Last updated: May 15, 2019
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The birds sang their little morning songs as I walked down our paved road. The sun had just come out and I could see where it glistened through the tall oak trees onto the road. Although I was just a little girl, I had walked this path so many times, I could have done it blindfolded. A half a mile away was my home away from home- my Nanny’s house. I toted my red, leather suitcase that read: “Goin’ to Grandma’s. ” I played all day, and as the day passed I think she always knew what was coming. “Nanny, can I spend the night with you? ” How could she say “no”?

To me, nothing was better than sleeping in a king-sized bed right in between Nanny and Papa. I would always avoid sleep by making my prayers last as long as possible, asking God to bless each member of our family, along with anyone else I had ever met. The head of the bed set against the lifted window; the fresh air, along with the sound of chirping crickets, I never managed to stay awake too long. I can vividly remember the smells that lingered through the house as I woke. The white-laced curtains gently blew with each breeze, bringing in the smell of fresh-cut grass.

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I could hear my Papa making circles on his lawnmower. Feeling the warm sunshine touch my face, I couldn’t help but smile and get really excited. I would take off running full speed through the house, catching the smell of my Nanny’s brewing pot of coffee and scrambled eggs. It was the absolute perfect way to wake up. To this day, I like to fix my home up in ways now that remind me of times like these. I still love the way curtains blow in the breeze, how fresh-cut grass smells, and how sunshine on my face feels in the morning time.