The role grants play in the Human Services field is critical in the funding stream. The program which the human services agency is trying to accomplish is dealt by requesting financial needs from government or local agencies. When an agency is trying to create a program to help the needs of the community, usually there are not any or enough monies to support the program through. A grant is a sum of money given to an agency or person to address a problem or need in the community” (Coley and Scheinberg 1990). This is what an organization is going to receive after a request for proposal. It’s not guaranteed deal whether they’re going to be funded or not.

Grant funding is awarded to start new programs, not the continuation of old programs. There will be a contract re-negotiation at the end of fiscal year to adjust the cost and the services.In most cases, if the program delivered it services through, and did well, the contract will most likely to be continued. Grants are important to important to the human services field because client/consumers and the community depends on the agency for support.

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The agency is the resources and support. If there are no monies within an agency to support the community, where would people seek help? I think it is harder for non-profit organization to receive financial assistance to run its program.The process and the logic and the arguments that need justify is overwhelming. Many agencies spends a lot of time writing up the case justifying an argument situation or problem that needs to be addressed. The degree of acculturation of service recipients plays a vital role in a human services field. Acculturation refers to the quality and extent of expose to the dominant American culture. Target populations are aware of the service, and they can access services.