I was in a Starbucks one morning and in front of me was a woman on her cell phone. She was laughing and caring on a conversation in Spanish. She was not paying any attention to what was going on around her. A woman asked if she was in line and then the woman having the conversation said yes and moved up to the counter. She continued her conversation on her phone while the person on the other side of the counter waited for her to order. Finally, the person behind the counter asked what he could get her.

She ordered a coffee, she realized that she then had to pay for the coffee and started to fumble through her purse. Continuing with her conversation, she moved on to the side of the counter. Once I got to the counter Ronald, (the server at Starbucks) said that is so rude. There was another employee standing next to Ronald and said, “What did we ever do before cell phones”? “Things were much simpler before technology and people were much more caring of others time”. This made me stop and think.

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Has our society become indifferent to others needs and have we become a much ruder society? ABC conducted a survey of Americans on a 20/20 special “That’s so rude”; eighty-seven percent of Americans encounter some sort of chatting. Four out of ten people encounter disrespectful conversations. According to the survey, women are more likely to be offended by disrespectful acts than men are. When people were polled about their own rude behavior forty-one percent admitted to being rude because they were busy and did not have the time to be courteous.

Overall, I believe that technology has pushed us into a busier life style. We are constantly on the go and really do not take the time to stop and smell the roses. I believe that our society has become so selfish and self absorbed, we rarely take the time to acknowledge another human being. We have become so enthralled with our own lives that we cannot stop a simple conversation with someone to order a cup of coffee.