Harriet Beecher’s intent when writing Uncle Tom’s Cabin is to get the north to hear the wickedness of slavery in the south and using the evils of slavery to possibly change their perspective or view on slavery. Harriet Beecher Stowe portrays the evils of slavery by showing how slavery is dehumanizing.

talk about how it was going to tear eliza away from harry in which led her to run away or talk about prues story how she was used to breed just to make slaves to sell and and how she eventually ended up dead, talk about how the author kind of uses ophelia realizing the evil of slavery through prues death to try to show how others opinions can change, we see the tearing apart families theme appear towards the end of the book when you see george harris, cassy, eliza, and madame de thoux all together, also by using religion and morality as a way to show slavery is wrong. Here and throughout the novel, the value of Christian religious doctrine emerges as a central theme, serving as the standard of virtue by which slavery must be deemed wrong. Thus Mrs. Bird cites the Bible when declaring the injustice of the Fugitive Slave Law of 1850. And using eva as sort of that good moral christian who loves all despite color. Stowe hoped through christian values others would see that slavery is wrong morally, Stowe also talks about how slavery is bad because it can falter a slaves faith in Christianity using Tom and how his faith was faltering. one of the men you see the most strongly devoted to christ saying that slavery can threaten even of the strongest mans faith. in the novelĀ  he saw Christ and was reassured by him and you can also see how even though tom his being beaten beaten by his overseers he still prays for them, and Stowe portrays the evils of slavery by pointing out the irony in people in the south.Slave masters such as shelby and st clare both think slavery is wrong yet dont do anything against it action wise and they also own slaves but also talk about how this represented alot of America aswell people who found slavery to be evil but yet did nothing about it, another ironic thing is that slaves are treated horribly but when loker and his men found george and eliza he ended up being wounded and they feel pity for him bringing him to a quaker house to be healed.

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