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1. Introduction

The intent of this selling program, is to demo the following planning available for the company and give suggestion to them on how to make the operation in the hereafter. Nowadays as globalisation and competitory among hotel operator in Jakarta is acquiring more tight and complex, new hotel were being built with new construct and invention. So the hotel must do a focal point selling scheme and keep the sustainability of the merchandise, in order to last in the market. This selling program is basal on Hotel Atlet Century Park which is located in Jakarta, Indonesia

2. Situation Analysis

2.1 Description of service house:

Hotel Atlet Century Park ( HACP ) is a government-owned hotel located in the athleticss territory of cardinal Jakarta, Indonesia. The hotel was opened in November 1991 and is operated by PT. Lingga Hamparan Krida ( PT. LHK ) , a private company. The hotel occupies 1.7 hectares of land and which was once a residence hall for Indonesian jocks. With 17 narratives and 600 suites, it was at times hard to pull off. When the authorities encountered troubles, PT. LHK approached the authorities to discourse the possibility of change overing the residence hall into a three-star hotel. The determination of PT. LHK to change over the residence hall into a hotel was based on the residence hall ‘s premier location in the CBD country of cardinal Jakarta, surrounded by high-end corporate offices, and the comparatively few hotels of a similar criterion available in Jakarta in 1990.

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The Hotel operated as a three-star hotel with international criterions ; HACP enjoyed a high tenancy rate shortly after opening. However during the pecuniary crisis that storm Indonesia in 1998, HACP suffered tenancy jobs along with most other Indonesian hotels. The recovery of the Indonesian economic system in 2001 brought with it an chance for the hotel to get down its ain recovery. In order to pull new invitees, HACP renovated the suites and other installations, ensuing to the determination of the Indonesian Hotel Association to increase the HACP ‘s evaluation class from three to four stars in 2005. During the clip, the direction determination is non to shut the hotel for redevelopment, but the redevelopment was bit by bit with each 2 floors per redevelopment.

2.2 Target Markets:

The mark market in the HACP is assorted: corporate, authorities, travel agents and others. Markets were chosen based on geographic, demographic and psychographic variables. Customers come from assorted states in five continents, but largely Asia and Australia, and include kids and grownups, but are chiefly business communities over 30. Markets have a homogeneous income scope that influences the type of suites chosen. Directors, for illustration, prefer to remain in Executive nine and Grand executive suites, while concern travellers at the lower degree prefer to remain in Deluxe and leisure markets prefer to remain in the Superior suites. The HACP targets a middle- to upper category market with a particular accent on concern travel. Facilities and service are provided in the HACP based on the different penchants of many-sided market sections. The HACP would wish to concentrate more on the corporate and MICE markets without pretermiting other market sections. The MICE market is similar to the concern market so it would be easy to pull them. Business travellers who might usually remain in five star hotels can besides be encouraged to remain in the HACP, where they can hold freshly renovated Executive and Grand Executive nine suites that are less expensive than five-star hotels but offer the same service degree and more value for the money.

2.3 Selling environment

Marketing environment can be spread into 2, internal and external

2.3.1 Internal

see appendix for SWOT analysis

2.3.2 External

( 1 ) Political: Since 2005, political conditions in Indonesia have been comparatively stable, with little jobs such as labour, pupil and some political presentations. So its quite good for concern clime

( 2 ) Economical: Indonesia economic is turning, and the GDP besides, so the purchasing power is addition, which is good for hotel industry

( 3 ) Sociological: Aspects of the societal and cultural environment, such as imposts, values, linguistic communication, motives, societal establishments, position symbols and spiritual beliefs, influence all concerns, including the HACP

( 4 ) Technological: the usage of cyberspace and E selling is increasing, so the hotel must cook with new engineering coming.

3. Contemplation on web log posters

4. Service Theme/Issues Evaluation

5. Selling Plan

5.1 Marketing Aim

The selling aim of HACP is refering to suites sold, to back up the thought of marketing nonsubjective, HACP should analyse it from the tenancy per centum and mean room rate

The selling aims for 2011 will be:

Targeted the tenancy rate to be every bit high as 80.15 %

Increasing the market section: corporate 5 % , authorities 4 % , travel agent 2 % , and leisure 2 %

Room tenancy should be higher than 2010

Room gross should be addition, and the monetary value of room should be more competitory

Addition in entire gross, from different country ( room, F & A ; B, wash, etc )

5.2 Marketing Mix ( 4p )

5.2.1 Product Strategy ( action program )

The major merchandises of HACP is selling the suites, its non merely for nightlong stay but besides cater to feasts, meetings, seminars, conference, nuptialss, prom darks, etc. In add-on to the chief merchandise HACP besides provide F & A ; B services and rank to feature installations.

Merchandise Invention

HACP will go on to better their nucleus merchandises, which is room, by making redevelopments. The redevelopments already start from the twelvemonth of 2007 for the executive category suites, and in the 2009 boulder clay now the direction is go oning to restitute the deluxe and criterion suites. The design of room and sofa is originative with bright colour strategy, this is one of the HACP merchandise invention scheme. Guest can take what type of room which suite them, the hotel besides has private sofa in each floor to supply guest if they want to run into their friends or relations outside their room.

Following twelvemonth, the direction are agreed to concentrate more to the anteroom country, they want to restitute the eating house, concern Centre, etc. This is in order to give guest a feeling of nice and warm anteroom, so guest will experience at place when they stay in HACP.The back uping merchandises will go on to back up the nucleus and facilitating merchandises. Fresh flowers should be put in the anteroom, Executive category suites, the VIP invitees ‘ suites. Flowers should be changed one time every two yearss. The hotel will add two people to function the executive invitees with individualized pantryman service. Supporting merchandises can besides include a warm welcome free drink, hot towels and bites for Executive floor.

New Product Development

The direction programs in the hereafter is to develop new merchandises, new java store with different atmosphere and new meeting suites are portion of their program in the hereafter. This is done, in order to hike the MICE market

Merchandise Image

The direction programs to restitute the anteroom country, in order to make warm feeling and concern atmosphere. Lighting, ornament are portion of the redevelopment, the facade of the hotel should besides be renovated.

The action program for merchandise scheme can be seen in Appendix I.

5.2.2 Pricing Scheme

The hotel is implementing flexible pricing schemes to all different market sections. There are corporate rates, authorities rates, group rates, travel agent rates, vacation bundles, weekend bundles, etc. Pricing schemes should be competitory comparison to those HACP rivals, extra value are given to the conjecture such as free cyberspace, free wash, price reduction on F & A ; B use, etc.

When hotel introduces the freshly renovated suites, promotional pricing besides is being done by giving value for money monetary value. Hopefully guest will experience comfy with the rate given, and the hotel will be able to acquire more clients, the hotel besides give price reduction to hanker remaining guest, and groups which book more

The pricing scheme action program can be seen in Appendix J.

5.2.3 Place/Distribution Strategy

HACP is working together with different selling mediators, so the client who stay in HACP, has lo of picks sing on how they booking the hotel room. As HACP is a stand alone hotel, so it is indispensable to hold coaction with local and abroad travel agent and channel distribution. HACP is holding close relation with some large engagement engine such as, Fast Booking, Gulivers, Wotif, etc. This on-line reserve provides a high productiveness to HACP suites. For the Asiatic market, HACP besides tight up with Asia room, For local market HACP has worked together with KAHA, Haryono, etc. This is done in order to assist HACP provide all section which is local and abroad invitee. Spreading the word of oral cavity by multilevel selling plans that give points to clients who spread the positive intelligence about the HACP to their friends is another illustration of the HACP ‘s distribution scheme.


An action program for distribution scheme can be seen in Appendix L.

5.2.4 Promotion Strategy

HACP has done both traditional and conventional publicity scheme, this is in order to hike the sale and advance the hotel every bit good as possible. The advertisement scheme of the hotel includes, gross revenues kits, booklet, circular, hoarding, etc. Ad besides being done in coaction with large travel agents for publicity, this is done by giving price reduction, fall in the local travel carnival and planetary travel carnival. In F & A ; B country, the hotel besides provide voucher, and price reduction for loyal client and in house invitee. The public dealingss scheme involves working together with newspapers and touristry magazines, electronic media such as telecasting and wireless to present the hotel to the populace, fall ining with sponsorship and events, being a charitable giver, and working with the environing shopping promenade by supplying free shuttle coachs and price reduction verifiers.

Personal merchandising schemes include offer nice committee to go agent, flexible method of payment, etc. The direct selling scheme is besides implemented in HACP, for illustration increasing the usage of E-Marketing/online publicity.


Action program for publicity scheme can be seen in Appendix K.

5.3 Control and Evaluation

Evaluation and control that has been done consists of the undermentioned facets:

Comparing the existent and forecast budgets sporadically every three months. If there is large difference between the existent and forecast budget, execute an analysis to happen the job and how to work out it.

Measuring selling aims sporadically every three months. The rating should supervise whether or non the selling aim has been achieved, so that direction can take speedy action if has non been achieved.