Hegel Essay, Research PaperGeorg Wihelm Friedrich Hegel1770- 1831German IdealistHegel was born in Stuttgart on August 27, 1770, which is now portion of Germany. Hegel was the boy of a gross officer with the civil service.

He studied the Greek and Roman classics while go toing the Stuttgart preparatory school. His male parent wanted and encouraged him to fall in the clergy, nevertheless while go toing a university seminar Hegel became friends with the poet H lderlin and the philosopher Friedrich von Schelling. After their influence and the completion of a doctrine and divinity class Hegel decided non to come in the ministry. Hegel so became a coach for the following few old ages until his male parent? s decease, at which his heritage relieved him of this awful undertaking.In 1801 Hegel attended the University of Jena where he would compose one of his greatest works The Phenomenology of Mind.

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Hegel would shortly pass his male parent? s luck, which would ensue in his career of news media. Later in life while at Nuremberg he would compose The Science of Logic. In 1818 Hegel was invited to learn at that place at the University of Berlin. He remained there till his decease in 1831 from cholera. Hegel? s last work published was the doctrine of Right. Though his pupil? s would subsequently take their talks notes and print a few more noteworthy hootKansass such as Lecture on the History of Philosophy and The Philosophy of Fine Arts.Hegel was greatly influenced by many of great philosophers such as the Dutch philosopher Spinoza.

Yet his greatest influence was Immanuel Kant. Hegel doctrine would mirro Kant? s. But as with any pupil Hegel would subsequently knock Kant for his 12 classs of apprehension.Hegel? s the Phenomenology of the spirit is an effort to depict the development of the absolute topic, matching to the absolute ideal. The absolute being the spirit, capable being world and the absolute ideal being the terminal point. Hegel felt that the tack of doctrine was to chart this absolute spirit.

In order to make so it involved three stairss.( 1 ) To demo the construction of the absolute.( 2 ) To demo how the absolute manifests itself in the nature and the human history.( 3 ) To demo the terminal or intent of the absolute.

Now the Science of Logic is the system of construct of ground, which together describe world. Basically it describe the object for the point of view of the topic with out adverting the topic.Hegel? s great part to doctrine was his effort to develop a philosophical system that would capture the ideals of his predecessors to make a system in which the yesteryear and hereafter could be understood.