GreeceHistorical General Assembly 1956Topic B: The Hungarian Uprising Greece has a long history of building a peaceful state forhundred years since its formed, from Greek revolution, Battles of Greece at1940 until Greek civil war. These conflicts have experienced us to overcomesimilar issues until now like Hungary nowadays.

This kind of event that ourfamily, specifically Hungary, suffers is also a kind of revolution. Theconflicts of Hungary arose in October 1956, has led into an uprising by itscivilians. The rebellion had success in deposing the government, howeverHungarians threatened by the prospect of the deployment of troops from theSoviet Union, which had previously asserted its right to intervene in othernations within its communist sphere of influence. Greece believes that thecurrent “De Facto” government has the real authority since it has truly birththe real democracy for its people to reign their own land. This resulted anestimated 2,500 Hungarians died and 200,000 more fled as refugees. Greecestrongly opposes any act of violating humanity and recommends addressing thepotential refugee problem as thousands of Hungarians that lost their homesbecause fleeing violence or a crackdown on domestic dissent. Greece knows thatHungarian’s people who became a victim is an important reason why we have towithdrawal troops immediately.

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Furthermore, practical implementation ofconcrete policy actions rather than empty statements to address the issue. Greece, who joined NATO in 1952, also had an opportunity tojoin the discussion about this issues. NATO analysts pointed out that theSoviet leaders continue their unremitting efforts to promote the ascendancy ofthe Communist world and to weaken its opponents. In February 1956, The NATOexperts gathered from the speeches at the Twentieth Congress of the CommunistParty of the Soviet Union that the Soviet standpoint regarding the Westremained practically unchanged. The aims the Soviets still wanted to achievewere the dissolution of NATO and the European Union, the withdrawal of NATOforces from their bases in Europe, and the prevention of West Germany’seffective participation in the Western alliance. In October 27, the NorthAtlantic Council take a place in Hungary to intensive discussion.

From manycountries had joined, The Greek and the Italian Permanent Representativessuggested issuing a communiqué, so that the world would know that NATO was consideringthe Hungarian question. A communiqué would immediately be used by the Sovietsfor justifying their intervention in Hungary. The Council accepted thisargument. Before Hungarian Revolution happened in 1956, Besides,Greece has been contributing to United Nations High Commissioner of Refugees(UNHCR) on giving hands for resettling refugees which led to Nobel Peace Prizefor its’ efforts two years ago.

In conclusion, the UNHCR needs to take furtheractions for helping 200.000 refugees caused by the conflict. We suggest conducting an open discussion for the Governmentof Hungary and its citizens, especially community leaders or public figureswhich represents the nation to create the best solution for their country.Moreover, the destruction in Hungary caused by these conflicts influenced theireconomics and diplomatic aspects. Thus, we recommend an ad-hoc UN body creationthat called Hungarian Emergency Council (HEC). The Hungarian Emergency Councilwill be divided into two chambers, the first one is the Diplomatic Chamber whomwe designed to rebuild the Diplomatic Affairs for both conflicting countries.The Diplomatic Affairs will conduct a monthly regular meeting. These meetingscan be the place to share thoughts, ideas and even create bilateral cooperation.

And the second, we have the Economics Chamber that will be focusing on thestabilization of the Hungary’s Economics, by lending them a hand and a supportthrough concrete economical actions such as the One Week Building Program orcan be shortened as (Owe Build). The program will help by reconstructing thewrecked city, Budapest, which on the other side is the capital city of Hungary. Theconflict also led into humanitarian crisis, disastrous event and the violationof United Nations’ Charter. As we know, some uprisings always had people tobecome victim, not just deaths but also the refugees’ issues. People thatbecome refugee in other countries tend to felt suicide and discriminated withdifferent societies. Thus, after having counseling in UNHCR, there would besocialization in new societies to avoid discrimination.