Orascom Telecom Holding S.A.E. or OTH was established in 1998 and has grown to go a major participant in the telecommunication market in the universe. OTH is considered amongst the largest and most diversified web operator in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia. It is a taking nomadic telecommunications company runing in seven emerging markets in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia holding a population under licence of 460million in entire population with an mean incursion of nomadic telephone rate across all markets of 29 % as of March 2007. Orascom Telecom operates GSM webs in Algeria ( Djezzy ) , Egypt ( MobiNil ) , Iraq ( IraQna ) , Pakistan ( Mobilink ) , Bangladesh ( Banglalink ) , Tunisia ( Tunisiana ) and Zimbabwe ( Telecel ) . Orascom Telecom has a subscriber base of over 56 million endorsers as of March 2007.

In April 2001, OTH took over direction control of the company and Mobilink today serves more than 30 million endorsers, stand foring a market portion of about 48 % of entire nomadic endorsers in Pakistan.Mobilink ( Pakistan Mobile Communications Limited ) , a subordinate of OrascomTelecom, started its operations in 1994, and has become the market leader both in footings of growing, every bit good as in footings of holding the largest client endorser base in Pakistan – a base of over 30 million and turning. We pride ourselves in being the first cellular service supplier to run on a 100 % digital GSM engineering in Pakistan, besides offering state-of-the-art communicating solutions to our clients.

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Mobilink has unprecedented client base of over 30 million beside that most extended web coverage across Pakistan through an incorporate engineering substructure in more than 7,000 metropoliss, towns and small towns.It has the largest distribution web dwelling of approx. 450 franchises and more than 208,000 retail mercantile establishments supplying merchandises and services across Pakistan.Mobilink cosists of direct employment to over 4,000 persons and proviso of support to over 25,000 households through sellers, service suppliers, distributers and other spouses.

Mobilink offers entirely designed duty programs that cater to the communicating demands of a diverse group of people, from persons to business communities to corporations and multinationals. To accomplish this nonsubjective, we offer both postpaid ( anil ) and prepaid ( JAZZ ) solutions to our clients. Both indigo and JAZZ are the largest trade names of their sort in Pakistan ‘s cellular industry.In add-on to supplying advanced voice communicating services that make the lives of 1000000s of people easier, we offer a host of value-added-services to our clients. To guarantee client satisfaction, Mobilink places utmost importance on its web coverage. It is for this ground that we operate in over seven thousand finishs countrywide, supplying international roaming services in one hundred 20 states across the Earth. In a nut-shell, we speak your linguistic communication, everyplace.

Mobilink – Reshaping Lifes!

Entire Strength of Employees:Over all:( Entire 4500 )Top Directors 75Middle Directors 750Line Directors 3675Human Resource Department:( Entire 47 )Director 01Vise President 04Middle Directors 16Line Directors 26HRM DEPARTMENT:HR Mission Statement“ To take the organisation in heightening it ‘s human, making a winning environment where everyone enjoys lending to the best of one ‘s ability. ”HR is a strategic spouse of all concern at Mobilink. Its function start from engaging boulder clay firing beside it, it helps to finish the company ‘s mission statement.Mobilink ‘s HR section ensures that merely and merely the extremely skilled are recruited.

It besides establishes and maintains healthy internal communications and provides sufficient developing to everyone with regard to Mobilink ‘s ethical and professional criterions.├é├éMobilink will accomplish this by:Inspiring and actuating its people.

Developing its people to endeavor for higher criterions.

Driving an unfastened minded and enterprising corporate civilization where people through leading at all degrees dare to woolgather, daring to seek, make bold to neglect and make bold to win.Attracting and enrolling the best endowmentMobilink has a much defined and good structured section and its assorted policies of maintaining each employee productive portion of the organisation are matched with the corporate universe ‘s demand.Employees in the company are mostly committed to their organisation and have shown advancement in the company. Employees are satisfied with the HR section of Mobilink GSM Company.

Worlds are the basic tool for holding competitory border in the market for most of the organisations and Mobilink is one of these. Mobilink has one of the best HR systems in Pakistan that gives it an border over its rivals.HR DEPARTMENT SECTIONS:HR section of Mobilink has four subdivisions. These collectively work for the organisation success.Staffing and compensationIts different maps are.Staffing program.

Choice devices.Interviewing and choiceHeadhuntersCompensation, benefits and inducementPayroll informationConcluding colonies and provident fundOD and EffectivenessTraining programEndowment directionPerformance directionEmployees retentationOrientation employee communicatingPolicies and processsManagement trainee and internship planSecurity and adminProvides security to all edifices of Mobilink.Employees record and diversionLeave and medical record.

HR operation

This really section ensures and helps others section to accomplish their ends.

HR Schemes

Human resource section is seting its attempts towards fostering a winning corporate civilization and edifice organisational capablenesss by guaranting that its people are able and willing to execute at systematically exceeding degrees.

HR scheme refers to the specific human resource direction class of actions that a company pursues to accomplish its aims.But how these strategies/policies/practices are formulated and implemented at Mobilink. There is a whole procedure behind this.The top squad continues to play its function in supplying the counsel and support to people at all degrees. The HR ( people ‘s ) map ensures that it leads the transformational alteration harmonizing to universe category demand.

Like most large organisations, the development of HR Strategies is besides done in conformity with company ‘s mission. First, Strategic planners analyze what really is the prevailing civilization of the organisation, what are the strengths, failings, chances, menaces ( SWOT analysis ) of concern and its market, and on the footing of all the above analysis, company ‘s strategic program is established. In the terminal HR schemes are formulated in conformity with this overall business’/companies ‘ strategic programs.

Based on these HR schemes, HR policies and patterns are besides formed and implemented. Any disconnected alteration in the market requires the organisation to follow this analysis in order to be successful. That why organisations continuously keeps on updating their schemes and policies.

HR Practices at Mobilink

These are few of the HR patterns that I have learned from our questioning individual.PlaningRecruitmentChoiceTraining & A ; DevelopmentCompensationPerformance Appraisal SystemOccupational Health and Safety stepsCareer Planning and DevelopmentReward Management


After the outgrowth of new telecom companies, market has become much more competitory and employees are less loyal to the company.

Whenever they get any chance better than the bing occupation, they merely choose for that. Which is at that place right, nevertheless Mobilink is cognizant of this fact and that ‘s why they do non hold any formal scheme for sequence planning.Harmonizing to Osama A.

khan the proper sequence planning is non practiced in Mobilink these yearss. They have adequate pool of employees that even if few employees leave the organisation it does non go forth any consequence on organisation.But now due to market tendencies they have transformed their new schemes. Harmonizing to the direction it ‘s non utile to put a batch in the employee at a larger extent.

They do develop employees for there calling planning but no formal sequence planning is practiced.

Recruitment and Choice

In MOBILINK, the activity to make full a vacancy or a new occupation starts with the demand communicated by the several directors to the HR section. The HR section so looks for the possibilities of internal and external enlisting.

Internal Recruitment

In MOBILINK, internal enlisting is done for the directors of the higher class and managers. When a place is vacant, the HR section views the past public presentation of the people working at lower degrees than the vacant place and chooses the right individual who is promoted to that place.At the director and manager degree, the internal enlisting procedure is largely carried out but when managerial place is vacant and a suited individual is non available for the coveted station from with in the organisation so external enlisting is carried out.

External Recruitment

For external enlisting in MOBILINK, the line directors are required to do an application signifier for the occupation in which they have to advert their demand taking into history the budget for constitution and wages for the place of Management, Business Support Officers and Workers. Role profile for the specified occupation is besides prepared fiting up the demand and the class of the occupation. Training period is besides specified on the application signifier.The application signifier along with the function profile is sent by the line director to the functional manager for his blessing and so forwarded to HR Manager. The HR director confirms the handiness of budgets required for constitution, wages and cost of advertizement for the occupation. After all this, the application signifier along with the occupation profile and the budget prognosis is sent to the HR Director for his concluding blessing.The beginnings that MOBILINK uses to pull appliers are:

  • Recommendations from the caput huntsmans
  • Applications obtained from the informations bank of MOBILINK where direct applications are received from clip to clip.

  • Employee referral
  • Inviting applications through advertizement

Choice procedure:

Initial showingAfter a significant sum of applications have been received, the line and the HR directors once more work together to shortlist the applications. This is done by carefully traveling through all the application and by giving different weightage to the undermentioned standards:

  • Quality of early schooling
  • Class obtained
  • Extra Curricular activities
  • Age
  • University instruction
  • Relevant experience

Completion of application signifierThe HR Department so publish call letters to the short listed campaigners along with clean application signifiers by Date, clip and locale for the trial.

Employment trial

Mobilink uses two different methods to estimate their appliers.

KSA: cognition accomplishments and abilitiesThis trial is used chiefly for engaging lower degree of staffs upto 17 class.Assessment Centre: These Centres are used to engage managerial degree of employees chiefly 18 class and above officers


A two-member panel of HR and line direction carries out competency-based interviews concentrating on functional accomplishments and managerial and supervisory accomplishments.After the preliminary interview is cleared people using for different occupations are tested in different ways. The undermentioned direction competences are assessed by a panel of transverse functional assessors In the instance of direction choice:

  • Communication accomplishments
  • Resource direction
  • Rational determination devising
  • Influencing
  • Creative thought
  • Business development

The HR section is responsible for overall disposal of the appraisal Centre including preparation of the assessors. After concluding choice of employees they have to undergo for 3 months prohibition period.


Mobilink has a really good organized and good established HR section that patterns all the HR schemes which are good for the organisation. HR section is empowered to develop and be after what so of all time is required for the company.Orientation and initiation is required for employee familiarisation with the organisation and Mobilink is good cognizant of this fact.

HR section is responsible to carry on orientation where they are informed about major policy and processs, and are introduced with their related sections. It may be of 1 to 2 yearss.


At MOBILINK, there is a uninterrupted appraisal of the proficient and managerial accomplishments. For the farther sweetening of these accomplishments formal preparation programmes offered at all degrees. The employees are provided with chances to set these accomplishments into pattern, in readying for the move to a managerial function.The employees are trained sporadically largely locally and seldom abroad harmonizing to demands. The aim of such preparation is to upgrade the capablenesss of employees.

If an employee attends an abroad preparation so he/she has to function the company for a certain period after the day of the month of completion of developing capable to the cost and continuance of developing itself. In instance an employee leaves the company during this period he/she will hold to pay the sum specified at that point in clip.

Training Need Analysis

At Mobilink line director who is in touch with the employees throughout twelvemonth decides to whom and what type of preparation should be givenSome employees voluntarily inquire for the preparation so they are served harmonizing to first come foremost in footingIf the company decides any preparation that is necessary for all employees of the organisation so they are chosen harmonizing to quota base system i.e. some employees are chosen from every squad.

Training Methods

  • On Job Training
  • Particular Training Sessions
  • Refresher Courses

Types of Training in Mobilink

  • On a general footing the preparation done in Mobilink can be divided into two classs:
  • Soft accomplishment preparation
  • Technical Training

Soft Skill Training

These are the basic accomplishments that Helps their employees develop a stronger base of cognition on subjects that affect their personal lives can do them more productive and less distracted in their occupations.This may include the undermentioned things for e.


  • Conflict direction preparation
  • Negotiation accomplishments
  • Communication accomplishments
  • Anger direction
  • Microsoft office ( excel ) .

Technical Training

This type of preparation has direct consequence on the occupation of the employee. Specific accomplishments are focused and developed consequently. It may include

  • Customer Services preparation
  • Gross saless related preparation
  • Marketing and engineering preparation etc.

Training rating

Mobilink apply station preparation method to measure their employees.Trainer and trainee both give their feedback sing the preparation.

Performance Appraisal

Performance Review:At MOBILINK a reappraisal is intended to be an unfastened and blunt treatment between an employee and their Team Leader/Manager. By and large there are two elements: foremost is the component in which treatment takes topographic point over the strengths and countries which need to be developed as displayed by the occupation holder over the past 12 months. The public presentation is of class judged comparing the public presentation against the nucleus indexs of Job. The 2nd component is concerned with discoursing the preparation needs/inputs activities that are considered to be appropriate to assist the jobholder overcome some of development countries discussed in the reappraisal and besides those activities that are deemed appropriate to construct upon their current strengths.

Beginnings of Performance Appraisal

At MOBILINK the primary beginnings of public presentation assessment are the directors and secondary beginnings are employees themselves.Feedback:Workers at MOBILINK are informed of their public presentation and given the chance to show their sentiment over their ain degree of public presentation against each competency. This serves the undermentioned two chief intents:It enables the referee to redefine whether the initial appraisal was right, as fortunes may be that the referee is incognizant of.By inquiring the worker what he sees to be his ain strengths and development countries frequently help to cut down negative responses and makes be aftering developing needs/inputs activities easier if the individual is able to show for himself the countries in which he feels he can better.


DEVELOPMENT:Mobilink faces much competition in the telecom industry so now they are concentrating on calling Management of their employees in which they enable the employees to better understand and develop their calling accomplishments and involvements and to utilize these accomplishments and involvements most efficaciously both within the company and after they leave the house. Career planning is the deliberate procedure through which person becomes cognizant of personal accomplishments, involvements knowledge, motive, and other features ; acquires information about other chances and picks ; identifies career related ends and establishes action programs to achieve specific ends. Career development is the womb-to-tomb series of activities ( such as workshops ) that contributes to a individual calling geographic expedition and constitution.Mobilink gives publicity to their employees on the public presentation footing. The Mobilink HR section develops the employee ‘s calling development programs in which the HR section predicts the following logical measure for their employees within five old ages.

Promotion Policies

The new company construction is in five beds, consisting associates, specializers, directors, managers and main officers — — — in that order get downing from the underside and working towards the top round of the ladder.Until approved otherwise, it would be compulsory for the employees to pass the undermentioned maximal period at each degree before a publicity to the following degree depending upon handiness of a slot:Associate 3-4 old agesSpecialist 3-4 old agesManager 2-3 old agesDirector Harmonizing to the president determinationChiefs Harmonizing to the president determinationHowever, employees who may non acquire a opportunity of publicity due to the non handiness of an bing slot, will be compensated by being “ moved over ” with in the new salary scope specified by the companyReward System:MOBILINK considers its employees non merely as a cost but besides as a resource in which the company has invested from which it expects valuable returns. Pay policies and plans are one of the most of import human resource tools for promoting desired employee behaviours.

The advantage of paying above the market norm is the ability to pull and retain the top endowment available, which can interpret into extremely effectual and productive work force.Compensation and benefit programs:Mobilink has a separate section for compensation. That section trades in staffing and compensation planning. First of all this section has all the information sing who is being employed and how he is executing.

What so of all time promises are made to the employees, they know that. So it ‘s easy for them to plan compensation programs because they know every employee who is being hired.Compensation and benefit programs are peculiarly based on public presentation. If public presentation is up to the criterions of Mobilink and the employee has good behaviors he is rewarded. After public presentation rating, consequences are rechecked and matched with the criterions. Based on that, proper compensation programs are designed.


In MOBILINK publicities are based on the virtue and senior status ( experience ) footing. The 1 who performs good systematically over clip gets reward in the signifier of publicity.


The employee may have 1 to 3 month fillip topic to rating of complete aims.In Mobilink the wages system is based on the single public presentation and single employee public presentation is judged for the wages. The director of several sections recommends a campaigner from his subdivision for the wages intent to HR.Reward Categories at MobilinkIntrinsic and Extrinsic wagess include:

  • Delegating Smart/Quality work
  • Targets accomplishments
  • Particular assignments
  • Life insurance
  • Vacations
  • Resettlement
  • Diversion
  • Club rank
  • Education aid policy
  • Mobile phone
  • Official Blackberry Policy

Health & A ; Safety Policies

The safety of employees is everyone ‘s duty.There is no demand for such steps at Mobilink as upper limit occupations do non expose you to the wellness jeopardies and are non such that require safety steps.

However, there is a inclination of being safe in every homo and that shows when you visit some Mobilink officer to run into person of a high appellation degree. You need to carry through assorted safety steps. There is proper First Aid Kit will be available at all Mobilink Offices.Motivation:At Mobilink we believe that our employees are our greatest strength. We believe development of our employees into well- rounded professional equipped with entrepreneurial accomplishments who are adaptable, proactive, articulate, efficient, and responsible.

A figure of enterprises have been put in topographic point to accomplish these ends.The company recognizes the importance of doing people drive towards their ends and the basic measure towards this is made through acknowledging the value of importance that the company gives to its employees. MOBILINK believes that the employees are the valuable assets for them.Some of the major motivational tools that Mobilink apply are given belowBonussMedical AllowanceAwardsInsurance policyCell phone ; A ; free air clipRecreational suitesInterrupt out suitesTrainingOffice ornamentTrips agreement ; A ; athleticss hebdomad.


Every organisation aims to do its ego as profitable. Mobilink has left no rock unturned to do its organisation profitable. Mobilink has a strong HR system.

It has been finishing all the demands of the organisation, assisting and promoting its employees at every pes measure either by fiscal or non fiscal manner. That is why it is standing as market leader in telecom industry in Pakistan. As we interviewed one of the employee of this organisation and felt there was no much disagreement in what direction says, what policies province and what employees say. 90 % of the times they were same.