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Have you ever totally forgotten who or what you are, like in a blink of an eye you lost all that was precious to you, all your memories victim to the ancient yet effective snare of amnesia, the master reset button of your mind. My name is Shawn Morgan and I have felt what it is like to utterly lose everything. Don’t believe me?, here’s my story.If I was telling a normal story like a good day I had then I would usually start my story from the beginning but this isn’t a normal story is it?. My story starts from the beginning of time, I’m just messing with you, you don’t have to put the story down I haven’t even gotten to the juicy parts yet, the tender parts that I just pulled out of reality a few days… no…  weeks ago.     So as I was saying, my story begins about 4 months ago on that fateful day in December in which my life would change forever. I was running to my car at a speed that I can’t even ponder why I was running so fast. I opened the door to that rusty old 1996 Honda Civic with the front right door almost begging me to kick it to release it from its, what seemed like eternal, pain of hanging by a thread. When I looked up from the suspended door I saw my buddies sitting there urging me to get into the car. When I did so, the driver who was also my best friend, Jerry, slammed his foot onto the gas pedal and lurched the car forward. We were all so happy but then, a wheel went over a patch of ice and it wasn’t just ice, no no no it was black ice the terrible form of ice that you don’t even see coming. It felt like an entire minute that the car was just right there in the air and I thought I wasn’t going to die but of course the car ended right side up and everyone was fine…  except me, since I was in the passenger seat I was flung out of my seat, through the window, over some patriotic guys lights that he put on top of a car. That was the last thing I remembered before I flew right smack into a pole and my world grew dark.I chuckled, oops sorry, I was just thinking of how funny it was that all of this mess could have been avoided by just me putting on my little tiny seat belt. I should have listened to you mom, I wish you were still here I just crave the time that I will be up there with you looking down at my children and grandchildren who probably don’t have amnesia. When I woke I was in a white room which smelled of medicine, this really nice lady in a blue thing that when I asked her what it was she just replied “scrubs” gave me some of this smelly medicine and told me it would help the pain, I was just about to tell her that I wasn’t in any pain when the medicine went down my throat in a blinding second. It tasted awful like a Casu Marzu with extra maggots mixed with some Hasma, also here’s a tip if you don’t know what those are, don’t look them up you will be scarred for the rest of your life, trust me. After about 345600 seconds ( 4 days) and about 143 spoonfuls of the “painkiller” I was finally let to go outside, I ran out of that weird hospital faster than Usain Bolt can run a 10 meter on Christmas. As I was saying I was sprinting away when I tried to think of going home, yet I didn’t know where my home was, at that point a million different questions entered my mind like, did I even have a home, what was my name, when was I born, how old am I and other questions that normal people would answer in a flash. Then I realized that I probably had gotten… oh what was the word… the nurse had said it over and over again… oh yeah, amnesia or memory loss. Usually, someone would be very happy and be like “yes, I can finally fix all those mistakes I’ve made in the past”. Well, that wasn’t me for two reasons, First, I don’t just have amnesia I have retrograde amnesia which means I can’t remember things before the incident, while people who have anterograde amnesia can’t make any new memories. Second, since I can’t remember things before my incident, I don’t know which mistakes they were so I can’t necessarily fix them only by accident. So, there was only one thing I could do and that was find out who I was which was nearly impossible, or so I thought.So of I went to recover what was stolen from me, not like money like a normal robbery no my memories. The first place I thought to look was a phone book to check for my last name so that I could find a distant relative but then I remembered that I don’t know what my last name is, that’s what I was trying to figure out in the first place. So, the next place I thought to look was to look at a map to look for a city or maybe street I could recognize so I could find out, roughly, where I was from. I looked into a map but nothing struck me as a place I knew, so I sat and thought. Hmm… what could I remember… wait… that’s it!… the radio station kept on saying it’s number over and over again,  I could look that up… Now… what was that… oh, 107.5 um… WGCI… and that’s in let’s see here W, W, W… aha! Chicago. So off I went to go to the place that fate took its sharp turn at.At Chicago, I first ran into the big city, I could barely find my own pair of shoes out of the massive crowds. Finally, after going through the extremely populous city, I got to the suburb with some weird signs, but some familiar like appleway park and megasoft road. I went down the streets and was absent-mindedly walking across the sidewalk when I wandered onto an old guy’s yard. “Hey, GET OFF MY LAWN!” he roared like some sort of prehistoric lion that was whipped 37 or so times “DON’T YOU KNOW YOUR MANNER’S”. I was about to yell back that I actually didn’t, but even an amnesiac wouldn’t do that because that wouldn’t be amnesia they would be suffering from that would just be stupidity and you can’t suffer from that like a normal illness. So, I just got off his lawn and walked down the sidewalk when someone else stopped me.”Hey,” the person said.”What is it,” I said, annoyed, looking back to see a tall blond headed guy with a hoodie that looked very loose on him.”Are you lost?” he asked.”Kind of” I replied.”You remind me of someone I knew a long time ago, he went missing a few years back.””Really, can you tell me about this person.””Sure, I’m pretty sure everybody knows about old Shawn Morgan.”With that, he started the story of little Shawn Morgan, a boy who was in an accident, and was never heard from again about 5 years back. The story sounded eerily familiar to my flashback I kept on having but my flashback was a few weeks, not 5 years,  in the past. “Where did this kid live.” I inquired”We were both amazing friends like two peas in a pod, I thought we were going to play Diablo until we both passed out, but he never told me where he lived something about the rotten smell and that it was run-down and bad. Come to think of it, I don’t think I ever saw anyone other than him talk about that house, I don’t know if he even had parents.”    “To be able to be born he had to have had parents.”     “I guess so” he replied    I was about to leave when he asked my name.    “Bruce” I lied.    “Okay, Bruce, see ya later, I’m Jerry by the way.”    Eh must be a coincidence that his name is Jerry. Wait a minute I could go around and ask people if they know where a nearby run-down house where old Shawn Morgan lived is I thought. I went around to ask people and got a finger pointing different ways like to the right or the left which would indicate where it was in comparison to where they were or up and down meaning that it wouldn’t matter because old Shawn Morgan was dead.    So after what seemed like hours of asking people, I found a house that must have been a glorified hut on its best day, it was brown like a normal tree, with weird symbols carved all around it in bright red. I was also almost certain that a meteorite had hit it for it sagged terribly. It was a terrible sight like the beginning of a horror movie in which people are cut up and put into jars by a lunatic who somehow managed to get a chainsaw. Yet, those were all fiction but this was real, I even pinched myself to make sure I wasn’t having another nightmare. You know people say when they look at a house, “this is the house of my dream” well, this is the house of my nightmare which I can’t even fathom how my slightly twisted brain thought this one up.     Well,I thought, here goes nothing and did the thing that even I didn’t think I had the guts to do, I walked inside the house. Inside, it was completely pitch black, I couldn’t see a thing except for the extremely dim light smack in the middle of the room. There was a table and a fridge in the middle with a couch but no T.V. Man, I thought, how boring. I went to the fridge and opened the door, inside there was a few weird meats stuffed into jars and cans. I picked one up because I was so famished and opened the lid. As I was eating in total peace I saw it. It wasn’t that big of a thing only just a letter, which said stuff about a kid named Shawn Morgan who was supposedly charged with robbery of a bank and also the homicide of his parents because he was very mentally ill with amnesia and what as the police called a psychopath and crazy. Everything else was weird stuff like how he did it and his friends. Other reckless behavior but what scared me the most was the picture, it looked exactly like me. For at least a year, time stopped and I looked at the paper to the bowl of meat to the paper and thought to myself. Oh… So, that’s who I was.”So, that’s how I ended up here after the police dragged me here against my own will. Also, it’s not my fault, I didn’t mean to cut people up and put them into a can or jar or rob a bank. Do I look or sound like a cannibal or a psychopath, I’m just a normal 19 year – old, with blonde hair, that like the game Diablo, likes mythology and has amnesia. It’s not my fault that I killed them, I wasn’t thinking, I probably thought they were demons or something. So, I’m not guilty and you won’t put me in jail for about 75 years, right?