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A metropolitan metropolis by definition is a big metropolis with a big population of people populating in it chiefly estimated within the scope of a million or more individuals. A metropolitan metropolis is a hub of many activities. It is an country in which socioeconomic and political activities are carried out. It is of import seeing as many regional and international connexions are made within the metropolitan metropoliss. Cities such as New York which is one of the universes largest metropolitan metropoliss is place to some of the largest planetary companies, has many trade activities involved within it that help maneuver the national economic system and in add-on besides has one of the largest mixtures of individuals populating together as one community from different countries and parts of the universe.

In the past nevertheless big metropoliss and provinces were one time considered as metropolitan countries with great civilisations being created out of all that. The ground for this was largely due to the fact that many were dumbly populated and they were of import for such activities such as trade among others. Some of these ancient metropolitan provinces and metropoliss were to last even unto this twenty-four hours such as Alexandria in Egypt and Delhi in India merely to call a few. The ground largely for the being of such metropoliss was the big multitudes of people that inhabited the part largely brought together by the chance of better life criterions attributed to the huge copiousness of trade chances much merely as today where people migrate to these metropoliss either internationally or even domestically so as to hold better lives.

However the modern use of the term city has differed somewhat with the impression that it refers to a set of interrelated metropoliss neighboring one big urban metropolis or Centre which is incorrect. An illustration of these could be the metropolis country of New York which is a combination of the provinces of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. In position of this it could be said that when mentioning to a metropolitan country you are mentioning to the whole city country.

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Metropolitan metropoliss such as New Orleans can besides be regarded as being planetary metropoliss chiefly due to the influences they have both on the economic and societal facets of the dwellers. The metropoliss have a direct and touchable consequence on planetary personal businesss which can be felt across the Earth. A sad illustration to give would be such as that of the twin tower bombardments in New York on 9/11, the ripplings of the bombardments could be felt globally as many people lost their lives, the trade markets shifted people lost money, across the Earth people lost their loved 1s who in add-on some were bread victors for some of their loved 1s back at their autochthonal places etc.

Looking at New Orleans as a metropolitan metropolis, it is comprised of seven parishes in the province of Louisiana. Estimated at holding a population of 1.18 million people as of July 1, 2008 with nevertheless the metropolis itself holding a population estimation of 453,728 anterior to August of 2005 when Hurricane Katrina struck and a population figure of 336,664 afterwards at the most recent estimations as of 2008. ( MSA, 2008 )

The seven parishes as involved by the Metropolitan Statistical Areas include Plaquemines, Jefferson, Orleans, St. Bernard, St. Tammany, St.Charles and St. John the Baptist. The New Orleans metropolitan country was established in 1950 and was known as the New Orleans Standard Metropolitan Area ( New Orleans SMA ) so holding 3 parishes to its name Orleans, Jefferson and St. Bernard. Its population was to quickly increase between that twelvemonth and the twelvemonth 1960 growth by a per centum of about 30 % . The other 4 parishes were added subsequently on over the old ages and holding a combined population of 1,045,809 by 1970 and steadily turning over the old ages.

Majority of the population of New Orleans chiefly resides along the Eastbank as it is normally referred visual perception as the Mississippi river cuts between the Metropolitan New Orleans spliting it into two, the eastbank and westbank. ( MSA, 2008 )

To look at metropolitan metropoliss and to hold a feel of what they truly are about several manners of standards can be employed to do it easier and more possible to understand them. A method such as that brought by the Globalization and World Cities Study Group & A ; Network ( GaWC ) attempted to specify and categorise metropoliss by fiscal standards looking at their ability to supply “ advanced manufacturer services ” such as accounting, advertisement, finance and jurisprudence. Another survey by the Inventory identified the three degrees of universe metropoliss and many sub- ranks. The chief degrees were by looking at the criterion of life, development and substructure. This is what we are traveling to look at in the undermentioned survey.

It is of import to observe that several states in the universe expression at the definition of a city otherwise from each other. However the United States identifies a metropolitan country as being such that, it has to be an integrated country or combination of countries with a population of more than 50,000 individuals and hence the demand to hold a metropolitan planning organisation becomes necessary so as to guarantee that proper substructure is provided for every bit good as guaranting that fiscal solvency is attained. Therefore for the United States a city is regarded as that country with a population of more than 50,000 people ‘s by de facto.

Looking at what a metropolitan province one could compare it to a term late being adopted called a planetary metropolis which is defined as more or less as a metropolitan. It ‘s a big concern hub with a big thickly settled of people of different ethnicities and of different communities from all over the universe who come to populate and work in the same country. Within the planetary metropolis interactions and patterns of different natures are all practiced.

To hold a good expression of the features of a metropolitan metropolis we can look at them utilizing the standards of political, economic and societal features to be able to place them more easy.

Economically the most easy identifiable features are metropolitan metropoliss are the central offices and have offices of big planetary companies, have stock exchanges, international fiscal establishments and fundamentally companies that have an influence of the universes economic system.

Another character trait is that the metropoliss ability to lend significantly into the authoritiess or national gross. This can be rephrased as being that metropolis which has the ability to bring forth important end product into the national grid or GDP ( Gross Domestic Product. )

Cost of life within the metropolis is besides another major feature to place a metropolitan. The cost of life of many metropolitan provinces is usually really high. Another manner to look at it would be to seek and place the figure of billionaires who live with the city. If they are many so the criterions are expected to rather high. This can besides assist seek and estimate the criterions of life.

A large economic feature is besides the fiscal services proviso by the relevant establishments such as Bankss, scrutinizing and accounting houses. If these houses are good established within the metropolis and are readily available to the public so this could easy bespeak the being of a big city as being present. The one-year studies besides provided by the establishments in drama besides if they show favorable returns and dining concern so this can be considered as a playing factor in the being of a city.

Market capitalization and stock market activity will besides bespeak the presence of a city. The presence of this activity is critical as it is an index of a booming economic system within the state, and the presence of the stock market in a town/city will assist advance the growing of that metropolis to being a city.

Political features is another manner to look at the being of a city, most significantly metropoliss have an active influence and drama host to international events and universe personal businesss such as planetary acmes etc and they in add-on are major capitals of states such as Washington, London etc

Metropolitan metropoliss besides play host to many a headquarter of big organisations such as the United Nations central offices based in New York among many others besides located in the metropolis.

The quality of life in the cities based on the province of metropolis development is besides an index. The development of the metropolis is really upscale in the sense that it is rather good developed with proper substructure around the metropolis from the edifices which are really good developed from the route web and other conveyance substructures good placed and readily available all over the metropolis. `

The presence of expatriate communities is besides a good illustration of a metropolitan metropolis. Exiles are individuals whose beginning is non of that state but have come from other locations to come and work in the peculiar metropolis ( metropolitan ) . In New York for illustration the staffs in the UN are largely exiles.

The demographics of metropolitan metropoliss are besides diverse holding individuals of different ethnicities populating within them.

Cultural features are besides a figure. First they the metropoliss are recognized instantly upon reference for illustration as when speaking about Paris instantly the head will snap as to the location of Paris as one will believe of France. When mentioned the locations of the metropolitan metropoliss are easy identified without stating where they precisely are located.

There is besides the presence of celebrated cultural establishments such as museums, theater halls and there is besides the presence of a lively cultural scene.

Popular media establishments are besides based within the metropolitan. Institutions such as BBC, CNN are good established within this city metropoliss be they their central offices or merely their subdivisions.

There is besides the presence of a featuring community within the metropoliss. Sporting spheres are present from bowls to developing Centres and which are capable of playing host to major featuring events such as the Olympics or tennis events among a host of others.

Educational establishments such as universities and libraries are besides immensely available within the city in add-on to other research installations.

The metropoliss may besides be associated strongly on a relevant historical facet with certain events that helped determine a state, province or part.

Infrastructural features are besides another manner to look at the features of a city. The presence of an advanced conveyance system that has many main roads, a immense mass theodolite web that offers multiple manners of conveyance such as ferries, coachs, and taxis is an index.

Major airdromes are besides present functioning every bit hubs to major international air hoses with a considerable figure of riders both domestic and international.

The presence of an advanced communicating substructure on which many a company and persons rely upon are besides present such as fiber opticss, Wi-Fi webs and other high velocity lines of communicating are besides present.

The city is besides extremely abundant with wellness installations such as infirmaries, medical research establishments and other establishments that are relevant to the wellness facet of the people.

Outstanding skylines/skyscrapers are besides present within the metropolis metropolis.

The handiness of installations such as telephone and mail services, H2O services, electrical installations, constabulary Stationss and Parkss merely to call a few are besides indexs of metropolitan metropoliss.

In the United States of America the tube countries have drastically changed over the last twosome of old ages in assorted ways. Changes have been witnessed from the manner people live, architecture of the metropoliss among several other alterations. A good manner to look at it would be by sing the socioeconomic and political alterations that have taken topographic point over the last 20 to 30 old ages.

Economically the alterations that have taken topographic point are that there has been in-migration of people into the metropoliss from all over the universe every bit good as domestically. Peoples have moved into the metropoliss for better chances such as employment and calling promotion ends.

The production degrees of the metropoliss have besides grown, whereas this can be attributed to improved end product in the metropoliss due to handiness of resources this has in bend led to there being a better end product or better national GDP.

Another seeable alteration is that the cost of life of the mean American life in the metropolis in comparing to the American life within the Metropolis has drastically risen. This means with it has turned out that it is much cheaper to populate in the rural countries. The ground for this is the demand for more services by the people in the metropolis driving the manufacturers to increase their costs due to the big demand.

Socially some of the alterations that have occurred within the city metropoliss have seen the addition in people of different ethnicities and from all over the universe coming to populate and work in the same metropolis. During the past few old ages the US authorities has adopted a plan that has been taking people from all over the Earth called the Green Card plan. Such plans have led to people coming together to populate and work in the United States and therefore cultural thoughts are exchanged and we even have issues such as inter racial matrimonies happening which lead to better apprehension and harmonization of the people as one community.

There has besides been the development of better instruction and research installations as the authorities is called upon to supply this for the people. Universities and research labs have been created in most of the metropoliss in add-on to the cultural Centres and libraries.

Infrastructure has besides improved drastically. Looking at this alteration which is by far the most noteworthy alteration in the metropolitan metropoliss the route webs, communicating channels, edifice designs and whole battalion of other alterations have been witnessed within the metropoliss. Looking at images of New Orleans, 30 old ages ago one can detect the drastic alteration that has taken topographic point. Aerial images of New Orleans so and now can turn out that the metropoliss boundaries have grown out there are more edifices seeable and of changing designs which can be attributed to the multi cultural designs that of course are bound to come up.

The metropoliss excessively have played immense functions in other Fieldss such as playing host to universe acmes such as the approaching 8th Hindi Conference which is to be held in the City of New York, featuring events such as the Olympic games which were held a twosome of old ages back in Atlanta among other major universe events. 30 or so old ages ago these may hold appeared to be impossible but with the rapid growing of the metropoliss and proper development all these events are going possible.

The communicating main roads have besides changed within the past 30 or so old ages. 30 old ages ago internet communicating was merely being developed and computing machine companies were merely acquiring into the market on a larger graduated table to supply for the large corporate companies and yet now communicating have been developed making into every niche and cleft in society. Pudding stones are going more planetary as the communicating channels have improved. Individual communicating with each other besides has improved as making individuals has been made easier with the development of portable communicating devices such as the nomadic phones and beepers all within the past few decennaries. Within the city metropoliss these coupled with the development of better channels of communicating such as the Wi-Fi these has brought about huge alterations within the metropoliss boundaries.

International travel has besides been made easier with the creative activity of immense ports and airdromes that accommodate assorted universe air hoses and transporting cargos. It is possible for people to travel about more easy both domestically every bit good as internationally. These has led to creative activity of occupations at the ports every bit good as the promotion of better concern chances globally as concerns grow into other provinces and states.

Specifically looking at New Orleans and the manner it has developed over the last twosome of twelvemonth you realise that the presence of the Mississippi river largely can be attributed to the devising of the metropolis. The port along the river and other industries playing in the part make occupation employment possible for the multitudes both at the port and within the industries which are located along the Bankss.

New Orleans fits with other metropolitan metropoliss by being able to suit a broad array of different communities within it and a broad distribution of industries particularly attributed to the Mississippi river fluxing in between the boundaries of the wider city.

New Orleans economically provides major employment chances holding the 3rd largest port in the United States and in add-on hosts four major industries viz. oil and gas, touristry, ship/boat edifice and aircraft fabrication. In holding these major industrial giants in their neighbourhood New Orleans properly tantrums into the category of a major city.

With the industries located here in New Orleans a immense airdrome that hosts both domestic and international air hoses is located to the West of the metropolis, the Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. The country has a immense web of main roads that run within it from the Interstate 310 to the Interstate 55 and besides the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway that spans over 39km doing it the universe ‘s longest span over H2O on the North Shore. Besides holding freight railwaies to its name and eventually the Port New Orleans conveyance substructure is good developed and hence supplying easy entree to industries every bit good as to the tourer industry.

In relation hence New Orleans substructure in relation to other metropolitan metropoliss in the United States it can be said is good developed.

However in relation New Orleans is non a typical city like many others in the United States and this is due to a natural calamity that befell the country in August of 2005. Bing struck by Hurricane Katrina so it led to a batch of harm and pandemonium that the metropolitan metropolis is seeking to retrieve from to this twenty-four hours. Buildings and substructure were destroyed and disrupted, lives were lost. As a consequence of these many people ended up evacuating the country seeking to acquire away every bit far as possible from the country.

After the hurricane many people evacuated the country cut downing the figure of people as they moved into other countries and metropoliss to get down anew their lives which had been destroyed by the hurricane. With the devastation of belongings architecturally constructing designs have been put up to replace those lost and alterations are being made to the lasting edifices so as to defy the occurrence of another calamity such as the 1 that happened so.

In a sense it could be said that New Orleans as a city is a city that was one time existing but is now undergoing a metempsychosis once more. The difference nevertheless is that this clip it is being created with more punctilious design so as to defy against another calamity bechancing it. With the aid of the U.S. Army Corps a inundation protection system is being built to protect future catastrophes as that of 2005. This system is known as the Greater New Orleans ‘ inundation protection system.

In his book Planet of Slums, writer Mike Davis, gives his sentiment of metropoliss and how they are able to get by with urban unemployment. Davis looks at how the spread of urban unemployment creeps into the metropoliss. He gives an thought of how people migrate to the large metropoliss of the universe in hunt of better chances largely in respects to employment and how the metropoliss are acquiring overpopulated by the migration. He gives as the book says how slums are turning each twelvemonth without anything being done for the people populating in them. This in my sentiment is true seeing that we have close to a less good developed and hapless lodging for the urban hapless every bit good as hapless life conditions within most of the metropoliss.

He argues that urbanisation is turning at a really fast rate and this is go oning at the hurt of the urban hapless with concerns such as the resettlement of the hapless to do more infinite for more urbanisation while at the same clip their demands are non being catered for. This is besides true of the metropolis of New Orleans where the hapless are being marginalised being pushed back into limbo with the continued rapid addition in urbanisation. Poor lodging conditions and of all time increasing life criterions all act against the unemployed and stateless people in the streets of New Orleans.

A good illustration to look at the hurts of increasing urbanisation in the United States would be during the last Olympic Games held in Atlanta ; the homeless had to be moved to make a more presentable position of the province. ( Shawn, 1999 )

The turning inequality degrees of the metropoliss and the legion house foreclosures as people fail to refund their duties to the Bankss are testament to the addition in urbanisation. In my position sing the of all time so many sufferings and subjugations against the hapless forcing them into life in sub standard conditions is paramount to radically altering the urban landscape as we know it. This has already happened in New Orleans and largely was even accelerated by Hurricane Katrina when it struck. Peoples were left without places and basic comfortss. The basic landscape of New Orleans changed nightlong painting a really black image of the province.