When I look at the subject male-female communicating. the first thing that comes up to my head is that adult male and adult female must hold a really good communicating. because there are merely work forces and adult females in the universe. But as I think a small spot deeper. there is something different between a adult male and a adult female.

different types of speaking manners. different ways of thought. and different point of positions. For case.

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if a cat thinks that he spends excessively much clip on his girlfriend. but somehow she might believe that he doesn’t have adequate clip to be with her. so that if they are non willing to pass on to work out this job. they will interrupt up really easy. So when two different sorts of people get together. job and struggles will look between them. There are two articles “His Talk. Her Talk” by Joyce Maynard and “Man To Man.

Woman To Woman” by Mark A. Sherman and Adelaide Haas. Both articles talk about the same subject male-female communicating.In the article “His Talk. Her Talk” by Joyce Maynard. she believes that work forces are non smarter. steadier.

more exalted than adult females. She tells an experience of her ain to demo that there is such thing as “men’s talk” or “women’s talk” . At the party that she attended. “it all of a sudden became evident that all the adult females were in one room and all the work forces were in the other” ( 27 ) .

Of class. they redistributed themselves so. but no 1 had suggested they segregate.Besides.

she feels that “the talk in the kitchen was merely. all the adult females. felt. more interesting” ( 27 ) .

She besides mentions that adult male and adult female are both have different types of speaking. “I think I know my hubby really good. but I have no thought what goes on when he and his male friends get together. Neither can he visualize what can maintain a adult female friend and me occupied for three hours over a individual pot of coffee” ( 27 ) . When a group of adult females conversation to her. “is probably to concern itself with affairs merely every bit pressing as those broached by my hubby and friends” ( 27 ) . So her decision is that adult male knows adult female negotiations different.

and jobs appear. Then adult male would disregard the job by making something else instead so listen to adult female.In the other article “Man To Man. Woman To Woman” by Mark A. Sherman and Adelaide Haas. they think that in the male-female communicating. the spoken linguistic communication can function different maps for the sexes.

They did a research with 166 adult females and 110 work forces. and they found out that “female friends study more talk than make work forces about relationship jobs. household. wellness and generative concerns. weight. nutrient and vesture.

Men’s talk is more likely than women’s to be about music. current events and athleticss. Women’s subjects tend to be closer to the ego and more emotional than men’s” ( 28 ) . Women’s subjects are closer to the ego and more emotional than men’s. In the same subject. work forces and adult females would hold wholly different remarks.Besides between the same sex conversations.

“women talk about other adult females much more than work forces talk about other men” ( 29 ) . But different subject doesn’t damage the conversation that much. the cardinal point is how they feel when they talk. “For work forces.

negotiations with friends are enjoyed chiefly for their freedom. gaiety and camaraderie” ( 29 ) . For adult females. speaking with the same sex is more emotional. “While many mentioned easiness and chumminess. the characteristic mentioned most frequently was empathy or apprehension. which involves careful hearing every bit good as speaking. ” ( 29 ) Womans sometimes are sensitizes.

work forces sometimes are non paying adequate tenseness on adult females. so the misinterpretation will go bigger and bigger. That’s why work forces need to be a good hearer. sometimes adult females would experience better even the work forces are merely listen to what they say.I recommend “Man To Man. Woman To Woman” to those who are fighting in male-female communicating because this article is based on the information from the research. Besides the other article “His Talk.

Her Talk” is based on Joyce’s experiences and a batch of her thought. Of class. sharing experiences means demoing the existent life illustrations. which are all the existent things that truly happens. But sometimes giving excessively many sentiments will influent the reader. And on the other manus. utilizing the research informations to demo differences between work forces and adult females conversation is better because the information is scientifically and sensible.

because the informations that from the research are base on what the people are believing. Besides they have to make some computation to hold the result. So I recommend “Man To Man.

Woman To Woman” this article.