Gun ControlThe United States is remarkably known for accepting different views and ideas. Everyone has the right to free speech but It’s also important to understand both sides of situations and be respectful of others whose opinions are different. This is one of the topics that sort of splits the audience a little bit. Lately, Gun violence appears to be a problem that is taking the headlines quite often. Yet, gun control can be a very sensitive topic in this country. America’s approach to gun violence is quite entertaining. Before 1997, people had guns in Australia.

They had a massacre in Port Arthur, killing 35 people, and it was the worst mass shooting on Earth. Then the government was like, “Alright! No more guns!” After Port Arthur shooting, they banned the guns and the record hasn’t been broken since then. Maybe it was a coincidence. In the United States, so far, we have so many more gun deaths than other countries do. For example, the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting resulted in the death of innocent children and adult staff members. And the government was like, “Perhaps.

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….we will ban the big guns?” And half of the pro-gunners were like, “THAT’S ABSURD! YOU CAN’T TAKE MY GUNS!”The Second Amendment provides citizens the right to bear arms and people should absolutely be able to have guns. It’s in the constitution. But what annoys a lot of anti-gun people is having to listen to garbage arguments. Most of them would argue “Get out of here.

I fancy guns.” It’s not the greatest argument, but at least, they’re being honest. Plus, it’s totally fine saying, “I fancy this and you can’t take it away from me.” But what’s quite amusing is that “I need my gun to protect me and my family.” If someone has a gun in his house,  that person is more likely to use it on himself, than to shoot the intruder because sometimes, people can go insane for no reason. So they keep guns just because they fancy guns, not because they think they can use guns for protection. “Imagine if you had a gun when someone broke into your house.

” First of all, nobody isn’t staring at the door waiting for burglars with knives. Is there such a world where you are always ready? Of course not, no one’s going to be ready if a burglar breaks into your house. Here’s the part where guns play a pure useful role other than killing. People go, “They can’t harm my family, I have my gun constantly available. It’s right there on the table.” It could actually be a fun toy for a little kid somehow.

One of the kids can pick it up, thinking it’s a toy, shoots the other while playing with it. Wouldn’t it be very entertaining? But some might argue, “I’m a responsible gun owner. My guns are locked in a safe securely.” Then there’s no protection. If an intruder breaks into the house, you’re like, “Wait for a minute, You’ve come to the wrong house, big boy.” while trying to open the safe at the same time. It is also irony to think that people are always out there to get you. “I need protection because they are coming to kill my family!” Well then, how many enemies do you have? Or just having “I have a lot of nerve and unacceptable tickets on myself” attitude? It is worth noting that most burglars just want a TV.

They also had a similar thing back in the days and it’s called slavery. When President Lincoln said, “Alright! No more slaves!”, half of the slave owners were like, “THAT’S ABSURD! YOU CAN’T TAKE MY SLAVES!” It’s the same garbage arguments with gun control. “Why would you take my slaves away from me? I’m a responsible slave owner. I need my slaves to protect me and my family! My slaves are locked in a safe securely.” It surely is something compared to “Why would you take my guns away from me? I’ve done nothing wrong.” When Australia And U.K. enacted strict gun control laws, it worked perfectly fine.

Even if the gun is legally registered and licensed doesn’t make it safer to have it around. In fact, almost all mass shootings are performed with guns that are legally licensed. A responsible gun owner who doesn’t mess around should definitely be allowed to have guns.

Although gun control is a sensitive topic to discuss, perhaps stricter gun control laws and the banning of unnecessary weapons that can be very harmful can be quite enough to create a safer place.