The ultimate step of a adult male is non where he stands in minutes of comfort. but where he stands in times of challenge and contention. This powerful quotation mark by Martin Luther King. Jr.

is by far a really accurate statement that I believe to be true. A adult male can non be judged his worth based on what he does during calm times. but instead he must be judged based on his actions during times of adversity. The literary work that proves this true is the drama Hamlet by William Shakespeare. In the drama. the chief character. Hamlet is frequently found in struggles and quandaries that he needfully can non work out.One of Hamlets chief quandary is that he is forced into acquiring retaliation on his uncle for killing his male parent.

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get marrieding his female parent. and finally going king. However.

due to Hamlets inability to turn his action into ideas. this retaliation was badly delayed. This inability is a consequence of his struggle between his physical and interior ego. the former being thoughtful and brooding.

while the latter is rash and unprompted. The clang between his personalities frequently consequences in the achievement of nil. Although this uncertainness is the chief subject of the drama. it besides portrays Hamlet as a adult male incapable of doing determinations in times of demand.Another thing that Judgess Hamlets step as a adult male is his lunacy.

Whether his lunacy is calculated or existent is questionable. Hamlet believes that his lunacy is merely a facade to discourage the others of his existent purposes. Somewhere in the center of the drama. the readers are confused of whether Hamlet is genuinely brainsick or merely moving. It is apprehensible for a individual to take hazards to acquire things done.

but there are besides times where it is excessively much and has the opposite consequence. In this instance. Hamlet tries his best to acquire retaliation on Claudius but due to his implied insanity. he is responsible for the decease of Polonius. Ophelia. Rosencrantz. Guildenstern. Laertes and Gertrude.

If Hamlet had merely killed Claudius at the first opportunity he got. so he could hold spared the other six lives. Polonius dies because he was descrying on Hamlets lunacy.

while Ophelia drowns due to Hamlets lunacy. Rosencrantz and Guildenstern dies because of Hamlets lunacy that made Claudius fear his ain life. Gertrude entangles with all of this because she is Hamlets female parent and is concerns about him. Hamlets lunacy is unneeded to his end and is a wholly bad pick on his behalf.

Throughout the drama. Hamlet has faced jobs that cipher would of all time desire to meet. Although Hamlet finally gets his retaliation on Claudius by killing him. many lives were wasted in the procedure. His inactivity and his supposed lunacy interfere with his programs and frequently do his programs haywire. During his jobs. the reader can see that Hamlet is determined to transport out his ideas.

but ne’er really does so until the terminal. This hesitating foible of Hamlet besides one of the grounds why Hamlet goes mad. Merely in challenge and contention.

do we see what Hamlet truly is. an immature immature male child.