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Hair transplant surgery is moderately complicated and takes about 4 hours to complete. Since, the results of the surgery greatly depend upon the skill of the hair transplant expert, it is a must that you invest some time and efforts to research for the best hair transplant clinic in your area. The next step is to schedule a preliminary meeting with hair transplant expert. During this meeting, the doctor will try to assess the causes behind your hair loss. Injuries, burn, genetics, diseases are some common causes which can be certainly treated with a hair transplant procedure.

In this procedure, hair from the patient or from other donor are harvested on the bald patches. The doctor cuts a strip of size 1-1.5 x 15-30 cm from the donor or hairy patch from the patient himself. While removing fatty tissue underneath, care must be taken so as not harm follicular cells. The surgeon prepares the recipient site by making punctures into the scalp using a very thin needle. The donor grafts are then transplanted at the recipient site. The density is determined by the pattern of baldness and is often decided before the procedure. A density of 50 grafts per square cm is generally considered sufficient enough to cover any baldness. The recovery begins after the procedure and continues over next several weeks.

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Day 1 to 12
On the next day of the procedure, the scalp is washed clean with an antibacterial chemical shampoo. Blood in grafts is removed and the hair is washed thoroughly. After the procedure, it is natural to feel some numbness and tingling sensation at the donor site. The recipient site is also red and swollen. You should expect the swelling to subside by the end of the week. Redness and pain also diminishes eventually.

Day 12 to 14
Generally, sometime in the second week after the surgery, the absorbable sutures fall off while the remaining can be removed by your doctor or even any other medical practitioner.

Week 3 to 5
During this time, you may experience some hair loss. However, you need not worry as this is perfectly normal and is caused by temporary dormant phase which the grafts enter during the procedure.

Month 1 to 3
Some microscopic hair sprouts can be seen on your scalp. The hair that begins to grow here is very fine and light. As the time passes, it will become thicker and denser. Many patients get disappointed at this stage and start doubting the results of the procedure. However, patience is of prime importance at this time.

Month 4 to 6
Around the fifth month, you may see a noticeable change on your bald patch. The microscopic hair sprout grow into slightly longer and thicker hair. Although, the density is still low, the results are far more assuring.

Month 7 to 9
Around this time, your hair will grow about an inch or two. The bald patches will have covered by thick hair shafts. In general, your hair will have a fuller appearance.

One Year
The true results of the procedure are unveiled only after a year. You will have achieved the desired length and density of hair on the bald spot.

Rarely, you will have to undergo another corrective procedure to improve your appearance. Thus, within a year of procedure, you will have what you desired! Hope this article on hair transplant timeline was resourceful.