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Heart Of Darkness Analysis Essay, Research Paper

May 9th, 1999

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Marlow & # 8217 ; s Inner Journey

Heart of Darkness is a narrative about Marlow & # 8217 ; s journey to detect his inner ego. Along the manner, Marlow faces his frights of failure, insanity, decease, and cultural taint on his trek to the interior station. Marlow, who goes on his journey to run into Kurtz, already has a captivation with Kurtz after listening to many people along the manner. Conrad tries to demo us that Marlow is what Kurtz had been, and Kurtz is what Marlow could go.

Marlow says about himself, & # 8220 ; I was acquiring barbarian, & # 8221 ; intending that he was going more like Kurtz. Along the trip into the wilderness, they discover their true egos through contact with the native people. On one juncture, the soft-shell clam is attacked by a party of indigens, killing the steersmans and scaring the crew. This event triggers a alteration in Marlow, who takes off his places, which were covered in his friend & # 8217 ; s blood. This taking off of apparels is a return to nature, conveying about a more crude Marlow. Even as Marlow ventures further up the Congo, he feels like he is going back through clip. He sees the unsettled wilderness and can experience the darkness of its purdah and enormousness. Marlow comes across simpler cannibalistic civilizations along the Bankss. The deeper into the jungle he goes, the more regressive the dwellers seem.

Kurtz has lived in the Congo, and therefore has been separated from his ain civilization for rather some clip. He had one time been considered an honest adult male, but the jungle changed him greatly. Here, secluded from the remainder of European society, he discovers his evil side and becomes corrupted by his power and purdah. In one time case, Marlow is outraged and upset when Kurtz threatened to kill him if he did non give him the tusk. Killing Marlow would non be good to Kurtz in any signifier ; therefore the fact that Kurtz is willing to kill over a little sum of tusk indicates the influence of the native people and the deficiency of jurisprudence in the land. Kurtz does non believe, but alternatively relies on intestine inherent aptitude and his endurance accomplishments, which have allowed him to last

in the jungle every bit long as he had.

Marlow attempts to distance himself from Kurtz in his head, but Marlow besides tries to do himself believe that he is non similar Kurtz and he will non and can non make the things Kurtz does. When he follows Kurtz he stays to the border of the forests non embarking any farther. This represents Marlow & # 8217 ; s unwillingness to take part in Kurtz & # 8217 ; s actions and atrociousnesss. Marlow realizes that the Congo reveals the immorality and savageness in an person. Conrad besides depicts Kurtz as a divinity to the indigens, leting them to dance around him and be worshipped as a God. It appears that while Kurtz has been isolated from his civilization, he has become corrupted by this violent native civilization, and allows his evil side to command him.

Marlow realizes that merely really near the clip of decease, does a individual grasp the large image. Marlow describes Kurtz & # 8217 ; s last minutes & # 8220 ; as though a head covering had been rent. & # 8221 ; Kurtz & # 8217 ; s last & # 8220 ; supreme minute of complete cognition ( pg. 68 ) , & # 8221 ; showed Marlow how atrocious the human psyche truly can be. Marlow can merely theorize as to what Kurtz sees that causes him to cry & # 8220 ; The horror! The horror, & # 8221 ; but subsequently adds that & # 8220 ; since I peeped over the border myself, I understand better the significance of his stare ( pg. 69 ) . & # 8221 ; Marlow guesses that at Kurtz & # 8217 ; s decease he all of a sudden revealed everything and discovers how atrocious the fraudulence of adult male can be. Through the decease of Kurtz, Marlow can break reflect on himself as an person and the alterations that the jungle have made on him. He realizes the immorality of Kurtz, and engages in trying to free himself of Kurtz & # 8217 ; s influences. By leting the stockpiled tusk of the interior station to drift down the river, Marlow is moving in rebelliousness of Kurtz & # 8217 ; s stinginess and Kurtz & # 8217 ; s willingness to kill over pecuniary goods.

Marlow & # 8217 ; s journey into the jungle parallels his physical journey and the deeper inner journey to the interior station. Marlow and Kurtz have similar waies in life, but they each choose a different way. Marlow sees through Kurtz & # 8217 ; s actions that the jungle can convey a nice adult male to savagery, while Kurtz is the beginning of the darkness that lurks in the Black Marias of all work forces.