In the short contemplation. “Guys vs. Men. ” Dave Barry examines the differences between cats and work forces in a humourous transition that confronts many social stereotypes about gender functions.

Barry explains the difference between a “man” and a “guy. ” although he admits that even he is non certain of what it truly means to be a “guy. ” Guys. he says.

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are non concerned with inside informations or re-arranging furniture ; they like to play with complex and luxuriant things to busy themselves. Guies are besides unrelentingly competitory animals. and they strive to be the best at whatever they do. It does non count if the competition in inquiry is wholly unpointed and irrelevant ; cats still have to surpass one another. Many of the greatest innovations and technological promotions in history have come from the indispensable nature of work forces and their desire to execute every bit good as possible. In add-on to surpassing each other in physical competitions.

cats besides must surpass each other when it comes to other manful things. such as trucks or computing machines.Even though the truck or computing machine a cat presently owns may be more than adequate for his demands. he will inescapably upgrade to a bigger and better theoretical account within a few old ages. Womans frequently do non understand why work forces act the manner they do. and the same is true sing the man’s position of adult females. The passage’s intent is to direct out the thought that there is a difference in being a “man” and a “guy. ” Barry wants people to understand the nature of cats even though it is impossible to understand.

The audience is most likely people who enjoy wit. I’m certain Barry doesn’t attention whether work forces. cats. adult females. or ladies read this. If the female sex reads “Guys vs.

Men. ” so I’m certain Dave Barry’s purpose for the female reader is to clear up a few things on why cats do the things they do. The transition is really clear and slightly descriptive.

It explains and brings in narratives outside the chief subject.It uses some metaphorical content including the portion where he compares cats to his Canis familiaris Zippy and how both if they get the right chance will poop on the floor. It is organized merely plenty to do and maintain it entertaining.

Some people may state it is sort of all over the topographic point but I would differ. It isn’t truly a narrative so at that place isn’t a scene or any character development. Fictional characters are reference but non plenty to “develop” them. The context is really apprehensible. enlightening.

and presents a clean statement. Barry uses easy grammar. Easy plenty for any “guy” to understand. but I’m certain “men” would state that it isn’t “smarticle” plenty.

Overall. I think Dave Barry chose a really interesting subject and I would hold with his thought of what it’s like to be a “guy. ”