. Even though when I go to visit her I hear the same story every five minutes, it doesn’t bother me; because I know that because of her I am who I am today. I am a strong, independent young woman because my grandma taught me that simply through her stories. She is the greatest and most influential person I know. not by me.