higuys my name’s Mia and welcome back to my channel me as well if you’re new heredon’t forget to click that red subscribe button because today I’m going to betelling you seven tips on how to be healthy first of all I just want to saythat this isn’t like a diet video or anything like how to lose weight stuff likethat but I will be covering things like you know exercising and eating well becausebeing healthy isn’t just about being skinny it’s also about you know makingsure that your body is in good shape so my first tip is to drink water I know thissounds pretty obviously but for a while I’ll kind of person that didn’t reallydrink water until like you know the end of the day when I would feel reallythirsty and get like one cup of water so a really good tip and this is this isa really good tip for me I’m not sure if I’m the only person like this but isto get a drink bottle and you know just a bottle of water and bring it aroundclass or you know to sport or wherever you go because it’s just like if you seeit because whenever you see it just like get motivated to drink a bit you knowor usually I can put a lot more water when I have it with me in class becauseclass is really boring and you know you want to do something so you just canjust grab the junk ball and you can just take a sip out of it and you’re beingmore hydrated so the second tip is to start eating healthy I know this is easiersaid than done but I’m going to be giving you some foods that you can substitutefor other foods that might not as be as so let’s start going into this insteadof drinking soda and I know it’s really hard to stop drinking soda because Ireally like creaming soda if you still really like that bubbly taste you canget some mineral water try some mineral water I know lots of people they don’tlike that strange taste but if you like it then that’s a really good alternativeinstead of eating these kids try and go for something healthy like almonds oryou know salted nuts to get your fix I really do like almonds and they’re areally good thing to snack on and they are very very very healthy compared tothe tips that you’ve just ate a meta full of fats and salt but instead of usingbutter on your toes you can use coconut oil and it’s healthier so next time wehave toast or anything using valid try some coconut oil and you might like itbetter so my third tip is if you’re the kind of person that just stays in thehouse all day just browsing on the internet watching YouTube i really suggestjust going out like ten minutes of just taking a short walk around yourneighborhood you can even bring your phone with some headphones and listen toyour favorite songs but also another way of exercising is just going for ashort run and the small run is better than no run at all so if you can only runfor a hundred meters without getting tired like me I know it’s embarrassingthen you can just get some just get some music and just start running and whenyou get tired just walk and then run and then it’s just a really good way toget out of the house and you know get off the internet exercising is to getlike a really upbeat song on your iPhone or iPod or iPad and you can just putit on in your room and just start dancing around and it’s just a really goodway to get your muscles moving and you know it’s just really good exercise soeven if you just do it for 10 minutes it’s really good to get your blood movingso have a dance party okay so this is a different kind of tip but really dosuggest not going on your frame before you go to sleep instead of going on yourphone like five minutes before you go to bed for the last hour before you go tobed maybe you know a brush your teeth do all that and then read a book orsomething really relaxing to your eyes so you can go to sleep well becausegoing on your phone just before you go to bed is really bad for your eyes andit takes a while for you to get to sleep it’s also not just about the technologyas well it’s also about you know social media and you know the thing aboutmyself you looks worse I’m getting less likes but I just want to say and you’vealready know this but I want to enforce it that everything on the internet isvery edited very over-the-top all your celebrity selfies are probablyphotoshopped I just think that it’s good to get off your phone just for alittle bit it’s it’s healthy for you and your self esteem so this is sort oflike the last time I’d escape but for my sixth tip my tip is to get good sleeplike don’t if you do if you have to wake up early in the morning for school orwork or anything like that I really do suggest getting enough sleep the sleepis important just get your sight it’s really important you’re probably alreadyknow that but I just want to kind of emphasize that especially if you’re inyour teen years make sure you get enough sleep and the last thing I want to sayis more about mental health I’m not a expert in mental health or anything but Ijust know that be kind to yourself and be kind to others because being nice toothers is it’s really it’s a good feeling from the eyes of a teenager sometimesthis is just my experience that sometimes you have to be mean to make sure thatyou’re not you know being pushed around you know a total pushover and sometimespeople make passive-aggressive comments you can make passive-aggressivecomments back but just try and be nice you’re nice to everyone and be nice toyourself and give compliments to everyone and give compliments to yourself andin the morning look in the mirror and just find something about you that youreally like and say it because self-esteem is really important and lovingyourself is important and I know that all these tips are easier said than donebut seriously just try just try your hardest to be a healthier person so thoseare all my tips today I really hope that you enjoyed this video I hope thatthese tips at least helped you a little bit if they did don’t forget to givethis video a thumbs up and comment down below any tips that might help you inthe future or any other video ideas that you want to see make sure to subscribeif you want to see my latest video which is 7 tips on how to save money you canjust click the link in the description and um I’ll see you next week bye