Last updated: July 30, 2019
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Hello I am Milton Friedman, good afternoon and thank you for coming. Today I am going to pontificate on something that has been a controversial topic for decades, but is the most important factor in creating a better nation in the long run. Freedom in the economy. A free enterprise is the best government makeup. The people are free to choose, the government takes care of national defense and establishes courts for justice, and regulations are kept to the necessary not for the benefit of the privileged to protect their advantage. Free enterprise is the only workable humane form of government because without it power of the government and tyrants will be unchecked. For many of us, freedom; economic, political, and civil is an end in itself not a means to other ends, it is what makes life worthwhile. We would prefer to live in a free country even if it did not provide us and our fellow citizens with a higher standard of life than an alternative regime. But I am firmly persuaded that a free society could never survive under such circumstances. Freedom is about society reaching its maximum potential. A free society is a delicate balance, constantly under attack, even by many who profess to be its partisans. I believe that free societies have arisen and persisted only because economic freedom is so much more productive economically than other methods of controlling economic activity. The benefits of making freedom in the economy America’s top priority is that, employment rates will increase which will domino effect into earning flexibility and a decrease in unemployment. Economic freedom brings along economic growth which will then create a much better standard of living in the economy. Those that are skeptical of economic freedom being the most important goal for the US economy are probably thinking that economic equality should be before freedom because it may seem that economic inequality is just about everywhere now because the gap between the wealthy and poor continues to grow. I’ve had countless conversations with people just like you, they tell me that the government should be providing more jobs, opportunities and programs for those that are economically disadvantaged. Because it is the government’s responsibility to help people pick themselves up and get them back on their feet again right? No. The government does not have responsibility, people have responsibility, you and I have responsibility. The question should rather be, how can we as people exercise our responsibility towards our fellow man most effectively? The answer to that question is very simple, the free enterprise system and the free market. Those of us that are heirs from the late nineteenth and early twentieth century like myself, benefitted from the way that our parents and grandparents were able to come here to America and by the virtue of the freedom that was offered to them, make a better life for themselves and us.