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This would probably be one of the most important thing a lawn care service would do. Lastly, the lawn should be green and healthy, free of bugs that would damage the lawn. Maintaining the lawn’s healthy soil, the healthy foliage of the plants and keeping the lawn from bugs are the maintenance that lawn care services are doing and if they have succeeded in doing this, they would meet great customer satisfaction. Hazel Case By Kernighan 2. A. Increase or decrease of income/money return from the business.

Forecasting is needed in this aspect because the market of service business changes during their operation throughout the year. Also each business depends on the money they get in return after they make a service. Another aspect would be the value of the business’s inventory, equipment and other materials needed for their operation. The awareness of the changes in cost would allow her to have a good pricing that would not compromise the ability of the business to earn. B. The inventory that service businesses needs depends on which service that they would perform.

In this case, one of Hazel’s inventory that she have that would made him decide to monitor is the lawn mower. A fuel-powered lawn mower requires fuel overtime a person would perform mowing the lawn. In the lawn care service that Hazel put up, she would need fuel for her lawn mower hat would make it work. Another would be the blades and maintenance that the lawn mower would require. Maintenance in the aspect of the power cords, air filters, spare parts and blades that the lawn mower would need if it needed some replacements. C. Scheduling should be done efficiently in this kind of industry.

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Plants, in particular grass, has a rate on how fast they grow hence, the service is done periodically. Schedule is a must as to distribute the lawn care services throughout a period and not leave idle days. It is also for maintenance of short grass and neat lawn. This is racial to meet growing customer needs. In other terms, fertilizers are needed as well. Putting fertilizers are very effective during the day, but it will be ineffective throughout rainy days. Scheduling would be much needed in putting the fertilizers so that lawns would grow healthy. D.

Quality assurance will enable Hazel’s business to have continuous customer loyalty – if good quality service is consistent, then her current clients is satisfied enough and will be hesitant to do lawn care by themselves again. This customer loyalty would also be a source of marketing for the business. Having performed a good quality arrive would gain customer loyalty, and customers would brag and tell their friends how the service is and that it would be speed to everyone. This is a factor that would help the business gain customers and make a lot of money. E.

Maintenance of equipment is very important. Once equipments are not available, lost opportunities will be experienced: lost of service revenue, lost of potential customers, lower customer loyalty, etc. Aside from the said maintenance, customer services must be maintained. This is where extra services should be rendered as to make the clients feel that they are really being taken care of. Another would be maintenance of the one who would perform the service. If the person is weak and doesn’t have the knowledge to perform, the service and reputation of the business would go down.

Hence, maintenance of the employees/ the one who would perform the business would be needed. 3. A. Working for a company would make Hazel’s Job much easier like the Job she had back then in Fortune 500 Company. Her pay and salary would be sufficient and less expenses would be made by her throughout the year. Although, starting her own business can give her more flexibility in terms of time, nice she is her own boss, but has more tasks to consider. She will only have time on her hands once business system or process is established and the business has been stabilizes.

Moreover, having her own business would generate her more profit and income. B. Expanding the business, as mentioned, will generate more risk due to additional investments that will be contributed in the business. It may allow more income, but expanding a business is not an easy task. Factors such as increasing expense, hiring of more employees, additional equipments, etc. Will affect the business to the point that the system is altered. Another would be the management of facilities would be harder. Having expanded, the business would be more busy and would take her most of her time managing the business. . Launching a web site would be costs, but it would help publicize the service towards people effectively. But her problem would be the size of her target customers. Her business would only acquire her to serve only within her community. But if her business goes into a larger scale, it would generate big problems for the business to handle. Also, bigger costs would be followed like cost for transportation and good equipments for the service. Targeting business nearby can be the task of launching a web, but the cost is still impractical.

She can result to cheap for of advertisements like flyers, door-to-door, backbone etc. 4. One way for Hazel to do is that to cut the grass in some way that she could gain more grass clippings. Grass clippings in good terms is a great for the lawn. The grass would shade out weeds and have a more efficient root system. Grass clippings decompose easier than other alternatives. Hazel could lessen her costs in buying fertilizers. Its only setback would be that it could damage the lawn. Having a lot of Rasa clippings would make her be more aware of the service that she will perform.

Scheduling of the maintenance for the lawns would be needed. Another is that she could make a compost out of the grass clippings. An advantage of this is that it would really cut the cost for the business and save her a lot of money. She could also make her own formula of fertilizer and sell it to her customer as an added profit. The disadvantage for this is that It would take time and effort on her part for the grass clippings to become compost. It would add to costs to buy additional chemicals to add to the compost fertilizer.