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Considering a person attitudes and values, one should have to take into accounts the heritage of such person concern. Looking at the overview background on the family means its family heritage in a broader sense. In case of the action, ideas, and attitudes we individual has shape from our own family so in turn to communicate others speaks of your family heritage that was adopted. ” In practical terms, our heritage is all that we value and want to keep for future generations (“How are views of heritage are changing? http://www. teachingheritage. nsw. edu. au)”. In the story written by Alice Walker, she is trying to illustrate how the characters of the family in the case accept and adopt the existing family heritage they have. The three main characters that are of main focus were Maggie, Dee and Mrs. Johnson. Conflicts reveals between each character as to suit the heritage they do believe and practice. The characters showed their different feelings about the existing heritage they do have in the family. Body of the paper:

The story begins at the scene where you could see the venue is on the yard where Maggie, the daughter and Mrs. Johnson, the mother rested for a while, talking as if they were quite and sounds at peace but suddenly the place was change into troublesome after visitors coming to visit the them. It was Mrs. Johnson second daughter named Dee. The trouble began when Dee enters the quit yard which is full of fresh and cleaned air but then it change into somewhat war zone or can be compared to a place full of horrors and suspicious mode with respect to Maggie.

A place full of beauty and painted with scene as if patterns by the olden place with harmony and satisfactions now turns to a place like a set for a drama show or a set place for television show as per see to describe in general. On the part of Maggie, she is a character who has showed fear and nervous looking at her sister Dee, coming over that made her frighten as if she is looking at a bad spirit trying to kill her. It was a flashback of Maggie’s bad experience with her sister Dee which in the past Maggie had experienced a torturing incident by her sister Dee.

Even the scars that seen in her body brings the memory and recalling Maggie’s mind as if the past comes again at that moment Maggie is trying to recall the past about the pain she had experienced. Maggie’s character is a good and obedient daughter full of fear to the past memories which bringing pain of her being. Likewise looking up the looks of Maggie, it seems it is a picture of the girl on the past Maggie value most the olden place she had and also adopted the behavior she had ever since she is a child.

That is why she acted as a child after she saw her sister coming back. The actions Maggie’s showed is the reflections of the past incidents she never thought to change. For example, she is scrumming and hiding, like a child or ignorant girl that behaves the way she do in the past. Maggie is valuing most her past that’s why she acted and behaves as like in the past. She also looks as the way she is in the past. Maggie also behave the she had in the past. On the other hand, Dee has showed a behavior that is not changing like the past. The attitude Dee acts does not change.

She is still a girl full of ambition and great pretender as if she showed to the public that she was a loving daughter but in the sense and reality is not. What Dee value most is her attitude and action as well that’s she never change till the time past. But tracing back her childhood , she is a kind of daughter that never accept of being poor and she get used to pretend in very action she does until then at the new generation. She is a kind of daughter that loves her mother when she had something to ask in return. Dee showed to the public the unreal situation about her.

Like for example the situation of acting like a rich person when in fact she is coming from a poor family. Ever since Dee was a child she gets used to act as a rich powerful lady that’s why she is always making trouble to her sister Maggie. She gets used to spank her sister when she is not given the priority to whatever she wanted to have. That attitude still is Dee’s attitude ever since she was young. Until then at the new generation she is living the she acted when she is young. The looks of Dee at the present time have changes.

Dee is living out her dreams when she is young. She is living now as a rich woman of her time. What only change of Dee is her name and she tends to forget her past. Dee trying to developed a new version of her attitude but still it is the reflection of her past. Also Dee tires to evaluate herself as if she never be been in a situation she doesn’t want to be happening in her life. Like for example to become being poor which she hated much. Mrs. Johnson, the mother of Maggie and Dee is a kind of mother that values her daughter’s identity.

Mrs. Johnson never tends to change the value and attitude of her children. Also what Mrs. Johnson values is that a person who is down to earth meaning never pretends to what she is in real person. Her looks reveals that what is in the picture of the past has painted out of her face. Even the way Mrs. Johnson maintains and preserve the beauty of the place where she and her daughter Maggie lives together seems to be pattern the past. Mrs. Johnson value mist the past by never changing the scenery of the place she is living.

She even thought that everything in the past is a precious thing she ever had until the present time. Mrs. Johnson also is a type of person who is God loving and nature lover as well. Besides she never comments to her daughter’s attitude as she brought up her daughters in the way her daughter get used to be. The value of being a good mother was always there till at present. Mrs. Johnson care and time for her daughters still exist though her daughter’s changes she could still accept them the way they are.

Conclusion: The three characters showed in the story do not differ so much the way they get used to be even at the present generation. The daughters value still unlike differ since the two have get used to be their attitude when they are still young until at present generation. What changes is that Dee improves mist of her attitude following on the change of generation she is living. While Maggie turns to be more backward instead of improving onward. While the mother , Mrs. Johnson lives up her life the way she get used to be not at the past , not what at the present but the normal way she is living.


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