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Hedonism And The Great Gatsby Essay, Research Paper

Hedonism and The Great Gatsby

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Hedonism means to populate merely for pleasance. It means non believing about the

effects of your actions every bit long as brand you happy. It s a entire wantonness of all duties. This type of life style frequently has negative consequences. I mean, look at the flower peoples, and how their hedonic society turned out. They are all either in rehab centres or have childs running about with names like Moonbeam and Starchild. But adequate hippy socking & # 8211 ; allow s look at how the Hedonistic manner of life is integrated into The Great Gatsby.

Let s take the parties for illustration. Gatsby has a party merely approximately every hebdomad, no affair what. He has dozenss of people come over, and they party all dark. Gatsby has dozenss of liquor at his parties, and no one thinks of devouring anything but intoxicant. Everybody is acquiring drunk everyplace. And Gatsby gives no idea to cost- at one party he has an full orchestra playing

for his invitees. Peoples come to the party who aren T invited, yet Gatsby makes no attempt to acquire rid of them ( he lets them remain, possibly trusting that they ll aid to allow everyone at the party have a better clip. )

Another illustration of hedonism is the house that Gatsby lives in. He lives at that place entirely, yet it s a immense sign of the zodiac! He has amahs and a pantryman, but HE LIVES THERE ALONE! True, he moved at that place to be near to Daisy, but wouldn Ts that be considered an act of hedonism in itself? Traveling to a MANSION to acquire the pleasance of being close to Daisy. I would see that reasonably hedonic. Gatsby has a immense library for the ocular consequence it gives, yet no 1 in an full life-time could read all Os

degree Fahrenheits those books. He besides has music suites in his house. I ne’er read anything at all in this book to propose that Gatsby was musically inclined. Besides, Gatsby s closet has to be the biggest that I have of all time heard of. The heap of apparels is described as being a pile. That, to me, means a batch of shirts. At one point in the novel, Nick says that he

was about to inquire to see the rubies. Now, I don t know if he was serious or non, but, merely for the interest of statement, allow s state he was being serious. Why, precisely, does Gatsby hold rubies in his house? Gatsby has two powerboats. Why does one individual need two powerboats? He besides has a seaplane, which he seemingly flies merely for the pleasance that it brings him. The seaplane

could merely be used for pleasance. If he needs to travel to the food market shop, for illustration, I m pretty certain that he s non traveling to wing his plane over and set down in the ready to hand H2O strip handily located right exterior!

Besides, the excessive usage of money by all of the upper category people in this book strikes me as being unneeded. Daisy buys a Canis familiaris for no ground other than that she thinks it s cute. She doesn t think of what she ll do with it when she gets place, merely that she wanted it when she saw it, so she bought it. Gatsby s auto is another illustration of unnecessary money being spent on a

luxury- in this instance a Rolls Royce. Sure- it s a nice auto, but does he truly necessitate it?

In the terminal, Gatsby s lifestyle left him with following to nil. When he died, merely his male parent, Nick, some retainers, the mailman, and the adult male with the owl-eyed spectacless came to his funeral. It goes to demo you that populating merely for pleasance is non the best sort of life to take.