Here’s how to get a passive income online with a responsive
mobile website.


No passive income guide would be complete without talking
about responsive web design for mobile devices.

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Mobile devices are increasingly popular. This means that
more of your traffic will come from mobile devices.


Because it’s harder to buy products or services from mobile
devices, visitor revenue will decrease as a stone unless you optimize your site
for mobile conversions.


Step 1: Create a responsive web design for mobile devices:
by making your web site receptive, it will work on all sizes and types of
browsers. This ensures that people can read and browse your website, regardless
of the size of your phone.


Step 2: Use the Google AMP framework: this makes your
website more minimalist, which makes it faster. Even if people have 4G and LTE
phones, that does not mean they have a strong signal during the trip. For this
reason, it is necessary to use the AMP framework.


Step 3: Minimize what is displayed on mobile devices: Unlike
desktop computers, mobile devices can not show everything because of the screen
size. So concentrate first on the important elements.


Do not worry. You will still have a good passive income
online. This is because there will be fewer things to distract visitors from
buying and faster page loading times will also increase sales.

Step 4: Take advantage of popup windows: after someone is on
your website for 20 to 30 seconds, you can see pop-up windows. You can do it
for free using Hello Bar and this will help you increase your conversion rate.


Once mobile traffic signs up for your email newsletter, you
can redirect them with automated email campaigns. Therefore, creating a passive
online income.


Step 5: Use the touch to call: this allows people to call
you with a touch of a finger. This will help you generate more phone calls from
mobile phones.


Using these 5 strategies will help you get more sales from
mobile devices.


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