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There are five major variables to consider when starting a major IT projects and there are scope, time, cost, quality, and risk. Most major IT projects will require a project manager to handle to overseeing of the project. The project management refers to the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to achieve specific targets within specified budget and time constraints. Project managers activities will include the planning of the work, assessing the risk, estimating the costs required to complete the project, and several other important duties.

As in other areas of business, Project management for information systems must deal with five major variables: scope, time, cost, quality, and risk to the investors. Scope is defined as what work is or is not included for the intended project. One example is the scope of the project we are using in this assignment the hardware replacement for a new CRM system. This might include new modules for inputting orders and transmitting them to production and accounting, but could possibly not any changes to related accounts receivable, manufacturing, distribution, or inventory control systems.

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Project management defines all the work required to complete a project successfully, and should ensure that the scope of a project not expand beyond what was originally intended with replacing the older hardware with new up-to-date. The scope of work for our project of replacing the old hardware and new up-to-date system is removal of the old system testing and system for compatibility issues with the new software need for the CRM systems. There also has to be extensive testing done of the new system before it will actually go live.

This will help ensure there are no major issues when the system does go live for the first time. Time is the amount of time required to complete the whole project. Project management will typically establish the amount of time required to complete all major components of our project of replacing the old out-date system. Each of these components can be further broken down into activities and tasks to be completed in a timely manner. Project management tries to determine the amount of time required to complete each task and establish a base schedule and timeline for completing the work as needed.

With good management of time we can ensure that the project will be finished as soon as possible. There also must be a good schedule in place that can account for all the different tasks that need to be completed. We have to make sure the timeline includes time for properly configured in the new system and doing extensive testing. The project management must be on top of the entire list of different task they have assigned to different crews. They have to closely monitor the progress of each task to make sure it is staying on time.

If different task start to fall behind it can cause multiple problems for the entire project. If the project is not finished on time it could end up going way over the budget and make the clients of company that is doing the project very unsatisfied with their performance. Cost is based on the time that is needed to complete a project multiplied by the daily cost of human resources that is needed in order to complete the entire list of task in our project of replacing the out-of-date hardware. Our CRM systems project will also include the cost of hardware, software, and the space needed to complete all of the tasks.

Project management will also develop a budget for the project that must include the cost of hardware, software, and labor needed to complete the project. Project management must also monitor the budget of the ongoing project of the hardware replacement. The project management must pay close attention to how much material costing and how much they are spending on the labor to get the different projects completed on time. They must also be aware of where they might be able to cut some cost without lowering the quality of the project overall.

This budget should also include a little extra funding to cover any type of unexpected expense that can arise. Quality is an indicator of how well the end result of the project satisfies the project management. All of the objectives specified by the project management must meet and exceed their expectations. The quality for our CRM system project will usually boil down to improved national marketing campaigns, instant access to customer data, simplified account management, enhanced lead and sales tracking, and opportunity for additional sales to current customers.

The quality can also be considered by the accuracy in the scheduling and timeliness that our project was completed. The accuracy of information that is produced by our new CRM system and ease of use is another way to judge its quality. There is also the quality of hardware and software used in the project this can determine the overall quality of our new CRM system. If we used low end equipment and cheap software produced by an unknown company, and then dramatically decrease the quality of the CRM system.

This will also lower the quality of information that is given from the system as well. Risk refers to any potential problems that would threaten the likelihood of success for or any project. These potential problems might prevent a project from achieving some or all of its objectives by increasing time and cost. Risk factors can even lower quality of project outputs, or it could also prevent the project from being completed altogether. There are many risk factors that are able to be controlled for this project.

The easiest way to control risk factors for the project is by having an extensive and well thought out plan in place. It is imperative that everyone sticks to plan once it is in place. If your crew or crews are deviating from the plan by taking on different tasks then what was assigned to them it can cause many different problems for the project. When your crew starts taking on different tasks it can cause the project to start going over budget and it can also cause the project to be not completed on time.