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Halicarnassus. The old legends say that Romulus
based the town in 753 BC. Romulus become a

legendary person, however there is a few proof that
the kings who’re stated to have followed him

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clearly existed. shortly before 600 BC several
Etruscan princes from conquered Rome

throughout the Tiber River. Taraquinius Priscus, the
first of the Etruscan kings, tired the city’s

marshes. Servius Tullius, the second Etruscan king,
made atreaty with the Latin cities, which

stated Rome as the head of all Latium. The ultimate
king,Tarquinius Super bus, was a tyrant who

antagonistic the humans scorned religion. below the
rule of thumb of the Etruscans, Rome grew

in importance and electricity. outstanding temples
and extraordinary public workshad been

constructed. alternate prospered and with the aid of
the end of the sixth century BC Rome had

grow to be the largest and richest city in Italy.
The antique Latin aristocracy ended up rebelling

towards the Etruscan kings. Junius Brutus led the
riot in opposition to Tarquinius Superbus in

509 BC. The younger republic become now set out on
its long profession of just about constant

conflict and conquest. at the time it did no longer
seem destined to rule the civilized global. It

became simplest a tiny city-nation, although women
in fact play clearly no public function other

than a spiritual one within the political and social
existence of historical Greece, they dominate

the innovative existence of Greek guys to a degree
almost unparalleled within the Western

tradition…. Greek writers used the woman–in a
fashion that bore little resemblance to the lives of

actual women-to understand, express, criticize, and
test with the problems and contradictions in

their lifestyle.(Foley).girls in historic Greece had
been believed to have robust emotions with

susceptible minds. accordingly, they had been given
a kyrio, or mum or dad, to protect them

from now not handiest detrimental themselves but
from others as well. This guardian, the nearest

male start relative or when applicable, husband,
managed most of her lifestyles, as her