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Medea is a Grecian calamity which was written in 431 BC by the Greek philosopher Euripides. The narrative of Medea is one filled with choler. green-eyed monster. and decease. The chief character. Medea. has to get the better of the personal grief of seeing her hubby. Jason. marry another adult female. The resulting battle she has with this impression is the focal point of this drama.

In a really of import scene. Medea hatches her program to slay the princess. who is Jason’s new bride. every bit good as Jason himself. She says that first. she will feign to implore for Jason’s forgiveness. and so she will hold him convey the kids back to the castle. At the castle. the kids will show gifts to the princess from Medea. The gifts of a head covering and nuptial robe were covered with a toxicant that is designed to run the tegument from her organic structure. every bit good as anyone who touched her.

When the kids give the gifts to the princess. she can non defy seting them on instantly. After she put them on. the gifts begin to work as Medea had hoped. The tegument begins to run from her organic structure and her hair begins to fall out. She besides bursts into fires. Upon seeing this. a retainer goes to bring the male monarch and Jason. and when he saw his girl. King Creon collapses impotently on the organic structure. and as a consequence died from the same toxicants. Jason returns to the topographic point where Medea is remaining and insists to see his kids. But he is excessively late. as Medea has killed them every bit good.

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Her logical thinking was that she hates Jason more than she loves her kids. The sheer inhuman treatment of this scene illustrates Euripides’ point that a cagey adult female with adequate clip to hatch a program is a really unsafe adult female so. It besides proves that snake pit hat no rage like a adult female scorned. Euripides was taking to demo. in my sentiment. that when a adult female is wronged in a mode such as this 1. the adult male who has scorned her had better believe twice about turning his dorsum on the adult female. particularly if she is a cagey 1. as was Medea.