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In today’s society homosexuality is becoming more accepted. You see homosexuals coming out and feeling more comfortable in their skin and why shouldn’t they? They have no reason to hide who they are because they live in America where you have the freedom to choose. Being homosexual for most people is not a choice it comes from ones different genetic characteristics. Hollywood fully embraces homosexuality. I believe Hollywood has made an impact on most of America’s perception of homosexuality. Some people have become comfortable adopting the idea that legalizing gay marriage isn’t so bad.

They also believe that it has nothing to do with how one walks, talks, or dresses but that homosexuals should be treated as equals because we are all human. It’s not hurting anyone and people are going to form their own opinions anyway. I believe homosexuals have the equal right to be married like everyone else. Keeping gay marriage illegal violates the Due Process clause of the Fifth Amendment, and last but not least denying gays the right to marriage also denies them federal benefits such as healthcare, social security, disability insurance, spousal benefits etc.

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If gay marriage is legalized many people will not be happy. This is because so many people feel that being homosexual is not natural, and is a sin against God as it states in the 10 commandments. Also to back this up written in the bible Leviticus verses 18:22 says “Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman; it is a detestable sin. ” Can any of this be proven? It can very well be theory. Who is to say that all 10 commandments are and should be practiced in today’s society?

If one takes a good look at America, one will see that no one really follows the 10 commandments. Even though they are the basis of our legal system every single person in our society has committed if not one but all 10 commandments. I’m sure religious people would agree as well, but now it becomes a problem when same sex genders want to get married because it’s a sin and is against the 10 commandments. Not everyone is religious and not everyone follows the 10 commandments. If that is the case everything man does in the 21st century is a sin against God.

For example the 2nd commandments forbids the worship of icons, images, or other man made symbolisms this is a sin that more than half of Americans have committed every year repeated since the show American Idol came out. In which the name speaks for itself. Most people feel the reason as to why gay marriage should be illegal is because if legalized, it will encourage people to be gay; furthermore, that it will corrupt and degrade the institution of marriage. Some men and women feel that marriage is something that should only be between a woman and man.

If two men can elope, the traditional marriage some feel would be meaningless allowing homosexuals to share that same opportunity and be united as one. How could anyone be so inhumane to deny a human being an equal right of marriage that all Americans should have? This matter should not have to be taken to Capitol Hill and be voted on in order for two same sex human beings to get married when marriage is already legal for heterosexuals that are also human beings. My point is simply that we are all human and should be treated as such with equality for all no matter color or religion.

It should not affect anyone else’s outlook on the person as far as who one is on the inside or who they fall in love with. If they are being denied the right to get married to whomever they fall in love with, it’s denying one’s civil rights. Since gay marriage is not legal across America, homosexual partners are denied benefits. Such as medical, dental, social security, spousal benefits etc. This does not benefit anyone that is against homosexuality. It clearly shows that there is a double standard in our society when it comes to heterosexuals and homosexuals and legal rights. In today’s economic environment, it often takes two incomes to live. A married couple shares rent, utilities, and other bills, which are often difficult for one person to take on alone. This is especially truly if a dependent person is involved such as a child. In addition, a married couple can often financially support each other when times get tough, such as when one of the two is out of work. The other can continue to pay the bills until the unemployed person gets back on his/her feet.

Owning a home is often impossible without another person to share the financial burden, and owning a home is not only part of the American dream, it promotes stability and community pride. ” The only thing that should matter in marriage is love. Heterosexuals divorce at a rate of 50 percent. It almost seems as though one no longer works to stay together and stay committed in a marriage in today‘s society. Homosexuals long for sharing the experiences that heterosexuals do in marriage and want to marry who they love for the same reason.

To live the rest of their lives with that person, to share the ups and downs of life together, and until death do they part. Denying marriage to a homosexual is no different than denying marriage to an African American or Hispanic. America is supposed to protect Americans from being treated unfairly which is why we have the Bill of Rights and equal protection amendments. We should all be past discrimination in what is considered a free America. God loves everyone and sees no person greater or better than the other so why should we judge anyone? We can’t. ” Judge not lest you be judged. ”