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1.0 Introduction

This is the study commissioned by GEC. This papers represents a selling program for importing our green energy autos into Magyar market. This study requested by the selling director, in this study, I will analyze the Magyar market, predict the possible market and give my recommendations. My study was to be submitted to you by 14th March 2009.

2.0 Production

Hybrid & A ; Electric Vehicles ; it is a new type of car market. They are 100 % emission-free, holding no fouling byproducts ; they secure their power from batteries, the Sun or H fuel cells. Battery-powered electric autos, besides being cleaner, are more fuel-efficient, acquire better milage and have less traveling parts to have on out. Cars powered by H fuel cells are emission-free, lightweight, compact, and three times every bit efficient as gas engines, have first-class scopes, easy refuelling and are wholly safe. Therefore the primary advantages of electric autos over intercrossed autos are their lower emanations and higher efficiency. In U.S. and U.K. developed electric autos are manufactured ; in series in India eight old ages ago, are now besides available in Hungary.

All the clients can bear down or refuelling their autos in every parking topographic points. A developed and mature after-sale service systems service them, which is wholly free in 5 old ages.

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3.0 Findingss

3.1 Car Market in Hungary

By 31st December 2002, there were 2,630,000 autos, and there were 10,152,000 people in Hungary. We can cognize that every 3.8 people own one auto. After fall ining the EU, the Magyar economic turning swiftly, more people can afford to purchase a auto. Environmental pollution is the hottest and the most pressing jobs presents in the universe. So here is our concern chance in a possible market

3.2 Market size in Hungary

The population in place of Hungary is 10.5 million ; Hungary is one of the most developed states in east Europe. We can establish our concern in Hungary foremost, if it is good, we can spread out our concern to neighboring states, such as Romania, Poland and Czech etc, where have larger population. We can put out headquarter in Hungary as our base.

3.3 Market development

As I mentioned supra, In U.S. and U.K. developed electric autos are manufactured ; in series in India eight old ages ago. We have had plentifulness of successful illustrations for us. Protecting environment is the unchangeable fact and inevitable tendency in the universe ; as a developed state, Hungary will fall in in, so I prospect Hybrid & A ; Electric Vehicles concern for future value growing remains moderately good in Hungary.


4.1 World natural state

Japan and US, are the absolutely leaders in high-tech country, so make in Hybrid & A ; Electric Vehicles concern, Toyota, Nissan, Ford etc, hold had batch production, although the bulk cars are still gas energy autos. For Toyota, they are in “call-back” problem late, but they ne’er stop their Hybrid & A ; Electric Vehicles concern. Last hebdomad, as for the authorities, seting a small force per unit area on Mr Lagardere might speed up his group ‘s enlargement as a true Gallic media title-holder – peculiarly if he eventually decides to sell his EADS interest to construct up a war thorax to purchase new media concerns. ( FT, 2010-04-14 ) we can see that Toyota has got into Gallic market.

For Hybrid & A ; Electric Vehicles, the expensive monetary value is the lone ground which makes clients fear, as so called “Toy factory”-China besides announced that they will fall in this country with inexpensive labor. Chinese leaders have adopted a program aimed at turning the state into one of the taking manufacturers of intercrossed and all-electric vehicles within three old ages, and doing it the universe leader in electric autos and coachs after that. ( Global Business, 2010-04-5 )

We have so many rivals, and they are our good case in point every bit good.

4.2 Magyar competition

REVA is the most celebrated rivals for us now in Hungary. We can see their production and advertizements in shopping promenade, like Arena place, Westend etc, . Their scheme is to advance their merchandises, highlight environmental protection, but they ne’er advert or highlight their monetary values, because the monetary values are sky high for Magyar clients. Our merchandises are made in China, with inexpensive monetary values, the quality might non every bit good as Toyota ‘s or theirs, but ours wo n’t be excessively bad. Customers merely care about the monetary values and safety, which both of the factors we can assure!


Our schemes are CHEAPER, SAFE, GREEN and GOOD SERVICES, which the clients care the most.

Our chief purposes are doing the people who have their gas energy autos, change their head to buy our merchandises, which needs good Propaganda: state them the importance of protecting the environment and the high quality of our merchandises ; demo them green energy autos ‘ convenience and express ; allow them cognize that utilizing Hybrid & A ; Electric Vehicles is a societal advancement, contribute to human civilisation and environment ; and in Hybrid & A ; Electric Vehicles country in Hungary, our GEC is their best pick!


Peoples may non accept intercrossed and all-electric vehicles at the first clip, the ground for that are: 1 ) High monetary values 2 ) Lake of experiences 3 ) Quality 4 ) Safety

For all the uncertainties above of possible clients, 1 ) we can sale our merchandises at surprisedly low monetary values, after people know those, we will raise our monetary values once more. 2 ) we can keep some activities for possible clients to drive our merchandises for free and experience them. 3 & A ; 4 ) we must speak with our supply mill about the quality jobs, we can even pass more on costs to vouch the qualities, which can truly do our possible clients experience our merchandises are perfectly safe!