Hi kids,when you grow up would you like money and a job,well then you need to try much harder than what the canadian education says you need to do. Dear judges,dear parents,dear teachers and dear friends. Please listen carefully,especially teachers.

Did you know that Canadian education is failing? Today I have a number of reasons for that. The first is that in the early years of school for ex:k-grade 3,kids aren’t having success in their math and language skills due to the government not funding enough money. Next barley any students that are young have interest and/or specialize in science. Therefore the research and experiments in science will not expand in the future.

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Also the majority of kids want to grow up to be athletes and not things that are necessary to the country such as,doctor,teacher,scientist etc.In order to fix this situation teachers must make school intriguing and more challenging and must make school harder so kids stay leveled with world education rather than staying leveled with the canadian education. Also kids must focus more on studies. As well I think that the canadian education should force you to learn the two national languages because adding one language forcefully to be learnt will be free so really there is no excuse for not learning it unless you do not attend school. In the past the school was organized by your intelligence for ex:the smart people in one class and the less smart people in another.

But they stopped that because people were saying it’s unfair because you are specifically saying who’s dumb and who’s smart. Also you were saying who has the least potential and who has the most. Now I will the mention the few main reasons of school dropouts and after I will mention some very surprising facts.

And when I mean surprising I mean very surprising because I do not get surprised very much. The main reasons of dropouts are because the lack of motivation and boredom also because the elementary and middle schools didn’t teach enough so in some cases they fail highschool and don’t graduate. Without an education it usually takes approximately 16 years of education to get a good job.