Have you ever wondered how black rights were changed for the better? Well many people  helped but Rosa Parks made a huge difference. She was born on February 4,1913 in Alabama, United States, she was part  of civil rights movements where others fight for rights of different cultures.

       Rosa Park’s childhood was not the best but she got through everything even if she was by herself. In her family there is her mom Lena McCauley, her dad James McCauley and her brother Sylvester McCauley. Rosa was sick many year in her childhood and her disease felt like it was continuous but eventually it had stopped. Her parents separated and her mom took her brother but her dad did not want her,so she had stay with her grandparents on their family farm.

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Rosa Parks and other african american children had to walk to instead of taking the eve when the school was super far away from their houses. Rosa parks had very poor education. She  left her past behind and is now a great person.     She was sitting on a bus on day and that’s when everything started to happen. The bus driver asked her to get up from her seat and give it to another man from a different culture.

This day the bus was already packed so if she got up she would have to stand all the way back home. She refused to give her seat and then was arrested in jail for public disobedience. She gave confidence and courage to so many people. Rosa Parks inspired Martin Luther King Jr. to stand up to racial discrimination. Rosa Parks tried a lot to stop racism and lots of people are trying to still stop racism.

          Rosa Parks got in trouble but she got in trouble for doing the right thing and doing the right thing is good but other don’t always think that. Rosa Parks was arrested in jail for 361 even though she did something  good for the world. She got turned of for sitting on the bus and walking on the street, because people stopped using the bus and the bus company’s got angry. Rosa parks was  a target for racial discrimination, because she stood up on the bus for herself. Every day After her husband Raymond Parks came home from work she was required to have no interactions with even a little wave. In this period of time it was really hard for  her but she got through it.         In my opinion Rosa is very courageous for standing up for racial discrimination in different cultures. She also is a huge inspiration to lots of people because she was brave.

After seeing her lots of people would want to do something as brave as Rosa Parks. She tried alot stop stop racism and that makes her very ambitious and determined.After hearing story she can teach us that our skin colour doesn’t matter but how you are on the inside so you should not be racist to anybody from any culture even if they are different from you. Don’t stand up for what is wrong and stand up for what is right even if you are alone.