Along with many other so called traditions in this world hazing is one behavior that has just gotten out of control. With the way the world is today, and how long hazing has been going on I believe it will never be stopped.

Hazing is involved in so many things in this world. There are some groups out there that people have to go through tasks just for applying. Then after if he or she makes it in there are more tests and tasks to go through. It goes on in sports, colleges, the military and plenty of other team groups.I personally do not think it is all that bad, to a certain extent. When the actions turn to abuse rather than tasks that is when it becomes wrong.

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In the military I completely believe it is an O. K. thing to do, even though it is illegal. It has been going for so long that it is just natural to toy with and test the newcomers, everyone goes through it. Unfortunately over the years there has been many events when the so called “hazing” turns out to be a lot worse than carrying equipment.The abuse that goes on within all militarys needs to stop and be dealt with properly. The abuse has gotten out of control within the past few decades.

Soldiers have been beaten left with bruises all over their bodies, robbed, pushed under water for a significant amount of time, along with plenty of other abusive acts. This does not just occur in the United States military, abusive hazing goes on all over the world in military bases. At one base in Russia a man was abused to the extent where he mentally broke down and escaped.There has been blood pinning, which is the act of digging a soldiers pin into his or her skin, sometimes leading to torn skin and blood shedding going on U. S. Marine bases.

The reasons for these brutal acts are hazing rituals, which is just an excuse not a justification. I believe those who step over the line and take advantage of people should be kicked out of the military no questions asked. There have just been too many events where soldiers have been seriously hurt and traumatized. Because I think hazing is alright my opinions on the issue are a lot different than that of the U. S. government.

High ranked officials in the military claim there is a zero tolerance for hazing, but that clearly is not the case; “Despite top brass claims that the blood pinning of Marine paratroopers isn’t tolerated, hazing occurs in every branch of the U. S. Military”. In a lot of the stories I read it was said that officials on base at the time of the events knew what was going on. Clearly some of those so called moral soldiers look the other way when it comes to certain things.

They obviously have no problem with hazing and in some cases abuse. I agree with them on the hazing part, I think hazing rituals should be allowed in the military.Some people say that it builds character and a strong sense of belonging. Although I have never experienced any extreme hazing rituals I think it does build character and helps people understand their boundaries, which is a good thing to know.

My only experiences with hazing have just been carrying the baseball equipment on my high school baseball team. I along with other freshmen at the time had to carry the balls, bag of bats and helmets and seed bucket pretty much every day. We had to because we were the freshmen, and the upper class-men had had their turn being the “team bitches”.I honestly think that helped me realize how important teamwork and discipline is. One of the biggest reasons people believe hazing is alright is because it enhances discipline. When teamwork is involved with life or death having a good sense of discipline is key for survival.

Some of the stories I read were just extremely brutal and seemed just so inhumane that I could not ever see myself even considering committing those acts. A lot of the events that occur are not only hurtful but embarrassing. There are a lot of stories of soldiers being stripped down and forced to perform humiliating homosexual acts.Hazing has actually become a homosexual based thing over the years.

My friends have heard stories of cadets being forced to drink water off a mans asshole, parade together in the nude. Not only do men have to perform gay humiliating acts but women have had to participate in some as well. At some bases it does not matter if it is a man or women the person has to go through the task.

Whether homosexual or not I do not think it is right to abuse women at all. But apparently some of these officers have no problem with beating women, “This happens all the time. Some hit hard, some hit soft.

Once, I saw a girl knocked down. , an anonymous soldier said to a reporter. I mean if these guys just want to have a fun time and fool with the younger soldiers that’s fine but when it starts to humiliate and abuse them that is where I have a problem. It is never alright to put your hands on a girl and is sure as hell not O. K.

to force two men to perform gay things. The story of the Russian soldier is one of the worse ones I read. It talks about how some soldiers have gotten so mad and traumatized that they kill their attackers. Those offenders must have taking advantage of the people to the extent where they pretty much cannot make decisions for themselves.

Kiril Bobrov and his comrades were beaten just for fun, were beaten if they could not get cigarettes, and were beaten if they could not get money for the sergeants. “I was not simply hit once; I was beaten up. First the sergeant- he hit me in the stomach several times, and in the head, and after I fell he kicked me in the stomach. He didn’t aim, he just kicked and kicked and was swearing at me…..

” said Bobrov in an interview for the article I read. That is just sheer brutality and carelessness for other people. These horrible stories of soldiers being beaten and abused have not come to a stop.The events are clearly a problem that not only hurt the victims but alter their thoughts on the military and fighting for their country. The only way abusive acts could be stopped is for soldiers to report every incident where they are treated immorally. Soldiers are going to have to stand up for themselves and not be afraid of further pain for ratting their assailants out.

The more incidents that are reported will lead to more consequences which will show that abusive hazing rituals will really not be tolerated. If the proper punishments are being given the abusive acts should come to a slow halt.People who think it is hilarious to hurt newcomers won’t think it’s that funny when they get court marshaled for it. The proper punishment in my opinion should be automatic discharge from the service. The clear and present evidence of the event should be presented and shown as proof. If I were to have my way hazing would be legal in the military but abuse would not be tolerated and punished accordingly.

There would need to be some specific laws involved with all of it. I personally do not know how to go about figuring them out which unfortunately leaves my ideal version with a lot of grey areas in it.