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Sample donated:

How can Renaissance java store build upon their selling mix in order to increase their gross revenues?


Action program:


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Problem designation:

The current market portion:

Action program:



Topographic point

Conduct an interview with the Cafe director to garner primary informations about the concern

15ThursdayAugust 2014

Pioneer Mall, Renaissance java store

Visit the ministry of trade to garner secondary informations about the industry

20ThursdayAugust 2014

Lesotho, Maseru, The ministry of trade and co-ops

Draft an lineation of the undertaking

21stAugust 2014

The library

Write up the first bill of exchange of the undertaking

25ThursdayAugust 2014

The library

Submit the first bill of exchange

2neodymiumSeptember 2014


Receive a critic on the first bill of exchange



Revision and better the undertaking

6ThursdaySeptember 2014


Revisit the on the job premises of the cafe for farther informations aggregation

10ThursdaySeptember 2014

Pioneer Mall, Renaissance java store


Research Question: How canRenaissance java storeconstruct upon their selling mix in order to increase their gross revenues?

Conjectural model:

Renaissance java store is a modern twenty-four hours cafe specialising in functioning rich, alimentary and yet low-cost repasts, largely concentrating on sandwiches and hot drinks. The cafe hosts a wide client base, runing from working in-between category persons to high profile forces such as the male monarch, His majesty male monarch Letsie III. The java saloon faces ferocious competition from good established international pudding stones such as “WIMPY” and “SPUR” . These transnational corporations hold two great advantages over Renaissance java, foremost, they benefit greatly from their path record as they have been established for many old ages now. Second, they benefit from economic systems of graduated table of advertisement, since there are 100s of mercantile establishments throughout the universe, the part of each is significantly low.

I am on a mission to use the cognition I have acquired from my concern and direction surveies class to pull up a proposal that will assist Renaissance java physique upon their selling mix in order to increase their gross revenues.


  • Mr. Thatho Pontso, foremost for sharing his huge cognition of Business with me, to do it accomplishable for me to work on this undertaking and secondly for steering and actuating me, giving me the bravery to finish the undertaking.
  • My parents for the support they have shown me till this far.
  • The direction of the java store for leting me entree to their books and histories, as without them this undertaking would hold non been possible.
  • The material at the java store for their positions, remarks and overall cooperation.

Problem designation:

Renaissance java store foremost opened its doors in November 2009. It was opened jointly with the Pioneer promenade and has since been the under Canis familiariss, comparative to its closest rivals.

As portion of my informations aggregation I will chiefly trust on primary informations. This will include studies ang inquirers to the direction, staff and the populace at big. I prefer utilizing primary informations because I can acquire more accurate and dependable consequences.

The studies and inquirers will be tailored to turn to the issue at manus of selling. However I will besides do usage of secondary informations such as the concern histories and records.

I besides intend to obtain farther secondary informations from the ministry of trade about this peculiar industry on a national degree. This will assist me recognize merely how much potency the concern has to turn.

In measuring the market portion, gross revenues, income statements from launch day of the month and primary informations were obtained and assessed. These studies show precisely the place of the concern.

Expansion is indispensable to a business’s success. A company will necessarily, at some phase seek to develop. This development may good be organic or peripheral, to achieve higher gross revenues and returns, improved economic systems of graduated table, and bigger market portion. Organic growing is when a company increases its operations with in-house financess such as preserved net incomes or selling assets. Whilst peripheral growing is when enlargement is funded with money obtained outside the company, this might be through a loan or selling a portion of the company.

Equipped with a lifting economic system, enlargement is a widespread incident in Lesotho, in all industries. As such, this subdivision of the assignment draws up a selling program for the cafe to be a cut above the remainder


The selling mix is a set of manageable, strategic selling tools that a concern brand usage of to make a preferable response from its mark market. It involves everything that a concern can make to pull strings demand for its merchandises or services. It is besides a tool to assist selling planning and executing.

There for in other to subsequently be able to do suited suggestions to the concern on how to change their selling mix, I had to set up their current market place in regard with their closest rivals.

I conducted a study within a population of 100s of people who do their shopping at innovator promenade, taking merely a sample of 50 people which are possible clients due to the deficiency of resources and clip.

My study inquiries were as follow:

  1. How frequently do you eat out in a month?
  2. Favorite eating house in town?
  3. Have you been to Renaissense?

If they have been:

  1. What was your experience like at Renaissense?
  2. How likely are you to urge it to person else?
  3. Any suggestions for betterment?

If they haven’t been there before:

  1. Have you heard about Renaissense before?
  2. What keeps you traveling back to your favourite eating house?

My study consequences:

How frequently do you eat out in a month?

4 or more…

3-4 times

1-2 times

Merely one time





What is your favourite eating house in town?


Ocean basket

The Sun hotels








Have you been to Renaissance?





What was your experience like? ( Sample population is now 23 )











How likely are you to urge it to person else?

Very likely



Not truly







Do you hold any suggestions for betterment?

  • Two of the clients recommended a wider bill of fare, with more frogmans dishes
  • The 3 with bad experiences complaint about Moody waitresses
  • Others suggested that the service could be made quiker.

The current market portion:

With competition severe every bit ne’er before, concerns discover the necessity to turn, either through the two possibilities I have pointed out, organic or external growing. This is to endeavor for being the market leader in the peculiar industry. Renaissance Cafe has non been left behind, the direction decided to spread out the concerns operations by opening a 2nd mercantile establishment at the Maseru promenade.

As still portion of my research, I besides interviewed the 2 of the waiters/waitresses at the eating house in other to assist me subsequently when giving an rating:

My study inquiries were structured as follows:

  1. What is your greatest strength as a waiter?
  2. What is your greatest failing as a waiter?
  3. What is your favourite portion of functioning?
  4. What is your least favourite portion of functioning?
  5. Why do you believe you are valuable member of this material squad?

The consequences I obtained:

Waiter 1:

  1. “I have been a server for several old ages now, so even when things get feverish like holding a client over flow or merely being truly busy, I am able to stay unagitated and hopefully assist others do the same, non that I am any less busy, but I know that focal point and teamwork are the key to successful waitering.
  2. “I am likely a spot excessively loath to inquire for help.”
  3. “The changeless challenge. every twenty-four hours is something different. Each displacement provides me with new challenges and the ability to seek and better on how I handle them. Tips are besides a immense incentive, the more the client tips, the more attending we usually pay to him or her *giggles*
  4. “Bad or no tips, any other reply would be lying.”
  5. “I am a speedy scholar and a squad participant. I believe on each displacement I contribute a batch to the work done here.”

Waiter 2:

  1. “I believe that I am able to cover with all the tempers the client has, forbearance and a soft bosom are critical here. Otherwise you might happen yourself in a battle with the customers.”
  2. “My greatest failing would be… I can’t believe of any, I enjoy my job”
  3. “My favourite portion would decidedly be good tips and clients that treat servers wish regard and integrity.”
  4. “My least favourite portion would be besides bad tips after giving a truly good service, nevertheless I ever try to give my best so that every client leaves the best he or she can do…”
  5. “I see myself as a squad leader, for I am able to make my occupation good and hell others with theirs excessively, I besides try to ever actuate my colleagues.”

Datas analysis:

In this research undertaking, I will be utilizing Marketing Mix, with the 4 Ps theoretical account as my informations analysis tool. I chose the selling mix because it is ideal and important for finding a merchandise or services offer. I will besides be using the Ansoff matrix. The Ansoff matrix is a strategic planning tool that provides a model to assist concern schemes for future growing.

Marketing mix:

  • Price- since Lesotho is a 3rd universe state, with a fighting economic system, I think the concern should see the loss leader pricing method in order to pull clients and increase market portion, so possibly subsequently when they have a good established market they can change over to Marginal-cost pricing.
  • Product- since the concern is covering with competition from planetary companies with bill of fares that are prescribed by caput offices overseas, the concern can take advantage of this by changing their bill of fare to offer more autochthonal dishes of which the American based companies can non offer
  • Promotion- since the concern is fighting, publicizing on media platforms will non be possible as this will be the concern significantly, but instead I believe the concern can pattern alternate methods such as: utilizing free societal networking sites such as facebook, or they can get down forming particular events such as karaoke darks to derive popularity.
  • Placement- I believe the concern should put itself as a premium trade name instead than a deal. This is because completion is high in that sector, with the town seeing more fast nutrient mercantile establishments than of all time in history.

Ansoff Matrix:

The Ansoff matrix important strategic be aftering tool that helps invent schemes for future growing, I will be utilizing it in my research undertaking to assist me invent programs or suggestions on how the concern can really turn in the hereafter.

This tool consists of the followers ;

  • Market incursion
  • Market development
  • Merchandise development
  • Merchandise development

Based on the information I have collected through the studies and research I conducted, I believe the concern should use market incursion and merchandise development.

The ground why market develop and variegation would non work is because market develop requires a batch of capital as the concern is required to venture into new markets ; this is followed by intense publicity of which the concern can non afford.

While variegation is the most hazardous scheme because both merchandise and market development are required.

In this instance of a eating house, merchandise development is significantly cheaper than in other industries, the chef should merely be more experimental and the clients can be used as examiners through particular offers such as “chef’s special”