Rationale:There is absence of comprehensive study on factors which supported sublime growth of China economy and effect of China emergence on world steel industry.This research would try to identify and understand growth drivers (Automotive and Construction Industry, Olympics Infrastructure and in general GDP growth) of Chinese economy and its impact on world steel industry.Literature reviewWorld Steel Industry has witnessed phenomenal growth in the last five years primarily because of doubling of demand in china year- on- year.

In the year 2005, total steel production of China reached 350 million tons, which account for whooping 31% of total world steel demand.Methodology & Data RequirementQualitative aspects of study: Insights about political, demographic and psychological changes in China’s landscape and fabric, which in turn provided buoyancy to the growth of the country in all spheres of life.Quantitative: Analysis of growth drivers, Surrogate growth indicators, Historical Trend Analysis, Linear Regression Analysis, Cause and Effect Analysis,For 1995 to 2007 period, following data points to be analyzed-          Price trend of raw material (iron ore, coke), key suppliers and their power-          Domestic production and quantity of steel imported by China-          Installation of internal capacities ( no of new mills and million MT of capacity added every year, and effect on imports thereafter)References:1.      World Steel Dynamics, Peter F Marcus, 20072.      China Steel Industry Analysis, RNCOS, September 20063.      Steel Sheet Industry and Market Outlook, CRU Report, 20084.      Metal Bulletin5.

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      China Metals Weekly6.      Steel Phoenix: The Fall And Rise Of The U.S. Steel Industry, Hall Christopher G L7.      Annual Corporate Report, Bao Steel, 2004