Malaysia has evolved into a middle-income state and traveling frontward in accomplishing the Vision 2020 which was introduced by the former Prime Minister of Malaysia. Mahathir bin Mohammad in 1991. The vision calls for the state to accomplish a self-sufficing industrialised state by the twelvemonth 2020 in all facets of life such as economic prosperity. societal wellbeing and educational universe category. The economic system of Malaysia is turning and a freshly industrialized market economic system. Fabrication has the big influence in the country’s economic system. High degrees of foreign and private investing played a important function as the economic system diversified and modernized. Malaysia’s strong domestic occupations growing is being driven by the continual enlargement of transnational companies into the state every bit good as the authorities initiatives to foster and up-skill local Malayan endowment.

Steady economic growing in Malaysia throughout 2011 has driven a consistent addition in the figure of employment chances available for fresh alumnuss from higher acquisition instructions. Business assurance remains positive with the volume of occupation chances in the market keeping steady across all industries. With positive occupations growing predicted to go on this twelvemonth. pupils are assurance in the employment market is high. Career development is a cardinal motivation factor for fresh alumnuss in Malaysia during 2012. “Malaysia can accomplish economic growing of between five and six per cent this twelvemonth via systematic authorities planning. full-blown policies and effectual implementation” . said Prime Minister of Malaysia. Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Unemployment has become an progressively of import issue in most states around the universe. Normally. the unemployment rate in developed states is higher than developing states due to higher competition. Through observation by the Human Resourced Ministry of Malaysia. childs are confronting more troubles in acquiring occupations as compared to grownups. In Malaysia. one of the accomplished sectors is the nursing field where more than 54 per centum of the nursing graduated were unemployed three to four months after graduating. Even though. the stable economic growings in Malaysia every bit good as the increasing figure of occupation chances available in the market give fresh alumnuss a brighter occupation way in the hereafter. these benefits are non lending towards the increasing figure of unemployment among fresh alumnuss either from local or private higher acquisition establishments.

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It was announced in The Star intelligence on July 6. 2011 that the figure of idle alumnuss had increased from 65. 500 to 71. 600 although the overall unemployment rate had dropped from 3. 4 % to 3. 1 % during the first one-fourth of 2011. The steps about the unemployment rate of alumnuss were taken by the authorities and told by Deputy Human Resources Minister Datuk Maznah Mazlan. Table 1. 0 demoing the unemployment rate in Malaysia. 2011 can be seen in Appendix. Harmonizing to a survey conducted by the Federation of Malayan Manufacturers ( FMM ) . there are four chief grounds that contribute to this phenomenon. First. alumnuss are deficiency of working experience. Second. hapless bid of English. Third. graduates deficiency of positive properties. Last. there is a mismatch between the type of graduation grade and the occupation demands.

1. 2 PROBLEM Statement
This survey on the importance of English linguistic communication in occupation interview applied in three factors which are personal factor. communicating factor every bit good as organisational factor. JobStreet. com has conducted an English Language Assessment ( ELA ) trial whereby it had ranked Singaporeans foremost. Filipino 2nd and Malaysians 3rd. This has proven that Malayan bid of English is non up to standard. A study by on-line enlisting bureau Jobstreet. com in 2011 showed that 55 % of employers cited unrealistic outlooks of wages while 48 % of them said hapless English was the chief ground why Malayan fresh alumnuss from both local and private establishments remain unemployed. In Malaysia. the societal and cultural contexts are non cultivating English linguistic communication as the day-to-day linguistic communication. The citizen of this state sooner to pass on utilizing their female parent lingua linguistic communication. In 2009. authorities has made determination to return back to Bahasa Malaysia as the medium of direction for Science and Mathematics in primary and secondary school. get downing from 2012 onwards.

In term of personal factor. it is good for an person to get the hang English linguistic communication as a 2nd linguistic communication. It is believe that by larning to this linguistic communication and finally being able to pass on good in English. it can hike a person’s assurance degree. Individual economic development is closely linked with good bid of English. If an person learn English. that individual is statistically much more likely to hold a more comfortable life. In 2010. a survey of immigrants in New York City by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York found a strong connexion between low degrees of English eloquence and low average net incomes. The ability to talk English can lend to the rise of a person’s net incomes. A salaried professional with good English linguistic communication accomplishments can gain on mean 30 % more than person with no English linguistic communication accomplishments

Meanwhile. in term of communicating factor. English linguistic communication is really of import for a individual to get the hang particularly in a on the job industry. A questionnaire study conducted in 2007 by Abdul Wahab Bakar affecting 234 human resource directors and 102 hiring directors from about 100 companies showed that the top 10 soft accomplishments sought by Malayan employers are unity. willingness to larn communicating accomplishments. enterprise. achievement orientation. teamwork accomplishments. interpersonal accomplishments. flexibleness. high self-esteem and critical thought accomplishments ( Ranjit & A ; Wahab. 2008. p. 61 ) . They mentioned that the generic accomplishments which are most sought-after by employers are interpersonal accomplishments. unwritten and written communicating. leading accomplishments. teamwork. problem-solving. creativeness and computing machine literacy. Therefore. a individual can construct interpersonal accomplishments while pass oning in English linguistic communication. This peculiar accomplishment is of import in order to construct a good relationship with the people we are working with. Besides that. it is an advantage for a individual to hold the ability to compose good in English because there will be day-to-day engagement of composing paperss and letters in working. Along the manner. when a individual is able to pass on good in English. the interaction between people will non be at interest.

Besides that. in term of organisational factor. English linguistic communication plays a function in every organisation. There is a broad scope of concern classs including banking. engineering. the pharmaceutical industry and even vocational workers such as carpenters and linemans are seeing increased demand for English linguistic communication accomplishments. In Malaysia. the private sectors today are non interested in enrolling local alumnuss because they lack indispensable accomplishments. There appears to be a disparity between what employers require and what accomplishments alumnuss have. It is a worry state of affairs as fresh alumnuss find themselves hard in acquiring employed despite holding a solid academic making. A study revealed that 65 % of employers have turned down occupation searchers due to hapless bid of English. which is the official concern linguistic communication for 91 % of Malayan companies. In a study conducted by Ranjit ( 2005 ) . 258 Malayan private sector directors have identified certain soft accomplishments which were missing in Malayan alumnuss such as planning. forming. problem-solving. decision-making. leading. creativeness. critical thought. conceptual and networking accomplishments.

Many research workers have done researching about this subject. nevertheless. they did non emphasize upon the factor of hapless English linguistic communication that contribute to the failure in occupation interviews. This specific phenomena has aspired me to research more about this issue. Understanding the importance of holding good bid of English linguistic communication is an of import key for the graduated from higher instruction establishments to guarantee that they can execute in occupation interview and acquire employed.

Main Aims:
I. To look into a scope of variables that seems to lend to English linguistic communication as a factor of success in occupation interview among alumnuss in KLIUC.

Specific Aims:
I. To analyze the relationship between personal factor and the usage of English linguistic communication for a successful occupation interview among alumnuss in KLIUC.

two. To analyze the relationship between communicating factor and the usage of English linguistic communication for a successful occupation interview among alumnuss in KLIUC.

three. To analyze the relationship between organisational factor and the usage of English linguistic communication for a successful occupation interview among alumnuss in KLIUC.


This survey was design to turn to the undermentioned research inquiries:

a. Is at that place any relationship between personal background and the usage of English linguistic communication for a successful occupation interview among alumnuss in KLIUC?

B. Is at that place any relationship between communicating factor and the usage of English linguistic communication for a successful occupation interview among alumnuss in KLIUC?

c. Is at that place any relationship between organisational factor and the usage of English linguistic communication for a successful occupation interview among alumnuss in KLIUC?

It is hoped that this research will be good for:
I. The research worker. that it will derive her an extra about the assorted factors that affect failure in occupation interview that consequence in unemployment scenario among fresh alumnuss from both local and private universities. She will besides derive information specifically about the importance of English linguistic communication in occupation interview among fresh alumnuss. By carry oning this research. it will besides assist the research worker to understand what the employers’ wants and needs in the concern field.

two. To other research workers. this research will assist the others to add their cognition about the importance of English linguistic communication for successful occupation interview among fresh alumnuss. This research proposal have added to our cognition about the importance of English linguistic communication in occupation interview by stressing on three factors which are personal. communicating and organisational factors. Besides that. this research. in hope. can assist the other research workers to acquire some information in order to spread out their thoughts sing this subject.

three. To readers. this research will open up their heads sing this subject and add on to their cognition value with hope that it could assist them in the hereafter. Particularly for fresh alumnuss from local and private universities. this research may give them a small spot knowledge about the factors of failure in occupation interview. Besides that. this research besides can lend to their apprehension about the importance of English linguistic communication particularly in occupation interview and assist them in go toing and executing in occupation interviews after graduating.

four. To higher acquisition establishments. this research can give some thought about the troubles and barriers that faced by fresh alumnuss in order to acquire employed in the working industry. Besides that. these establishments may derive a bigger image on the necessity for the establishments to supply installations to fix their concluding twelvemonth pupils with working information. Based on that. these establishments may be able to do some program to get the better of this job facing by bulk of the pupils and may assist the pupils with necessary readying before come ining the working industry. 1. 6 DEFINITION OF TERM

There are few of import key footings in this research based on the research subject. The importance of English linguistic communication in occupation interview among fresh alumnuss. carry many footings with different significance. Harmonizing to Oxford Dictionaries. the definition for English as a type of linguistic communication is. the chief linguistic communication of Great Britain. the US. Ireland. Canada. Australia. New Zealand. and many other states. There are some 400 million native talkers and it is the medium of communicating for many 1000000s more. It is the most widely used 2nd linguistic communication in the universe. It belongs to the West Germanic group of Indo-germanic linguistic communications. though its vocabulary has been much influenced by Norman French and Latin.

Besides that. the term Job Interview is defined by the Cambridge Business English Dictionary as a meeting in which an employer asks inquiries to the individual using for the occupation to measure whether they would be the right individual to make the peculiar occupation. In this survey instance. this definition is absolutely describes what is an employment interview. In another manus. the term of Success besides need to be defined for better apprehension in this research. Success is cosmopolitan as it has different significances for each of us. For a individual it could be a general sense of felicity or roll uping wealth or even found a particular lover or psyche mate. However. success in term of occupation interview can be defined as a individual has passed the occupation interview and is granted to make full in the place or occupation offered by the organisation.

In add-on. Personal Factor is another term that is required to explicate. Harmonizing to Wikipedia. com. Personal Factor is the elements that merely related with a individual itself as an person. It is non related with other factors. Personal Factor is described in this research as the elements that can impact a person’s personality and behaviour. An illustration of personal factor is confidence degree and visual aspect every bit good as self presentation.

Furthermore. Communication Factor is defined as the elements in interactions between a individual and a group of people that can impact a calling. One needs exceeding communicating accomplishments to thrive in each and every facet of one’s life. Megha Natarajan said in an Ezine Article. that the higher in the echelon of corporate ladder you wish to mount. the better you need to hold the ability to hold on what the client wants and how you can convey your sentiments to them. The possible communicating factor that may impact a individual is the originative thought. leading accomplishments and unwritten and written communicating accomplishments. John A. Piece quoted that “Communication is non merely the kernel of being human. but besides a critical belongings of life” .

Besides that. another factor is organisational factor that is the elements of demands from a company or an organisation towards the employees. These elements can be considered as the features needed to hold in every employee in order to give benefits to the organisation in term of work public presentations. Every organisation would desire to engage a individual with great accomplishments particularly English linguistic communication accomplishments. It is important because today’s concern universe is pass oning utilizing English linguistic communication. With the correct skills for the right occupation. a individual can bring forth thoughts and bring forth good work that can convey prosper towards the company.


The range of survey for this research is towards pupils. However. it is narrowed down to pupils who late graduated. called as fresh alumnuss. As the subject for this research is about a peculiar job faced by fresh graduated that lead to failure in occupation interviews. This research is concentrating on fresh alumnuss as they are the bulk group of people that failed in occupation interview due to hapless English linguistic communication accomplishments. Fresh alumnuss as the mark group of people for this research may come from both local and besides private higher acquisition establishments. There is no limitation on the degree of instruction of the fresh alumnuss for this research. However. this research is more likely to near the fresh alumnuss of Diploma degree. It is because they are the group of people who are looking for a occupation after have coatings analyzing. As for Master alumnuss. a big figure of them are rational group of people with working experiences and have better English accomplishments. As the consequence. the range of survey for this research focuses at Diploma fresh alumnuss in our college. Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College.

1. 8 Decision

As for decision of Chapter I in this research proposal. it is believes that the importance of English linguistic communication for a successful occupation interview can non be deny. Based on old study conducted by other research worker. hapless English linguistic communication accomplishments is the 2nd chief ground for a failure in occupation interview among fresh alumnuss from both local and private higher acquisition establishments. The concern universe today requires everyone to be able to pass on good in English. non merely within work footing. but besides within interpersonal relationships with colleagues. A bulk of fresh alumnuss who are unable to pass on in English fail an employment interview due to the disablement to show themselves and ensuing in giving disgruntled or ill-defined replies for the interview inquiries. Even though the fresh graduated have valid makings. but they fail to portray their qualities due to low assurance degree in pass oning in English linguistic communication. Therefore. it is of import for today’s fresh alumnuss to larn English and pass on good in English in order to give themselves a wider chance to be successful in a occupation interview.