“We expect to be opening our newest centre in Causeway bay which has the largest staff of any centre. They will supply the greatest service and suited advices of gym to our members. assisting them acquire fit faster and remain fit longer. I believe that it would be the best and one of a sort secondary school in Hong Kong. ” said Joyce Ng. Chief executive officer of Hong Kong Fitness. “We are pleased to be the invitees of thread film editing and have chance to see this 1.

000 square-meter gym. ” said by James Lane and Betty Tang. After address. visitants can see the installations and fall in free yoga categories.The centre has dedicated countries for preparation and yoga categories.

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Visitors can besides seek advanced electronic fittingness equipment out. such as running machine and exercising motorcycle. The newest centre provides over 18 preparation and yoga categories.

such as jazzercise. pugilism and dance categories. opening 24hours a twenty-four hours. 7 yearss a hebdomad.

It is convenient to people who are busy in the daylight. Personal preparation. nutrition and wellness attention planning. baby sitting services are besides available.About Hong Kong FitnessEstablished in April.

2010. Hong Kong Fitness is the most popular fittingness nine in Asia and soon has over 188 locations in 15 Asiatic metropoliss. The mission of Hong Kong Fitness is to advance wellness and health in the community. Hong Kong Fitness non merely offers a assortment of wellness and fittingness plans. but besides has advanced electronic fittingness equipment in order to assist its members to acquire fit faster and remain fit longer.