Why this headline? It ‘s because I wanted an attention-getting headline, and because I want to speak about my avocation: Home Exchange.

I want to get down with a few facts of Home Exchange [ PUNCTUATION ] like what is Home Exchange, how old is the construct of Home Exchange and so on. I besides want to state you, [ PUNCTUATION ] why my married woman and I have decided to utilize Home Exchange. What sort of ideas did we have in the beginning? What are the pros and cons? And eventually I want to talk a small about topographic points we have seen, and people we have met.

Let me foremost explain what Home Exchange is?

To set it briefly: Home Exchange is a holiday option where two households agree to trade places for a holiday. That ‘s it!How does it work?Let me cite homeexchange.com:It ‘s every bit easy as 1-2-3

  1. Click on a state or province where you want to travel.
  2. Click on an interesting List
  3. Send a privateness protected electronic mail to that naming straight from the site

But of class, it ‘s non that simple!The first thing you have to make, [ PUNCTUATION ] is to fall in homeexchange.com, and put a listing on the cyberspace. Joining homeexchange.com will be about you 900 dkk.

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[ convention for currency ] for one twelvemonth. The listing is a sort of advertizement for your house or flat. It consists of information about your place such as the figure of people in your fam­ily, how many dormant topographic points etc. , and your penchants to [ med hensyn til ] where and when you want to go. Most people besides adds images to the listing.You have to make a batch of considerations about your pick of finish. Where do you desire to travel to? When are you be aftering to go? How long a journey can you afford? But for us, all these ideas and feelings are a pleasant portion of our following holiday.

homeexchange.com is merely one of several sites on the cyberspace, where it is possible to do exchanges. There is no peculiar ground for us to utilize homeexchange.com. It was merely the first site we found on the internet. , and it has worked good.Homeexchange.

com was started in 1992 by devouring place exchange partisans. [ Same phrase found on several sites. SHJ ] At the minute there are 30937 listings from 129 states.

In Denmark there are 608 members.

What sort of ideas did we have before we both accepted the thought of trading places?

The first clip I mentioned the thought for my married woman, she rejected it loud and clearly. “I wo n’t hold any aliens running about in my house. Forget it! ! ” She besides had ideas about such thing as “Is my house clean plenty? ” , “What do people believe about the manner we are populating? ” But after some lobbying, she easy ac­cepted the thought.

What are the benefits in trading places?

Many people are believing the biggest benefit will be the money they can salvage, and that ex­pectation is surely realized, with nest eggs of 1000s of dollars on hotels, autos and repasts, and that it was the chief ground for us to fall in Home Exchange. But after making Home Ex­change for six old ages, we have realized that the greatest progress is n’t the saved money. There are a batch of other benefits.

I merely want to advert a few.

  • You get a much closer expression at other civilizations. You get a “ feel ” for the topographic points you visit.
  • You are run intoing the locals alternatively of other tourers
  • When you are making a place exchange, your place is being cared for while you ‘re off
  • You have more flexibleness and freedom. You can fix repasts at place, and come and travel as we please.

  • You ‘ve got more privateness compared to remaining in a hotel or Bed & A ; Bedfast
  • If you have kids, and you are trading place with another household with kids, your kids will hold a to the full functional rumpus room alternatively of a dead deadening hotel room
  • You reside in a well equipped house with all it amenities, compared to remaining in a hotel

If I had to advert one and merely one good thing, it would be the freedom. Having a place with all its facili­ties as a base, with the possibility to go around in the state for one or more yearss, and returning to that base is for me the greatest advantage in trading places.

Some experiences

Below are some samples of intriguing topographic points and peoples we have met on our holidaies, that have made a good feeling on both me and my married woman. I believe the topographic points speaks for it selves, and sing the people, the ground for adverting them, is non merely the people themselves, but besides the good story or implicative expe­riences we had with them.

  • Sing the great rocks of Stonehenge standing on the bare field
  • Walking along Loch Ness in a foggy conditions
  • Meeting a police officer in Sarasota, Florida who had left New York shortly before 9/11 2001
  • Visiting a about 80 old ages old adult male who left Denmark as a kid
  • Diving in Great Barrier Reef
  • Siting in a park in Philadelphia reading a good book, while female parents are run intoing, kids are play­ing, and immature people are kiping
  • Meeting a voluntary fireman in Waterlooville, South England

We have exchanges home six times now. We have visited USA two times, South England, Belgium, Scotland, Australia. This twelvemonth we are one time once more traveling USA. This clip our finish is Arizona.Finally I want to stop the presentation of my passion with a good known phrase, some would state a worn pla­titude, by Hans Christian Andersen:

“ To go is to populate ”